Viral Scandal Episode 51

Viral Scandal Episode 51 Troy exposes his family’s deeds to the press, Rica introduces Kyle to Karla as her better half

Rica thanked Kyle for all his help but she was worried that her baggage she was carrying would complicate their relationship. Kyle told her not to worry they would take one step at a time. The night was still young for newly couple and they spiced their l0ve up.

Raven could not sleep, she was so worried about what she learnt about it and believed he might be the k!ller of Archie. Jigs, on the other hand, could not get his deeds out of his mind. Raven called Jigs to find out whether he was the one who k!lled Archie.

After reflecting on how he beats him till his grandfather’s men came in. He left him with the men but Archie cried and asked of his help. Jigs did not help him and left. As he was leaving with Liam and Dominic, his friends wondered what his grandfather’s henchman would do to Archie. He decided to go and check but before he could go, one of the henchman shot and k!lled Archie.

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He then told Raven that he did not pull the trigger. Rica still was bothered about how her relationship with Kyle would go, seeing what happened to Archie. She felt so bad for Ella and did not want Kyle to be caught in her problem. Kyle said the very first day he saved her, he became involved in it so Rica should not worry.

He would fight to ensure things go on well for them. He said he would talk to Axel now that they have started on a good note. Dan was concerned about the deàth of Archie since his family’s resources could not save him from deàth. He wondered what would happen to his family since they were powerless.

Karla did not want them to give up on their fight for justice, otherwise, it would send bad signal to their children. The next day, Dan went to Troy to ask for a favour in order to safeguard his family. Troy then had a talk with the media to made it clear that before Archie’s untimely deàth he was working with them to prove the truth.

As Dan was talking to his wife, Nicole rushed in with the viral news on the mayor. Dan told them that it was the plan he thought of in order to keep them safe, in return, Troy asked for family dinner with the Sicats to solidify their unity. In a flashback, Troy said he wanted to be part of Rica’s life and the only way to do it is for Dan to accept him.

Bea couldn’t believe her ears that the Sicats and the Ramones were a team. It felt awkward to him. At the Constantino’s mansion, Axel arrived home to find Kyle about to pop out his can drink. He took a glass on the table as if he has an issue with Kyle for Rica’s rejection. Kyle approached him and before he could open his mind, Axel interjected.

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“You’re together now!”

“It doesn’t take a genuis to know that she is in l0ve with you.”

“I don’t know why I ever thought I could change that!”

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“Are we going to be okay?” Kyle quizzed.

“We will see then!

You know I can’t accept that dude

Do you know that I went to the rooftop?

I saw the notes you wrote to each other

I understood your connection is different

“It’s deep, something that we may never have.”

“That’s why I went there to burn into my memory so that I could forget whatever feelings I have for her.”

“But they weren’t enough! They weren’t enough”

“They weren’t enough to stop me from getting jealous whenever I see the two of you together!”

“They weren’t enough to stop me from falling deep in l0ve with her.”

“I knew I could never compete with what you two have, I felt for her even after all these years not teaching myself not to l0ve.”

“So are we going to be okay?”

“I don’t think so dude!”

Kyle felt sorry for Axel after his confession.

Jigs asked his father whether k!lling people was normal for him and his grandpa. Bobby told him not to act that white but they have to concentrate on the problem at hand. Alberto appeared there to ask about what Bobby was saying and he told him that Troy has made a press statement which practically accused them of k!lling Archie.

Alberto told them not to worry because they were living in a country which the criminals roam freely since they have money. He made it clear to Jigs that he was not a violent person, otherwise, he might have k!lled Archie long time ago. It was sad that sometimes they are forced to do things which they might not like just to prove a point.

He believed the deàth of Archie would send shivers and negative message to Troy to know what he was capable of doing just to protect the family’s image and name. At the Sicats house, Karla told the family about their schedule, they would go to Archie’s funeral and in the evening they would go to Troy’s house for a dinner.

Bea came in to show the video of Jigs encounter with the press denying knowing anything about Archie’s deàth. He talked about the good memories they shared as a friend till their parts diverged. He said Troy’s allegations were below the belt. Alberto also added his voice that he was willing to forgive his son for all the wrongs he has done.

Troy was anguished that his father was always one step ahead of him. Rica texted Ella to ask her to tell her anything she needed. Since she had no reply, she called her. Rica was scared that Ella might regret ever helping and wondered why the Ramones would do that. She asked her mother whether Troy knew something about it and Karla defended Troy.

Dan who heard it got jealous and left. No sooner, did Kyle arrived on his motor. He was so surprised to see Karla was Rica’s mother. Karla told Rica that she has met the gentleman twice and he always helped her. Rica introduced him as her boss and Karla asked if he was sure he was just her boss.

She recalled Kyle telling her about a woman that he fell in l0ve with who his friend was also in l0ve with. She then asked Kyle whether her daughter was the young lady he was talking about the other time and he said yes. Karla was so happy to know that. She saw that as a good sign and told her daughter that the world was like that it sometimes take something from humans and replace it with another thing.

She expressed her joy for her daughter and Kyle to have found each other and urged Rica to choose Kyle. To her, they were meant to be and reminded her of the limited edition kitten and she said Kyle had the other.

“From my heart it is the limited edition because we’re the only ones who have it,” Kyle said.

Rica then mustered courage to tell her mother that Kyle and her were couple. Karla was so happy and invited Kyle in. She took the lead and Kyle said sorry to her, he only got there after he texted her several times and didn’t see her reply, he also saw the viral video of the mayor and Jigs that was why he got there to check up on her but her mother saw him while Rica had said no labels.

Rica said it was fine with her besides she did not want to hide it from her family. Meanwhile, Alberto summoned Romeo to his study, Romeo was the man who was obsessed with Karla when she was an escort.


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