Viral Scandal Episode 35

Viral Scandal Episode 35 Archie and Tupas commit perjury to save the skin of Jigs, Ella breaks up with Archie over his lies

Ella after finding the news on Archie, Jigs and Rica recalled that the lady in question was the one who she met at the hospital and she became her friend. She sobbed while in the new house of the Sicats, Rica could not contain her joy for having Tupas on their side.

She imagined that after the hearing, her name would come clean in various news. Karla believed it would happen. Elsewhere, Dan found Bea at the park and sat next to her to tell her that they have been searching for her.

Bea told him about her fears since he already yelled at Rica, his favourite and also told her that he would make her stay with Digna. She was therefore scared that she would be scolded. Dan proved otherwise and asked her if he scolded her. Bea began to praise him and was satisfied that they were not rich yet she had the best dad who she could boldly declare to people about her dad.

Since Alberto has tasked her to find where Tupas had been kept by Laura Dizon, Audrey sneaked into the room when Troy was bathing to check the conversation between him and the attorney. Unfortunately, she heard Troy coming so she quickly placed the phone back to where she took it.

Troy who had been thinking about Bea’s viral video, a video which someone had put a spin on it to favour the Ramones indirectly asked Audrey if she was the one who got Kakay’s house burnt to save the children and bring them to the house.

Audrey made the question clear for her husband and said she only went there to talk to Rica to inform her that she has opened her doors if her father wanted to draw her closer and even sent a bouquet.

She admitted she could act wrongly but she was no murderer. Troy believed in her words. Audrey did not have problem that Troy was suspecting her, she saw it as a sign for them to work into trusting eachother.

She then called Bobby to inform him that she could not find anything on Troy’s phone so he should rather keep an eye on Attorney Dizon’s movement since that would lead them to Tupas. Also, he should inform Alberto that she has done her task.

As Archie visited Ella to get a good luck ki$$ to help her for the day, Jigs visited Raven to give her a present and made her wish him luck since that day was the hearing day for his case. He looked nervous but could not come clean to Raven that his key witness has gone missing. He asked Raven to wish him well for the court to tell him that Rica was a liar and she was not ràped by him.

Raven recalled that when Rica helped her, she woke up to overheard her telling Dani that she did not want to leave Rica alone since she had passed through that before and if she had gotten someone to watch over her, what happened wouldn’t have happened. All the same, Raven wished Jigs the best and hoped justice would prevail.

As Bobby visited Troy at his office to brush it on his face that he had kept a key witness and they were aware, Ella found a chance to escape to tail Archie to know if what she read online was true. She left her mother at the hospital when her mother was doing something essential and was alone.

The Sicats and the Ramones all gathered at the court room. Jigs went into the box and told the court that he seek the conscience of Rica before recording. However, Laura Dizon saw a loop hole in the speech, comparing to the previous statement. Archie came to claim that he had the video and Bon Tupas, the repairer leaked it.

Attorney Dizon asked him to tell the court the features of Tupas. He could not tell, claiming he did not pay attention to him whenever he visited his shop. Attorney Dizon presented three pictures for him to choose Bon Tupas but he chose a wrong person. He vehemently denied his involvement in the case and blamed Rica for doing everything possible to pin the blame on an innocent person.

Unknown to him, Ella was standing at the back of the court door watching him in disbelief. He lifted his eyes and saw Ella, immediately his actions began to change. Karla followed the eyeballs of Archie and found out the presence of that lady.

She recalled of seeing her in the pictures of Jigs when she was looking at the social media posts of Jigs. She quickly stepped out and talked to her, seeking for her help in Rica’s case. After sobbing, Ella mustered courage to deny being friend to Jigs but told her that she should tell Rica that she was Ella Mendoza and forgot to ask of her name when she helped her.

Karla still followed her and the reporters were all over her, asking her questions about the case. She pushed them away, Archie also came out of the box to follow Ella home. Attorney Dizon requested to make a key witness, Tupas came inside the box and the technician who Attorney Dizon had faith in to redeem Rica came to tell lies.

He admitted knowing Archie and leaking the video. He was threatened by Bobby that his daughter would lose her life should he speak the truth so he lied to save his skin. In shock, Attorney Dizon asked if he was threatened and reminded him that he was under a oath but Tupas did not take back his words, making the rivalry camp happy.

Rica felt like crying and since she did not want Jigs to see her and jubilate, Dan sent her out together with Kakay. Archie followed Elka home and knelt before her to ask for forgiveness but Ella did not forgive him for what he did by leaking another woman’s video to ruin her life. She saw him no difference from his rapist friend.

Archie claimed that he did everything for her but Ella said he did not do it for her. Archie explained that he was not thinking straight when he leaked the video. All that he wanted was to get back at Jigs for what he did yo her. Ella said Rica was another victim and would help her by telling the court that Rica was not the only person abused by Jigs and she was another victim.

That, she believed would make people know that Rica was telling the truth. Archie refrained her from doing so. He told Ella that she did not have chance against the Ramones and when he stood up against them they threatened him. That was why he had to lie in court to save the Ramones. Ella sacked him and told him not to get close to her if he would not help Rica.

While the Sicats got out of the court room, the court reporters asked Rica questions but she was quiet as her family tried to get the journalists from their way. Jigs got there and screamed, demanding the journalists to stop bothering Rica. He said he was happy that the truth had come out and he was the victim.

Dani got upset and wanted to get physical but Kakay stopped him. Jigs addressed the media and told them that the issue was resolved and it would be better if they stopped talking about the issue since what happened to Rica was not an easy thing.


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