Viral Scandal Episode 55

Viral Scandal Episode 55 Ella exposes the true colours of Jigs after filing rape case, Alberto to reveal Troy’s involvement in the torments Philip Constantino suffered

Pogs ran after Bea at school and when they stood to chat, the two female friends of Brax who were fond of Raven came to ask her if Raven was fine due to the recent rumours about her father, Mayor Troy.

Elsewhere, Audrey saw Tyra in a restaurant but her friend did not mind her when she called. Bobby fueled her anger, by claiming Troy’s action was putting her at disadvantage, even her friend Tyra has turned against her.

Rica called Mayor Troy but it did not go through so she texted him that she and Kyle wanted to speak with him at 6:00pm. She then received a text from Kyle stating that they should reschedule their meeting with the Mayor as he has travelled to Manila.

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When Kyle met his mother, he did not sit but began asking questions about the collapsed building and showed Consuelo the rumours about the Mayor. He told his mother that he was in l0ve with Rica but the mayor was her biological father. Recently the two tried to patch things up.

Consuelo advised her son to tell Rica to stay away from the mayor. She branded Troy as a liar who was Philip’s friend but when the building collapsed and Philip asked for his help he practically did nothing to help Philip. Philip later suspected that the contractor who was responsible for the collapsed building that k!lled many might be an ally of the mayor and he decided to find things out.

He later called her to inform her that he has found out the one responsible for the collapsed building. Consuelo said she did not bother to ask him the person, the next thing she heard was the deàth of Philip. He advised Kyle not to meddle in that issue because before his father’s deàth, he was so obsessed about it.

Rica was worried about the misunderstanding between her boyfriend and her biological father. She kept stirring at her coffee and dropped off some without her knowing. Axel kept her company  and told her he would call Chen to clean that up. In Manila, Kyle told his mother not to blame herself for the deàth of his father since his father claimed he has gotten a proof of what actually made the building collapse, he believed his father got an evidence and that might be the reason he jumped of.

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Kyle now was curious to know the evidence his father found which resulted in his suicide. Bea bragged among the rich girls and Pogs tried to blow her cover. As the security was watching over the Sicats, Raylin got there and bumped into the security. She tried to seduce the security and offered him a juice but the security did not care.

Karla came to massage her husband and told the workers of the carpentery shop to get back to work. Raylin saw the couple and said they were sweet, she then told the security she could be sweet too, yet the security was focused on his work instead of her. She called him snobbish but she did not care.

Karla received a call from Attorney Dizon and Rica received a text from Troy. He apologised for not replying since he was busy but demanded her to come to the City Hall by 5:00pm.Rica went and saw a crowd surrounded the place. Karla and Dan were there and Rica asked why the meeting. Karla said she did not know either, Attorney Dizon called her to the place.

Troy has organised a presscon to touch on the recent article that was written by an unknown source to discredit him in order to deter him from pursuing the case along with the Sicats. He had a perfect plan to get his enemies from his back.

The crowd was surprised to see a lady who they believed to be sick approached. Ella Montecilo delivered her speech and she introduced herself as Archie Soliman’s girlfriend.

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She said she was the reason Archie leaked Rica’s tape since he wanted to get back at Jigs for ràping her four years ago. Ella indicated that she was not there to condone or justify his act but she was there to seek justice for what Jigs did to her. She pronounced Jigs as rapist who used his power and influence to silence her but now she would not allow him to silence her any more.

With the help of Attorney Dizon and Troy, Ella declared that she was able to file charges against Jigs and was hoping she would get the justice she deserved. She said when Rica was alone in the battle no one believed her, now they were two fighting for justice. Rica then went to hug her and made a call on all the women whose rights were violated to come together to bring one man to his knees.

She said the moment they come together as one just to fight for justice, their voice would be heard and they would not be silenced anymore. Cassie watched the Presscon and she got emotional.

Alberto was with his friends sharing drinks and boasting himself. Mr Merced asked if he was ready to leave Troy now that he has released a corrupt act against his son. Alberto explained that he did all that to make Troy realise his mistake that he was nothing without him but if he fails to heed, his next scandal would be his final blow to take him away from power.

He believed his son was like him and would leave his illegitimate child. He was proven wrong when Mr Merced showed him the video from the presscon. This emotionally bútchered Alberto and he got himself drunk.

Elsewhere, Troy apologised to the Sicats for his inability to tell them of his plans. Due to what happened with Olivia’s case, he decided to keep Ella’s own under low profile for it not to seep out. Alberto vented his anger on Bobby for not being the son he wanted. He was his biological son yet he did not live up to expectations which made him rely on Troy.

At the end, Troy has let him down. He later had a talk with Troy and threatened to expose how Troy covered his gambling businesses and other illegal and corrupt practices of his which resulted in the collapse of Philip Constantino’s building project.

He said he should have done something when Troy got himself with Karla, he already knew that woman would be Troy’s downfall and Troy screamed that Alberto really did something which ruined his relationship with Kakay. Troy regretted ever listening to him.


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