Viral Scandal Episode 54

Viral Scandal Episode 54 Troy is accused of collapsing a building project initiated by Philip Constantino, Jigs suffers loneliness

While at the Carpentry shop, Dan could not help but kept thinking of what Audrey told him during the dinner. Reyline with her pitchy voice appeared at the shop with a drink for Dan but it accidentally spilt. Mayor Troy had a meeting with one of the politicians, Mr Merced.

Mr Merced advised Troy to reconcile with his father if he only wanted to climb the ladder in his political career. Without Alberto, Mr Merced said Troy would not reach far, hence his advice. Troy felt all those years that he had been the mayor, he has proven himself to Merced and his group that he could do it without remaining in his father’s shadows.

Mr Merced insisted on what he said, stressing that he would not be able to promise him his group’s support when it comes to the candidacy, if he would still go against his father. Troy was sure his father was behind Mr Merced’s act.

At Balai Arkitektura, Rica came from the washroom and Ms Chen teased her that she had to clean there well so that the first lady of BA did not fall. As she took her seat, Rica saw a note telling her to go to the rooftop if only she wanted her keychain. Rica went and saw a stuffed toy which has a not to pick it.

She picked it and as she was climbing the stairs she came across another one and she picked till she reached the top to meet Kyle. Kyle had set up the place and was hiding the bigger stuffed toy. Kyle said due to that toy, Karla was convinced they were destined to be together. Rica saw he might have found it challenging when he set up the place. Kyle then reflected on how he did all that.

He explained that he set up the surprise dinner to apologise for having to admit to her parents and workers of BA about their relationship, while Rica did not want any labels. Rica said she was relieved to do that and was proud to be his girlfriend. The deàth of Archie had a negative toll on Jigs and could not watch Alberto’s face. Alberto asked of his problem and he said there was nothing bothering him.

Raven asked Audrey where her father was, Audrey assumed he was working. She received a video from her friend, informing her about her husband trending for the wrong reason. As Kyle and Rica were talking about baby destiny and the limited edition of the key chain, Troy arrived there and was surprised to meet his daughter in the company of her boss. Bea was making a call and Nico made fun of her with Pogs.

She saw what was trending online and called her parents to look at it. Karla believed what was posted were all lies perpetrated by Alberto to discredit Troy. Troy’s secretary alerted him that they had a problem. He saw the bad news about him, Kyle also received it from Chino and the two had a misunderstanding on the issue since it was related to Kyle’s father, Philip and the building project which collapsed.

Troy was accused of being the reason for the building to collapse so Kyle got upset when Rica jumped to her father’s defense. He left Rica behind, Troy used that opportunity to talk to his daughter on the matter. He said it was Alberto’s doing and he did no such thing.

Kyle recalled his father looking so devastated by how the sudden collapsed building led to the deàth of many. He knew his job and never would he design something that would lead others to their grave. Consuelo wanted her husband to forgo the issue since a year had passed, she told him to think about Kyle to get passed it. She told him to move on so that they could live at a different place for him to design more, to her that was the only way to get the people to forget about it.

Philip disagreed with her and promised to find out the exact thing that happened. Consuelo then turned to Kyle to tell him that they would travel to the state. Kyle after recalling that cried and Rica came there to hold him. Kakay did not understand her husband’s outburst when she defended him. She went to ask him since she thought everything was fine between them.

Someone knocked at the door, thinking it was a bad person, Dan reached out for a weapon but was surprised to know that the mayor was the one who sent him to secure them. Kyle sent Rica to the rooftop again and told her that the incident made his dad lose his reputation. He was young back then and his mother sent him to the united States. When they returned his dad was still after the issue which made his mother left him.

He said he never knew his father was having a bothering issue which got him depressed till he returned home with Axel to go to the green building which the project couldn’t pushed through to meet his dad commiting suicide. Troy went to see Alberto to confront him for stooping that low. Alberto said he couldn’t let it slide when he blamed the family for k!lling Archie.

Kyle said his father earlier blamed the contractor for the collapsed building but never knew Troy had a hand in it. Rica then said that was what Alberto wanted to do, to discredit Troy in order to stop them from pursuing the case. Kyle apologised to Rica for what he said against the mayor. Rica understood him since it was about his father.

She suggested they talk with the mayor to know more about the issue. Chino was concerned that the issue of the collapsed building had to pop up while Kyle and Rica’s relationship was now going out better. Elsewhere, Troy compelled attorney Dizon to make the girl speak otherwise his father would succeed in tarnishing his reputation.

Jigs went to Spinal Tap club in order to celebrate Troy’s downfall. He sent a text to his friend but none was willing to come. Dominic was scared of his life and told him that he did not want to hangout with him again after what happened to Jigs. He called Raven but she never picked it so she felt so down and approached some people there.

He introduced himself as the counselor and asked if they mins joining him, none was ready to do that. They left, Rica told her mother that she defended the mayor and hoped she did the right thing and Karla explained that she never fell for Troy for nothing. Kyle kept reflecting on what Rica told him.


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