Viral Scandal Episode 36

Viral Scandal Episode 36 Rica concedes defeat after court acquits Jigs, Ella willing to form alliance with the Sicats to bring Jigs down

Attorney Dizon came out of the courtroom. Tupas followed and told the attorney to leave him alone since the hearing was now over. Attorney Dizon threatened to sue a perjury case against him and tell the Sicats to file antivoyeurism charge against him.

Tupas said when he ends up in jail, the Ramones would surely k!ll him but Attorney Dizon did not care since he did not reason before betraying her. Tupas said he earlier told her that he could not go against the Ramones. Attorney smirked that he could go against her and warned him to brace himself up for the consequences.

Bea while walking with Pogs, received a message from Nico and she clicked the link only to discover that Rica lost the case and they even called her a liar. This made Bea cried so Pogs comforted her. At Balai Arkitektura, the workers were also anxious due to Rica’s case.

Troy stood at a park to cry out about how things ended in court while Rica sobbed in her room. Attorney Dizon on the other hand received an uproar from Dan who believed she connived with the Ramones to make her daughter lose the case. He was upset that Rica and the family trusted her yet she disappointed them.

They were relying on Tupas’ account to vindicate Rica but he testified in the favour of Ramones. Attorney Dizon shed tears that upon all those while they still thought of her as a spy. She made it clear that she would not allow a survivor like Rica pass through an ordeal that she equally passed through.

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She suggested they file antivoyeurism case against Tupas and she believed that would make Tupas voice out the truth but Dan was not ready to subject Rica to same process again. He said the result would not change. Laura asked Karla if she also think of her as a spy.

Karla said the family were all in emotional state so Laura should go home so that they talk the next day to know a way forward. Rica appeared in the scene to tell attorney Dizon and her family that she did not want to pursue the case any further so they should let sleeping dogs to lie. She agreed with Dan but her adoptive father said he was not encouraging her to give up on the case.

Rica said she wanted to concentrate on rebuilding her life so it was pointless to drag the matter even further. Kakay disagreed with her, she wanted her to fight till Jigs and Archie were brought to book and she agreed with Attorney Dizon that they should not give up the fight while they could still do something.

Rica thanked Attorney Dizon for fighting for her and they give it their all in the fight but the court acquitted Jigs so there was nothing she could do again other than allowing the issue to slide for her to have full concentration on her life to move on. Dan made it clear that he only wanted them to change Laura but he did not want Jigs and Archie to move around freely.

Audrey went to Alberto’s house to congratulate Jigs on his win. Jigs for a moment thought Audrey now was standing by her husband’s side and were against him. Audrey explained that when it comes to Raven, they were on the same side but when it comes to family she was on the side of Jigs.

Alberto charged Bobby to now concentrate on building the reputation of Jigs to prepare him for the mayor as Troy would strive for higher height in his political ambitions. As Rica was in her room searching for a blue dress, Kakay got there to convince her to rescind on her decision.

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She asked her if she knew Ella, Rica did not seem to know so Kakay showed Ella’s picture to her and told her that she came to the court. She could tell Ella knew more about Jigs and Archie, they could seek her help to give the case a face lift. Rica said Ella was sick of cancer and she could not seek her help for the case.

Rica still stood on her grounds that she would not pursue the case again and she was not also seeking Karla’s permission on her case. Karla believed her daughter would regret someday if she fails to explore the other options to appeal to get the case going again.

Karla did not want Rica to be like her as she also gave up on so many things easily and now she wished she had not done that. Attorney Dizon felt that Troy was disappointed in her and wanted him to voice it out by putting the blame on her but Troy said he knew the person to be blamed and Laura was not the guilty one.

Laura knew she had let him down in his daughter’s case and hope he could forgive her for her action. She was sad for failing and the incident at the court reminded her of her marriage which was also a total failure. She was grateful to Troy for saving her from an abusive marriage.

She vowed to help Rica’s case till she found justice even if she would not be maintained as Rica’s lawyer. She promised to try to convince Karla to make Rica continue to fight. Troy left when he heard Tupas was still in the safe house. Karla also went to talk to Dani to talk to Rica not to give up on her case.

Tupas realised the doors of the safe house were unlocked so he sneaked out. Attorney Dizon received a call from the guards guarding the safe house that they have left the place as she ordered. Attorney Dizon knew she had not made any order so she knew Troy would be behind it. She quickly drove to the safe house and asked her guys to also return to the place.

Audrey on the other hand, tried countless number of times to reach the mayor but it did not go through. Troy found Tupas who was escaping and asked him why he did that. Tupas said Alberto threatened to k!ll his daughter so he did that. Troy said his daughter would be better off without him but Tupas said Troy was not like his family.

Troy took his guπ from his pocket and told Tupas that he has denied him the chance for his daughter to call him a father after all those years that he has not been a father to his child. He pointed the gun at him. When Attorney Dizon reached there, she heard a guπ shot and she recalled when Troy saved her from her abusive husband and was willing to k!ll the man.

The next day, on the breakfast table at the house of the Sicats. Everyone had a long face, Bea gave Rica a lipstick as a present. Rica began to say everything would be back to normal once the court dismissed the case. Kakay stood up and Nicole wondered why his sister was not considering a rematch but wanted everything to be over.

Rica said she wanted them to have their peace. Troy arrived home and Audrey saw that he was not of himself. She asked him where he went all night and Troy said he took a ride. At the hospital, when her mother left her, Ella took her phone to go online and found Jigs media interview on the case, claiming to be the victim.

Ella got upset and searched for Rica’s social media account but could not find it but saw Kakay’s account instead and she texted a message that she knew something and wanted to meet Kakay and Rica.


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