Viral Scandal Episode 3

Viral Scandal Episode 3 Reason Troy makes Kakay a mistress, Kyle saves Rica’s life, Rica blames Kakay for her rape

Troy and Jigs together with Bobby went home to resolve the issue with their father, Alberto. Bobby said Troy was dragging the issue far since his daughter, Rica consented as an adult.

Troy protested, knowing Rica too well he knew his daughter would not do anything of that sort. He therefore asked Jigs if Rica consented for her be captured on that scandalous tape.

Jigs could not answer so Troy confirmed his daughter was victimised and even disagreed with his brother, Bobby for claiming the $ex was consensual. Alberto saw the issue as trivial and wanted Troy to allow the sleeping dogs to lie without them ruining the family’s reputation.

Troy still did not see the issue as trivial but his adoptive father reminded him of who Rica was in his life and should not see her as a daughter. The Sicats were also fighting themselves since Kakay wanted to report Jigs for raping her daughter but Digna was not in support of it.

She was scared filing a report against the Ramones would rather go against them and would make them a laughing stock since Kakay’s past life as a mistress would be revealed and they would suffer the most.

Digna indicated that the Ramones had a clean track record and there was no way the Counselor’s word would be protested. They were powerful and influential and their words would be seen as true while they would be regarded as liars. Kakay wanted them to listen to the opinion of Rica before.

That evening, Kakay recalled her l0ve life with the mayor. Troy was dating Kakay and abandoned her to marry Audrey. After his marriage, he pursued Kakay, claiming she was the one he l0ved and led a secret life with her.

Audrey came from an influential family and her family would help Troy who was then a Counselor to become mayor, a position which Bobby couldn’t gain. Soon, Kakay got pregnant and during the campaign of Troy which was telecasted live, she realised Audrey was also pregnant.

However, Troy was willing to do anything for Kakay to make her and his child happy. After winning the elections, Kakay gave birth and decided to run due to how Audrey was only recognised by the public as the wife of Troy.

Kakay cried while talking to Rica who was asleep. For days, Bea has been skipping classes so Kakay advised her to go, she shouldn’t hide herself from what the public would say but she refused. Later, Bobby sent a spy to spy on the Sicats to know what Rica was saying about the scandalous video.

Troy visited Kakay to know what his daughter and the family needed but Kakay said they needed nothing from him. It was over 20years and Troy was now asking about what his daughter needed. Troy reminded her that she fled with his daughter and pleaded with him not to deny him the chance of being a father to his daughter.

Kakay went inside and she recalled the first day she met Troy. Troy’s had a flat tyre and did not know how to go with it. In the midst of his worry, Kakay appeared from no where to change the tyre. He was impressed by how a woman could fix a tyre and promised to marry her.

Viewing that as a joke, Kakay said she did not want a rich boy who could not fix his car tyre. Rica also recalled when she was about to commit suicide and Kyle from nowhere appeared to save her.

Troy reached home and his daughter, Raven asked about his fight with Jigs and what he intended doing to Jigs.

Audrey got there and made Raven excused them. She followed her husband inside to warn him since she had already ordered him not to say anything about Rica to her. Troy said he already did sometime ago and it would be bad if his daughter learn that from someone else not him.

Audrey said Rica was in a relationship with Jigs which Troy could not do anything about it. He was rather giving the public reason to dig up his past to ruin his reputation. Troy made it clear that he could not leave his daughter like that and it was never true that she was in a relationship with Jigs.

The next day, Dan sent Rica’s food to her room and drew some of the curtains but Rica pretended to be sleeping. As her sister and brother were preparing to go to school, Rica appeared and overheard Kakay telling Dan that they would report the incident to the police.

Rica refused to do that and shifted the blame on her mother. Kakay asked her to be strong and face the world. Rica wept, saying she was brave and strong. She remembered when she was in the high school, learning so hard to be an A student and to be respected yet her mother’s past was still used to judge her.

A mate who was interested in her after rejecting his flowers brushed it on her face that she was a flirt like her mother but should stop playing hard to get. The boys made fun of her when she came out of the washroom and had some cleavage.

They claimed she was equally looking for a mayor just like her mother, she punched one and the issue reached their headmistress. The headmistress rather defended the boy and pinned the blame on Rica. Rica after recalling all that told her mother how hard it was for her to suffer that much.

Kakay consoled her. Elsewhere, Mayor Troy made a cyber crime specialist to pull the video down and was told it was uploaded online by a fake account. Troy ordered the man to find the culprit if he was sure Counselor Jigs was not the one who leaked the video.


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