Viral Scandal Episode 34

Viral Scandal Episode 34 The Ramones find themselves in hot waters after Laura hides Tupas, Ella discovers Archie’s secret

Audrey and Troy went to the rehab centre to look for Raven. After seeing her, they told her that they were also working on their relationship. Raven hoped they were not doing that for her, stressing that she was working on herself to accept any decision her parents would make concerning their lives.

She knew she had been acting like a kid but during her stay at the rehab she has realised her parents also have their personal life. Troy told Raven that she could come home and stay with them to recover fully since her doctor suggested that.

However, Audrey did not like that idea since she was using that breakdown of Raven to draw closer to her husband. She told one of her friends and her friend was surprised that Audrey would rather have her daughter confide at the rehab than to have her return home.

When she saw Troy was coming, Audrey quickly ended the call. Ella told Archie how she thought he was like Jigs when the latter raped her. She said at that time she subscribed to the belief that birds of a feather flock together and decided to end everything with him but had a change of mind when her sickness made her thought of how sweet he was to her.

At Balai Arkitektura, Axel saw Rica who was finding it hard to get to the office and approached her to ask if she was upset that he was with a lady but Rica said she only behaved that way since she thought he asked her to have lunch with him.

She then brought Ms May’s friend’s case and Axel explained that he always have a rule and his rule was he does not celebrate birthdays of his girlfriends and right from the unset he made it clear to her but the lady sent him to somewhere which he later realised it was her birthday and he ditched her.

Rica told him that he did not act well besides it was the birthday of that girl so he should have been more considerate. To Rica, Ms May was right to judge him. Elsewhere, Alberto was upset with Bobby that through his negligence, Attorney Dizon got hold on Tupac first and charged him to find out what the attorney has given to the guy to make him give up on their offer.

Audrey got there and Alberto told him to find out where Laura has kept the phone repairer. Audrey was hesitant, she did not want anything to ruin her relationship with her husband but Alberto did not care. He claimed to be the reason Troy was still with her in that marriage.

Audrey blamed Alberto for not listening to her when she proposed they use the services of Attorney Dizon since she had a clean record but her in-law refused. Alberto said what was done is done so she should concentrate on the task he has assigned to her and threatened her.

Tupas had a visitor in his hideout. Attorney Dizon sent someone over to show him pictures of his daughter to see how she was doing fine. At the Laura law firm, Troy wondered how the attorney was able to get Tupas under her wraps and she explained that there were things which were beyond money.

She tried to find the motive behind the act of the repairer and discovered that he had a daughter and was due to his daughter that was why he was acting that way so she used that. Troy was glad for her effort, he knew Tupas would help Rica to win her case against Jigs.

As he was still talking to Ella, Jigs called Archie to inform him that Tupas had gone missing and believed the other camp had got hold of him. Archie was scared that it would send him into trouble since their deal was to put the blame on someone else. He outcries that he could not be imprisoned not for a year or two due to Ella.

Jigs was surprised that all he cared about was Ella and warned him not to change his story during the upcoming hearing. As the video of Bea complementing the house of the Ramones went viral, she felt sad that what she did might have an implication on Rica’s hearing and cried to Brax that she has done a horrible thing.

Brax wiped off her tears and promised to help her against her female friends who always picked up on her. Pogs came to meet the two and felt jealous, he even shed tears and snubbed Brax when his rival said hi to him.

After her official meeting, Rica saw the viral video of Bea and knew it would be a blow to Dan and could also go a long way to have an effect on her case against the Ramones. However, Rica cared much about the video’s consequences on her family. Kyle witnessed Axel drawing closer to Rica and he immediately called Rica to his office.

Rica told Kyle about her problems and was even taking leave for her hearing. Kyle told her to feel free to tell him anything.


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