Viral Scandal Episode 45

Viral Scandal Episode 45 Attorney Dizon faces another setback as the victims she identified refuse to file rape charges against Jigs, Kyle fights Consuelo over her action against Rica

Rica stood to leave but Consuelo did not let her. She was not done explaining to Rica, her sons’ situation. She revealed that she and Philip had an issue so she packed out to Manila even when Philip was pleading with her to stay, she refused.

When she heard her husband has committed suicide, she felt so guilty as if she was the one who pushed him off from the rooftop. Since then Kyle’s life changed. He constantly had nightmares and passed through emotional trauma but he never informed her about it.

Kyle took care of her while Axel was also taking care of Kyle through his frantic dreams. Consuelo said if not for Axel, she wouldn’t have known that her son was passing through such ordeal throughout the years. She now wanted to be part of her boys’ life and take care of them too. Rica understood her and left.

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Archie met with Ella and her mother at their new hideout. Archie told them that since he has surrendered all the necessary documents, they would have to flee to safeguard their lives. Bobby came to Jigs’ office to stop him from using a land which he has reserved for community project for his friend to build a Casino.

Jigs refused and before they could elaborate on it, Alberto came in to inform them that the Solimans have left town but Archie was not with them. Bobby thought it was cool but his father found the Solimans’ act suspicious and asked Bobby to use his head for once. He tasked them to search for the hideout of Archie.

Jigs had a hunch that Archie has betrayed when he recalled that he was laughing at him for claiming being smarter than Archie. It was 11:40pm and Rica has still not arrived so Axel sent her a text. The next day Pogs visited the Sicats before going school to give them a food prepared by his mother. He was so cheerful and Bea believed he bad mouth her to Brax.

She pushed him aside to ask what he told Brax for them to behave like they were besties. Pogs said they only talked about basketball. Bea warned that she, her children and her entire generation would despise him if she finds out that he bad mouth her.

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Pogs asked her how their children would despise their father. Rica found them so cute as young l0vers but Bea said they were just friends. The Sicats family laughed at Bea. Elsewhere, the Ramones couple had a misunderstanding since Troy was not ready to go back to his dad to beg him while Audrey was insisting on him.

Raven chose her peace by walking out, claiming she was attending a friend’s wedding. She told them that she would not choose sides since her relapse was as a result of that. Karla went to Rica’s room to talk to her about what she told Bea. Rica said she has never fell in l0ve before because she was expecting someone like Dan.

She has been waiting for the day she would feel butterflies in her tummies but she would not be able to experience that l0ve due to what happened to her. She did not believe she would ever feel that everything was right and the world feels colourful, something people say l0ve was like. Her mother assured that she would find l0ve.

Kyle came to meet Axel looking so upset on the breakfast table. Kyle looked cheerful as he went to prepare his breakfast. When he joined Axel, the boy left with her breakfast so Kyle sat alone. Before he would eat he heard a knock and it was Consuelo. Consuelo came with some pastries and apologised to Kyle for what she said about Rica.

She admitted that Rica was decent. Kyle asked her why she has suddenly changed her mind on Rica. She said it was just an instinct. He received a call from May and left to work. Axel questioned Rica for not meeting him and ahe said she had some emergency. After his client’s meeting, Kyle realised that Rica was distancing herself and discovered that Consuelo had a talk with her.

Meanwhile, Attorney Dizon called Karla to inform her that she has identified some of the victims in the group chat of Jigs. She identified Jackie Alano, Olivia Santa Maria, and Cassandra Milano. Cassandra was the friend of Raven. She used to date Jigs and now she is about to have her wedding.

Raven went to meet her to help her in the preparation. There, she heard her friend saying jigs was a disappointment and made people see that he was good but it was not like that. Raven recalled what Archie said concerning Jigs that he raped his girlfriend and also what Rica said about Jigs faking and she was the victim.

She became curious and asked her friend why she said that about Jigs but Sandra said it was in the past so they should forget about it. She was now happy and about to get marriage so they should concentrate on her wedding. Raven left, Sandra realised that she could not find her car keys. As she was searching someone approached her to talk to her about Jigs.

Elsewhere, Karla came to serve Dan at the carpentry shop. She told Dan about Rica’s fears of not finding l0ve. Kakay said when she was an escort, she thought lowly of herself that no one would ever l0ved her. So when Troy came her way and made her a mistress, she gladly accepted it since she had no ego till she met Dan who made her feel valuable. She cried that what if Rica did not meet a person like Dan in her life.

Soon, the Sicats all met at Laura Dizon’s office to talk about the problem they were facing since Archie could not be found. Also, the ladies they identified failed to file charges against Jigs when her investigators went to talk to them.

Kyle went to a restaurant to meet his mother to question her on the reason she talked to Rica. Consuelo said she wanted to know Rica more and she confessed to have told her that he and Axel were in l0ve with her. Kyle got upset about what his mother did and explained that Rica was going through a lot that was why he only wanted to be by her side.

She was raped and the issue was in court. Consuelo felt bad and reflected on what Rica said concerning being weary about people and only Kyle, Axel and her colleagues supported her unconditionally through her ordeal. Consuelo said sorry and was ready to apologise to Rica but Kyle was upset and walked out on her.


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