Viral Scandal Episode 5

Viral Scandal Episode 5 The Ramones make false witnesses testify against Rica, Audrey bribes prosecutor Leticia Marco to dismiss Rica’s case, Rica finally relieved for seeing her monthly discharge

At school, Bea began vlogging but Pogs got there to interrupt which made her stop. He brought her bananaque and praised her for knowing an affluent lawyer. Bea didn’t want to be credited for the lawyer she got Rica so she said her friend got Attorney Dizon for Rica.

She recalled how she met Mayor Troy after school when she was going home, the mayor was tailing her to enlist her help to salvage his daughter’s situation. Troy advised her to be realistic, her parents could not offer a lawyer for his daughter.

The worse part was that he did everything he could to help Kakay and Dan but none wanted his help so he wanted Bea to help him get a lawyer for Rica. Bea then accepted his offer in order to help her sister win the case against Jigs.

At the prosecutor’s office, Jigs denied the rape allegations with various testimonies from witnesses who were the colleagues of Rica at the firm she was working for. They testified that Rica on many occasions had denied knowing Jigs but saw them in comprising situation at the lounge.

One even showed video she recorded of Rica dancing and drinking before the incident to prove that Jigs did not take advantage of her.

Kakay denied the allegations, saying her daughter was drugged that night but Jigs pretended to care. He said he had no clue that Rica was drugged, making Kakay more furious about the lies the witnesses recorded on a tape for the prosecutor.

The lawyer for the Ramones rejected the claim, pointing to the test result that the doctor did not find any drugs in Rica’s system so Attorney Dizon stepped in to say that Rica did not report the case the moment it happened she waited for weeks before.

She said Rica could not remember anything so she went to work to find out from one of her friends who was dancing along with her the exact thing that happened to her.

A word from Bobby against Rica got Dan upset. He wanted to get physical with Bobby for claiming Rica had been sleeping with countless number of men and couldn’t lose any virginity after her consensual s£x with Jigs.

Kakay who cooled her husband down was also provoked when the Ramones wanted to turn tables against Rica. She threw a glass of water on Bobby. She then went out with Dan to cry her frustrations out, believing that her eight years of staying away from her daughter might make her not know Rica well.

However, Dan believed in Rica and reminded his wife that Attorney Dizon said the Ramones would do everything to prove that the case was not rape so she should not be swayed by their act. Kakay now said she even believed in the lies that the Ramones were crafting so the prosecutor might believe them.

Jigs kept on with his pretence and told Rica that he would never hurt her. Recalling all the moments that Jigs had been harassing her even at Mindanao during the typhoon project, Rica stood to confront him for hurting her and vomitted on Bobby.

The Sicat couple got in to find Rica vomitting and helped her out while the Ramones together with their lawyer left the place. Rica was sent home and Nico gave his water in a bottle to his father for it to be given to Rica.

Unfortunately, a contraceptive fell from his bag and his family asked what he was doing with that. Nico said he had been distributing it to his mate in order for them not to impregnate any woman. Rica after drinking the water touched her stomach while she listened to Nico’s explanation.

This set an alarm to her parent and they prayed against what Rica was thinking. Bea advised Rica to make a video statement to deny all the accusations and the words Jigs was saying concerning the scandalous tape but Rica was not ready for that.

Bea believed her statement would make the public know she was the victim and Jigs was a liar who took advantage of her.

Kakay asked Attorney Dizon their chances and the lawyer said there was hope since the scandalous video itself was an evidence against Jigs.

Also the prosecutor has told her that they had found the person who leaked the video and he was no other than Archie Soliman, Jigs friend. In the house, Bobby lashed out at his son for their opponent knowing about Archie but Jigs had belief that his friends would secure him.

Besides, the group and other relevant evidence against him have been deleted. He was now scared that the case would be forwarded to court but Bobby assured him that someone was taking care of it.

This someone he was talking about was no other than Audrey. Audrey knew the prosecutor’s sister, Luisa Marco and met her at a restaurant. She was a supporter and donor to Louisa’s charity project so Louisa introduced her to Leticia, her sister who was the prosecutor handling Rica’s case.

Elsewhere, Attorney Dizon was given an update of what transpired at the prosecutor’s office to Mayor Troy. She also told him about Rica throwing up due to nervousness and trauma. Troy asked about their chances since Archie had gone at large.

The Solimans were claiming Archie was out of the country but per Troy’s investigation at the Immigration, the boy was still in the country. Attorney Dizon proposed he used his influence to get the prosecutor to push the case to court but Troy was not a corrupt official.

Troy received pictures of Audrey and the prosecutor from his friend, much to his dismay. He then showed it to the Attorney. He went home to confront his wife for obstructing justice but Audrey denied. He warned his wife to stay away from his daughter’s case and should not side with Bobby and Jigs.

In the house of the Sicats, Rica wondered why Dan accepted her as his daughter while she was an illegitimate child. Dan said the moment he l0ved her mother meant that he had to accept her and he l0ving her was not an obligation.

He asked rica why she suddenly asked that question, she said it was nothing. Unknown to her, Bea witnessed everything and when she was alone in the room, Bea got there to ask if she was pregnant.

Bea urged Rica to have a test done to check whether she was pregnant in order to know her next move. Rica was scared since she did not want to have a child from rape, she mustered courage to conduct the test but she found out that her menses was flowing.

She was relieved after five days of the delay. The next day, Bea told Kakay to get sanitary napkin for Rica if she goes to grocery store. At the Ramones mansion, Raven who overheard the confrontation between her father and mother queried Audrey how she was able to forgive Troy for cheating and also going extra mile to give birth with his mistress.

Audrey made it clear that Troy chose her and chastised her daughter. She even drove her away to change her shoes as it did not match with her attire. In School, Bea gushed about the magazine which featured Raven and Audrey. She found Raven as classy and beautiful but Pogs shot down that claim.

Pogs did not see anything enticing about Raven and said Rica was beautiful than Raven. He asked her whether Rica and Nico knew she was a fan of Raven who was the half sister of Rica and worse thing was that she was the cousin of the rapist.

Bea explained to him that Audrey had 1.5million followers which meant that 5million people were always on the look out to know what she wore, what she ate and everything concerning her life. As they were talking, Nico ran to them to tell Bea that Jigs was coming.

Bea looked out and saw Jigs coming out from a van. As he was approaching, some people ran to greet the counselor.


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