Viral Scandal Episode 49

Viral Scandal Episode 49 Rica turns down Axel’s proposal, Jigs and his gang abducts Archie over his betrayal

Kyle had woken up and dressed up while sipping his tea. He heard food steps when he turned it was Axel who came to tap on his shoulders three times to greet him. Kyle starred in amazement, looking at the exciting face Axel had on.

Axel went to his room, when he shut the door, he reflected on the conversation that transpired between him and Rica. Rica appreciated how he comforted her but saw him as a special friend which she did not want their relationship to be affected.

“Because of Kyle you are in l0ve with him right?”

“I have eyes you know!

“I can see how you are with him, you’re comfortable around him.”

“You trust him enough that his touch doesn’t make you uncomfortable.”

“You’re different with me even though you keep on telling me that you trust me too.”

“Axel I am not choosing either of you,” Rica muttered.

“I am not ready for a relationship!”

“I actually came here because I want to set things straight with you.”

“You can say this to me,” Axel hissed “but with Kyle you can’t!”

“Kyle told me that you didn’t want to talk about it what is that?”

“It’s just easy for you to reject me!”

“But with Kyle you can’t say it to him.”


“Is it because you have feelings for him and you wouldn’t be able to deny it if you talk to him?”

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“Axel,” Rica called “like I said I am not choosing either of you.”

“Why do you keep on insisting that?”

“May be because I know,” Axel said.

“But I can only give you up if you tell me you’re choosing him over me.”

“Nonetheless if you pick someone, I will still be hopeful!”

“Okay okay okay I will stop now!”

“Miss Achiever I took a chance.”

Axel accepted they could now be like how they were before. Rica felt sorry and even thought he would not be that friendly with her. After reflecting on how Rica rejected him, he hit his bag on his bed and she’d tears.

At the house of the Sicats, Bea kept asking about Pogs and Nico said Pogs would not join them for dinner and he even recorded it for Bea to replay his answer if she asks about Pogs again. Bea after fighting with Nico changed the subject to ask Rica if her father would now invite her to bigger events like Raven.

Nico doubted but Rica said it would be frequent that she would get close to Mayor Troy. Nico got upset that Rica was not considering Dan’s feelings. Dan explained to Nico that Troy was the biological father of Rica and she has the right to get closer to her father to know him more.

Nico was still upset by Rica’s decision. He believed that would create division in the family to make Dan and Kakay quarry. Rica said it would not happen. Kakay also assured Nico that they would protect their family. Ella bid an emotional goodbye to Archie when he was leaving to get a medicine.

They planned to travel once Archie returns. Archie as he said he would keep it under low profile did that and texted Ella. After several calls to Olivia proved futile, Attorney Dizon informed Troy and went to Olivia’s place.

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She bumped into Olivia who was packing out of the house and told her that the Ramones already knew the truth. She said the family had provided them with a well furnished house and a decent job. Attorney Dizon pleased with her to rethink about her decision. Jigs went to stop Cassie from talking to Rica and threatened that he would destroy the wedding if she dared defy his orders.

At Balai Arkitektura, Axel asked Rica out for lunch but when Rica was pulling back, he reminded her that he said they would act like how they used to and they used to have lunch. When Rica accepted, Axel eyes and face showed that he was just doing that to pull Rica away from Kyle. He never told Chino the truth about Rica rejecting him.

He made his friends believed everything was okay between him and Rica so Kyle told Chino that he has conceded defeat if Rica had agreed to be with Axel. As Kakay and Dan were trying to straighten things up, the friends of Audrey were also advising her to look sharp before Troy slips away from her hand. Vera got upset with Audrey for claiming her husband l0ved her simply because he was an old man.

Rica noticed that Kyle was not acting normal but told her that he was always there for her should she need someone to talk to only if it was fine with him. Rica thanked him for being there for her and told him that he was very important to her. Kyle also said she was very important to him. Chino went back to Axel to ask for details of his meeting with Rica.

He looked so cheerful and told Axel that Kyle has paved way for him to be happy with Rica even though he was left heartbroken. Axel finally confessed that Rica rejected him. Chino asked if that meant that Rica was choosing Kyle but Axel was quick to add that she was choosing none of them.

Laura called Karla and the rest to have a meeting with them to talk about Roberto getting on their way to bribe the victims from filing charges against Jigs.

Karla wanted to know where Olivia was so that she could talk to her herself. Laura said she followed her to the house which Alberto got for her. Dan was upset with the development. He said the Ramones never stopped playing dirty and compelled Troy to do something as he was ready to reply Alberto in his own game.

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Archie went to his family house to take a ring he kept for Ella. He planned to marry her once they escape. Unfortunately, when he got out of the mansion, Dominic and Liam found him and forced to leave with him.

Jigs got there and ordered that y take him to a different for giving all the evidence to Troy. They hit Archie and sent him away.


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