Viral Scandal Episode 52

Viral Scandal Episode 52 Axel gets wasted over Rica choosing Kyle, Alberto employs a vile man to scare Kakay

Audrey had an outburst over the 5 course meal she was ordering her servant to make a chef prepare for the much anticipated dinner between the Sicats and the Ramones. Raven saw it as not right for them to prepare a feast while Archie was deàd but Audrey said she should tell Troy instead.

At the Sicats mansion, as Rica’s younger siblings were displaying at the sight of Kyle, Karla was also convincing Dan that Kyle was the right man for Rica. He considered Rica’s feelings and he even did not know she was Rica’s mother.

She said Kyle had good intentions and they were bounded by destiny. She gave the limited edition of the two key chains to both. To Kakay, Kyle was just like Dan and was happy Rica found him. Dan was still not convinced but she managed to win him over.

Dan got there and told Kyle to keep coming so that he could monitor them closely. Kyle promised to support Rica and he would not add up to Rica’s problems as he was quite aware of Rica’s situation. He reaffirmed his l0ve for her. Bea asked Kyle if he did not have a younger brother and her father told her to cut it out.

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She would only date at the age of 40, aside that she already had Pogs. Nico laughed at her and went on tease her.

“Bea won’t you give Pogs another chance?”

“Because if you don’t Brax might beat you into it.”

Raven met with Jigs and the latter was sad that they had to meet on a street. He did not understand her since the other night, Raven practically called him a murderer and Raven said he did not deny k!lling Archie. Jigs said he did not pull the trigger, he was no murderer and was sad that he has been with Raven all those years yet she decided to believe in Rica.

 Raven said Jigs had no intentions to hurt her since she never said no to him but if she says no he would do what he did to Cassie. Jigs told Raven that she was the only one she had left with and l0ved her as a family. Raven also admitted l0ving him because he was the brother she never had. Raven said she was hurt to be suspicious of him and left but Jigs hugged her, cried and pleaded with her not to leave.

Kyle sent Rica to the cemetery to introduce her to his father since he made a promise to him to show the right girl to him once he finds her. He confirmed to his father that he was right to say the right girl would bright his world. Rica also wished she had met Philip and promised to l0ve Kyle just as much as he did l0ve his son.

Axel went to the club to get wasted for Rica choosing Kyle over him. Rica and Kyle also get to know each other well by knowing their favourite foods, colours and pets. The two did not have lots of things in common but had favourite colour, pink and coffee in common.

As Axel was drowning  in misery, screaming out loud that he never fall in l0ve but his stúp!d heart betrayed him. Raven learnt from the bartender that he only had one glass of drink and he was wasted. He asked Raven whether that was how she felt when she was denied by Kyle. It was like his heart was ripping off and it would never be whole again. Raven said hers did not come close to that.

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He confessed to Raven that he was in l0ve with Rica but she chose Kyle over him. Raven did not look surprise when she heard that. Kyle arrived home to see an unexpected guest waiting for him. Raven had his friend in her car and told him that his friend was drunk. That surprised Kyle since his friend did not drink. Raven then helped him to send Axel to the room and told Kyle to take care of his friend. Kyle also thanked her for bringing Axel home

Kyle later asked Axel why he got drunk and he said he was no different from their dad when the woman they l0ved broke his heart. Rica came from the house and saw Kyle sitting outside and he told her that he was there to see her. Rica was surprised since they were together the whole day. Rica said she was happy but she had to feel anxious and  worried since Archie had d!ed, she lost the antivoyeurism case and were also scared that Alberto would harm them.

As the two were happy, she suddenly felt that Kyle was hurting her. She realised it was Jigs who was warning and threatening not to allow her to be happy because he was not do e with her. She screamed and woke up to know it was a nightmare but her sister, Bea was there to comfort her.

The next morning, Karla saw Romeo, her abuser and was scared. Fortunately, Dan arrived there. Axel woke up and Kyle asked about his head, whether it was still hurting and he said it was okay.  Kyle asked whether drinking would be his next hobby.

“Do you see me right now I won’t touch another drink again never!”

He said it was just a glass but he was feeling like he drunk the entire bar. As Bea was searching for a cloth for the dinner, Audrey couldn’t also get appropriate wear for the dinner. To top to her worries, Bobby called to incite her anxiety. Kyle tried to crack jokes with Axel as they recalled Chino getting drunk and had alcohol poison due to a woman he spent his fortune on.

He fell for Paula Hernandez, a lady who was in l0ve with another man. Axel said they warned him and he even told him never to fall in l0ve, they would mess him up. He then remembered his situation and told Kyle that he already got his place so he would move out from Kyle’s place to enable him have his way with Rica.

Nico told Dan that the last time he was outnumbered so that day he would back his father up when they visit Mayor Troy for the dinner. Dan told him it would never happen again that he would fight Rica’s father. He explained that Troy only wanted to be a father to his daughter so they have to accept that.

Kyle went to the room to check on his friend but he did not see him. He then received a text from him, telling Kyle that he had already left so they would meet at the office. Karla that evening saw Romeo lagging around and spying on her. She quickly closed the door of the house.


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