Viral Scandal Episode 38

Viral Scandal Episode 38 Kyle and Axel fight over Rica, Troy makes a decision that will sell the Ramones in bad light

During the sightseeing, Axel began to teach Rica how to ride a motorcycle. Rica indicated that her father was teaching her when she was young but her mother was against it.

At the Ramones mansion, Bobby saw that his brother, Troy was staring at their father in fury. Troy was reflecting on what Tupas said concerning him being worse than his father and what Laura said concerning him allowing his father to have his way with him.

Bobby who wanted to infuriate Troy even more proposed they celebrate Jigs victory. Trying to play safer Jigs said the court hasn’t given it’s verdict yet so the celebration wouldn’t be necessary. Bobby then suggested after the verdict. Realising his brother wanted to get on his nerve, Troy began to laugh.

When Axel returned, Kyle asked how Rica was faring since he was told he went on sightseeing with her. He said she was okay and even rode a motorcycle and hit herself but was okay. Kyle got upset that he was stressing the girl up while he knew what she was going through.

Axel said Rica was tough and Kyle said just because she was proving tough did not mean she was okay.

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“You know what dude” Axel stated “you are overreacting!”

“Stop acting like you are a therapist.”

“Isn’t that what you were doing with the bike?”

“Stop acting like you’re the only one who knows what is best for her!”

“Why?” Kyle queried “Because you know better!”

“No!” Axel hesitated “I can’t claim to know what is best for her but neither can you.”

“Only Rica knows that!”

Axel said Kyle should allow Rica to decide for herself and he was making simple things complicated.

“Chill you’re not Rica’s keeper!”

“Why?” Axel asked “What are you to Rica?”

“Why are you this concern about her anyway!”

“Dude!” Axel called “It’s obvious you are jealous right now!”

“No I’m not!” Kyle hissed.

“That’s why you are giving me this random questions.” Axel stated and called it a night.

Karla asked Rica if she had an appointment with her therapist the next day. Rica knew she wanted her to seek Ella’s help so she told her mother to move on. She has already getting over it. The next day at school, Bea was trolled by Pogs and Nico for trying so hard to say something good about Brax’s sister’s cheesecake while she knew it was not nice.

Audrey went to see her daughter and tried to convince her to remain in the rehab centre till she fully recovered. Raven could sense from her mother’s speech that she did not want her to come home but Audrey denied. Her friend, Farrah called and she left but left behind her handkerchief. Raven was following to give it to her, she bumped into her father. Rica postponed her therapy session and went to work.

Kyle who followed her when Rica was sneaking into the coffee room wondered what Rica was doing. Rica realising her boss was in greeted him. Kyle told her that he stood him up yesterday and Rica apologised. Kyle said he knew she went on bike riding with Axel so if that was what she wanted to do she could have told him. Though he was not upset that she chose Axel over him.

He drew closer to Rica and she took steps backwards so Kyle then took steps backwards and asked her if she no longer feel comfortable with him and she said Yes. She then explained that Kyle was like her mirror and she sees her reflection in Kyle whenever she sets her eyes on him.

Kyle asked if that was not good and she said she sees her weakness and strength at the same time in him. Unlike Kyle, he saw better reflection of Rica and his heart was telling him a different story, Axel who was standing with Chino eavesdropping got jealous and came to spoil the conversation to drive Rica away and went along with her.

Karla left home but Dani saw her and the two patched things up. Kakay went to the hospital and saw Ella leaving the place with her mother and she followed them secretly. Bea started to bond with Brax since she realised the latter was falling for her but Pogs came in between to spoil their moment.

Jigs was praised for helping some of the twins people. Archie got there to voice out that Jigs was also good at raping and recording. The townspeople left and when left alone with Archie Jigs warned him and also made it clear that he would get away with everything that he would do.

Soon, he would be the mayor and Archie might be in rehab. Archie threatened to bring him down if he goes down. Jig wared Archie not to get close to him again even after the hearing. At Balai Arkitektura, Kyle had a meeting with his subordinates and got furious with Axel when he did not deliver the job as expected.

He allowed their client to do what they were told not to do without him convincing them not to. May cooled their temper, Chino followed Axel to confront him for trying to woo Rica which was bringing conflict. he thought Axel would be able to handle his feelings but he couldn’t. Axel tried to shut Chino for being truthful to him.

Archie on the other hand was locked at the gate of Ella. His girlfriend did not want to see him due to what he did against Rica and also siding with Jigs. Archie cried for forgiveness. Ella’s mother wanted her daughter to talk to Archie, believing that Archie would not stop and tat could make their neighbours become furious.

Rica while reflecting on what she told Kyle about him being her reflection, she received a message from Troy, promising her that he would now be the father she wanted. Bobby came to ask his father the reason behind Troy’s press conference. Alberto believed he would address the public to make known the projects he accomplished as Mayor but Bobby doubted.

As Rose went to Kyle’s office requesting to talk to him, Ella also went out to talk to Archie only for her to see Kakay.


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