Viral Scandal Episode 57

Viral Scandal Episode 57 Rica confronts Kyle for digging into Troy’s past, Audrey gets trollers to post Kakay’s intimate pictures online

When they closed from school, Bea was happy as she looked through the post of Rica and Ella and was glad that it would soon trend. Pogs told Bea that when he heard that the previous night, she was glad to learn that the previous night, stressing that his heart was beating so fast it was as if it would burst.

The girls came there to make fun of Pogs and Bea also joined them. Audrey went to the Sicats house and Dan stopped her there to tell her that her husband was not there. Audrey claimed she was there for the husband stealer.

Karla appeared and Audrey went on to say, she had always wondered what made Troy chose her over her and to her dismay, she did not find anything vital. Karla was simply an escort and wondered what Dan and Troy saw in her, she deemed the answer would be excitement.

Karla in a low tone explained that she was young then and her mother was sick that was why she was an escort. Audrey stated that she tried to advise Dan during their last visit that Karla and Troy were only using Rica to get close to each other but Dan warned her to stop poisoning his mind against his wife.

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He was the one Karla chose and it meant that she l0ved him too so if Audrey had a problem, she should go and talk it out with her husband since they were the one who had the problem. Audrey called Dan a f00l for allowing his wife to fõōl him. Karla told her she never meant to destroy her marriage and sincerely apologised to her.

Attorney Dizon told Troy that since they have submitted Ella’s affidavit they were waiting for Jigs counter affidavit. She also told him that their hashtag was having a good impact and Troy said that was their only solution so it had to work.

Audrey said her sorry would not change anything since Karla did give her a choice to enjoy her marriage. She got into the picture to ruin her life, making it hard for Troy to l0ve her. Karla kept saying sorry and admitted her sorry would not change the past harm she emotionally inflicted on   Audrey. However, she could change her life to how she wanted it by first getting rid of all the hatred and pains.

When Chino was talking to Kyle at the latter’s office at Balai Arkitektura, Rica got there and Chino excused them since Kyle would prefer to talk to her than him. Rica told Kyle that she has activated her social media account and even tagged him in a post.

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At home, Karla tried to make it up to Dan and the man knew no matter what happened, he knew Troy would always have a special place in her heart. Dan said he was the one Karla chose so he knew she equally had feelings for him too but Kakay said it hurts her to see him passed through such pains. Bea quit class to go for shopping to buy branded clothes.

Pogs tailed her and wondered why she would wear branded clothes to make her friends accept her. He told her not to go but Bea said the girls were popular like Raven and wanted to be like them and wanted Pogs to understand. Pogs insisted on her staying with him instead than going to the party.

“I am not like those girls who only see you for who they wanna see.”

“I can see you for who you are.”

“I l0ve you just as you are!”

“That is more important than what they think you are.”

Bea told him to go to his classes, he still had chance. The mayor called the security at the Fiscal’s office to ask him if he had seen his dad’s men at the place and the security said no. He assured the security that he would be compensated as they agreed on. Miss May informed the workers about how they were fully load for the next quota.

Kyle seemed so lost and worn out so Rica kept staring at him. Axel also noticed that and he received a call from Consuelo who asked Axel if Kyle was okay. He said he was but the woman went ahead to say that she should not have given the files to him. She explained that Kyle was convinced that the mayor k!lled his father and was trying to investigate.

However, she was scared that his trauma would resurface and told Axel to take care of Kyle. Kyle left work without telling anyone where he was going. Audrey went home and reflected on Kakay’s plea. She got upset for what Karla said but upon sober reflection, she admitted that she hated herself. Pogs told Brax to take care of Bea and ensure his friends did not pull a fast one on her.

Kyle went to search for Joseph Laurena and met his wife who said her husband left a decade ago, leaving her and the kids. Kyle asked whether he said something about the collapsed building or the mayor. The woman insisted that she did not know anything, besides the incident happened years ago. The woman shut her doors and when Kyle turned he saw Axel and Rica.

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He approached them to ask what they were doing there. Axel recalled that he ran after Kyle and when he was sitting on his motto, Rica also appeared and said she would go with him to see what Kyle was up to. Rica confronted Kyle for claiming he had no problem with the mayor but went behind her to query about her dad.

She asked if his mother told him that her father was responsible. Kyle said his mother told him that Philip wanted the mayor to open up an investigation to get to the bottom of what really happened to the collapsed building but Troy did nothing. He said he wanted to tell her when he came to her house but saw her happy with her dad.

He said the mayor talked with the victims and made deals with them which made the people think that his father was the reason the building collapsed so Consuelo thought the mayor covered up for the contractor, Joseph Laurena. He said he was there to enquire from his wife what really happened and to know the contractor.

Rica said the mayor already denied the allegations  but Kyle said he admit to the fact that Troy was helping Rica lately, however, he had not been in the life of Rica. Therefore, Rica did not know his past life and what he has done in the past to cover for him. Rica stated that her mother said he was a good person.

Kyle protested, Troy was Ramones and Rica could not say he was clean, he might be manipulated a little bit. He said Rica was being blinded and Rica said he might be because he was already convinced that her dad was guilty. Besides, she heard what the woman said when he was mentioning Troy’s name, the woman said she knew nothing.

Rica said Kyle wanted her to believe her dad was a bad person and Kyle said he wanted her to have an opened mind. Rica left in fury and Axel called her countless times.

“This is what you wanted right?” Kyle hissed.

“That’s why you brought her here!”

“For this to happen right?”

“To get back at him right?”

“Don’t take your anger out on me,” Axel fought back.

“Because you brought it upon yourself!”

“What the héck is wrong with you?”

“You got the girl dude..”

“You supposed to be happy!”

“But what are you doing?”

“You’re sabotaging the moment instead which is so typical of you.”

“If I only knew..?”

“If you only knew what?” Kyle retorted

“Huh say it! You wouldn’t allow us to be together?”

“Yes!” Axel confirmed “I would have worked harder for her!”

“So what do you want me to do then?” Kyle yelled.

“You want me to pretend that everything is okay?”

“That there’s a different story behind dad’s deàth?”

“Is that what you want me to do?”

“You know that dude, you were also there!”

“I can’t do that dude, I can’t let this go.”

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Audrey called her friend to inform her not to circulate the photos but her friend said it was too late because the trollers were already posting them. Audrey told her to find a way to delete the photos. When she turned, she saw Raven and her daughter confronted her for the viral photos of Kakay. Audrey told her that she did not understand. Troy told her she could leave at anytime, making it seemed everything was on her.

She also thought he wanted to go back to Karla so when she received those pictures, she decided to get back at her. Raven said no matter how upset she was, she had no right to do that to her fellow woman. She asked her if it was not enough they ruined Rica’s life and now her mother. She made it clear to her mother that Karla has moved on with her life and she could not be blamed for the problems Audrey was facing.

Raven said Audrey could have forgiven Troy but she was spiteful and raised her to make her hate herself and her sister that she should have given her a chance to know her.

Raven said Rica deserved justice for what has been done to her and swore not to forgive Audrey for what she has done. She walked out on her and Audrey called her, saying she could explain. Since her daughter did not mind her, she wept.


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