Viral Scandal Episode 37

Viral Scandal Episode 37 Tupas slips from the hands of Troy, Axel begins to give Kyle competition over Rica’s heart

Kakay came to the hospital to make enquiries about Ella Montecillo but she was not given the information she needed about Ella due to the ethics of the profession. Least did Karla know that Ella was also at the facility and she even walked passed her to the office where she was doing the enquiry.

Once Ella descended the stairs to leave the facility, Karla came out from the office thinking, she sat on the available chair. Back at home, Rica asked Dan of her leave to go to work. Dan recalled shouting at Rica at the mayor’s place and was about to bring that issue up, Rica stopped him since they were moving on.

When Rica went to work, her colleagues drew closer to her with sad faces. Rica said the anti-voyeurism case was not like the rape case, for that one the culprit would spend up to three years.

If the rape case, which was the main issue was dismissed, the antivoyeurism case which was equally dismissed did not hurt her that much. After all, she tried her best to obtain justice and it was denied her.

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Right now she would concentrate on her work to become successful. May said the best revenge in life is success. Kyle called her to his office and told her she could stay home since he has given her a leave. Rica said the leave was no longer important to her. Kyle told her she could tell him anything bothering her but she insisted she was okay.

Kyle had a call from Engineer Hilario and Rica excused him. She went to the coffee room and when May came she walked out to the washroom to cry. Meanwhile, some two ladies who arrived at the hospital talked about Ella and Kakay asked whether the patient they were talking about was Ella Montecillo.

She pleaded with them to help her get in touch with Ella since she could help her daughter overcome her problems. Elsewhere, Laura kept rejecting the calls of Troy. As they were on the breakfast table, Audrey realised Troy was not of himself, she asked him what was wrong.

Troy reflected on what happened at the safe house. He attempted to k!ll Tupas but he didn’t. Attorney Dizon who arrived there asked Troy what was happening to him. Quickly, he threw away the guπ and Tupas took advantage of the disruption and fled. Troy and Laura ran after him but a long car came to pass and it almost hit Tupas.

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Laura’s minions came and she ordered them to find Tupas. She got furious with Troy for making an attempt on the life of their only witness who could redeem himself to get Jigs behind bars. She said if her minions could not find Tupas, he would be blamed for it.

Troy told Attorney Dizon not to become amazed for his act, he was just like his father. He lost it and the faces of Bobby, Jigs and Alberto were reflecting on the face of Tupas. Laura warned him not to blame his father for his own mistakes. Though, Alberto was a monster but Troy had a choice he chose to follow and obey Alberto just for validation.

Troy then told Audrey that after the hearing, he felt so sad and went out to scream out. Since they were no longer keeping secret, Audrey also said she was happy for Jigs since he was like the son she never had but she also wanted to help Troy since she knew it was not easy for him.

Audrey received a call from Bobby and she knew Alberto was inviting them to dinner that evening. she told Troy that she would cancel it but Troy said they should go since his dad always wanted things in his own way.

Karla arrived at the carpentry shop and Dani asked her about the things that she said she was going to buy. She lied that she did not get the stocks that she wanted so she decided to return. She recalled the lady telling her she knew Ella and told her that she did not have Ella’s contact but Ella rescheduled her appointment so she would come the next day around that time.

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At school, Bea restarted her vlogging and her friends who always made fun of her laughed at her for returning to update her seven followers. Brax got there and was glad that Bea has started a vlog. He said it had been long since he heard her voice while vlogging.

Bea used that opportunity to say sorry for her inability to write a review on the cheesecake. Brax invited her to her sister’s restaurant. Out of nowhere, Pogs availed his face and went with them to the place. Bea at the place acted so excited and began taking pictures. Pogs reminded her of the last time thing she did at the Ramones mansion.

Bea said she has learnt her lesson and she now thinks before clicking. She made Pogs take pictures of her. As they took a seat and waited for their orders, Brax served them with cake.

Thinking it was delicious, Bea took a bigger bite but she did not like it’s taste which made Pogs laughed. Brax also asked if it was nice and Bea had to pretend that it was nice.

The BA workers had a meeting, after the meeting and Kyle was going out, Rica was also getting out and bumped into eachother. This made Axel get jealous. After several bumping on that day, Engineer Hilario’s call made Kyle cancelled the site seeing he wanted Rica to go with at a location where they were working for a client.

Kyle, however, requested they meet at a rooftop but May’s tight schedule made Rica offered to go to one of the meetings for her so she had to go with Axel. Due to his feelings for Rica, Chino did not want Axel to accept going with Rica but he also went with her.

Rica actually took it upon herself to go with Axel since she wanted to swerve Rose who wanted her to fight to make Jigs and all his type of man pay and learn for abuse on women. Kyle went to the rooftop and decorated the place in hopes of meeting Rica there.

After those he employed to make that decoration left, he waited several times only for him to receive a text from Rica cancelling their date to the next day. Rica followed Axel to a certain place for them to spend time together. Rica wanted to let go of her worries.


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