Viral Scandal Episode 6

Viral Scandal Episode 6 Bea drags Jigs’ name to the mud, Raven releases video to deny allegations against Jigs while Kakay is confronted by dark secret of her past

Bea wondered what Jigs was doing at her school. Discovering, Brags was the reason the rapist made his way to their school, Nico in fury rushed to attack him but was held aback by Bea.

She reminded him of their parent’s advice in order not to complicate the issue. She dragged her brother away and ordered Pogs to get their things.

After school, Camila, a friend of Bea forwarded what Jigs said when he met the students. Irritated by what she watched concerning her sister’s case with Jigs, Bea stormed where Jigs was to confront him of raping her sister and denying in public.

Jigs wanted to calm the nerves of Bea but Bea was not moved by his shenanigan act. She termed him a rapist and shed tears for devouring her sister. Jigs could not utter a word for the humiliation he suffered on the hands of Bea.

Some of the students who witnessed the incident recorded and one posted on social media after challenging Bea for acting like her sister was the victim. Lots of people saw the video and began gossiping.

Raven came to her father’s workplace and overheard her father ordering his personal assistant, Jay not to do anything about the video of Bea. He urged him to allow the video to go viral.

In the house, Kakay started an online business, much to the surprise of Rica since that meant that her mother would not return to Dubai because of her.

Kakay tried to cheer Rica for her not to think about it. Dan also told her that he has gotten a “We Delivery” job as part time when the carpentry shop is a bit dull. Rica was still not happy with that, Kakay asked her the kind of slippers that she wanted so that she could give it to her.

Elsewhere, Bobby confronted Jigs for going to the school of Bea and chastised him for not acting with due diligent. He told Jigs that he had to know his every movement stressing that it was a wrong move for him to be in Bea’s school knowing very well she would be there.

Jigs denied knowing that, however, Audrey stopped the two as she remembered what went on during her meeting with Leticia Marco, the prosecutor. She told Bobby and Jigs that Leticia happened to be a fan of Jigs and with enough evidence she would junk the case for it not to see the light of the day.

When Bea got home, she was scolded for her act. Rica was disappointed in Bea for getting involved in her mess. Bea told Rica that the latter had paused her life by remaining inside the room, however, she was facing the world and being a subject of ridicule.

She made it clear that she tried hard to contain her anguish and Nico was her witness. However, when Jigs was beaming with smiles after feeding the students heads with lies, that got her irritated to act in the manner she did.

Bea wondered where the strength of Rica has gone to since she had always admired her strength and wanted to be a strong person like her. Kakay stopped Bea from talking any further.

Elsewhere, Troy and Raven had dinner together and Raven told her father that she knew he did not mean it when he said he would disassociate himself from the issue of Rica and Jigs.

Raven tried to convince Troy that he hardly knew Rica but he witnessed how Jigs grew up which meant that he knew Jigs better than Rica. She had many notifications and her father told her to attend to those messages.

While they were about to sleep, Kakay got to the room of Bea and Nico but the latter pretended to be sleeping. Kakay who knew Nico’s tricks gave him three seconds to sit for them to talk.

She gave them photocopies of some documents which spelt out the trauma rape victims passed through and made it clear that all the signs that Rica was showing was trauma syndrome. So they had to understand her and exercise more patience with her.

While asleep, Jay called Mayor Troy about a comment made by Raven that has gone viral.
Rica, on the other hand, thought of what Bea told her so the next day, she resumed her duties as the cook of the house. Visit for your update. Kakay came to meet Rica at the kitchen preparing breakfast. She was shocked so she asked Rica if she was fine and she said she was.

She told Kakay not to worry, she would prepare the breakfast as she had been doing over the years. Attorney Dizon passed by the house and they talked about the case.

She explained that the viral video of Bea would not have any consequences on the court case but Bobby might use anything to attack the character of the Sicats and asked them to tell her any secret that could possibly be dug out to destroy them.

Realising his wife was not feeling at ease, Dan stepped in to say they did not have any hidden secret. As Attorney Dizon was leaving, Bea asked her if Troy already knew about the viral video.

Bea was scared that the mayor would cut off his support but Laura said the mayor had already seen but would not cut off his support. Kakay who had been listening to the conversation anxiously asked who would cut off his support. Bea started to lie but Kakay insisted on knowing the truth.

Dan appeared in the scene to thank Attorney Dizon for her help and the lawyer took the chance to flee, leaving Bea with her parents. Bea took to her heels, Rica appeared to give to her father the lunch she prepared for him to send it along while doing his delivery.

At the Ramones mansion, the issue of Bea’s viral video became the topic of the day as some blogging site with much following had picked the piece up to make a daring story against the Ramones. Jigs was scared that it would tarnish the image of the family.

Raven also talked about a comment she posted that had become scandalous and wanted to address the issue to save the integrity of her family but Troy warned her against it. He wanted them to remain solemnly quiet as means of protecting the family.

Bobby protested since he knew the move was against his son. Jigs also opined that remaining quiet meant he has conceded defeat and it would make the rumours spread to tarnish his clean track record. Troy told Jigs to settle his own mess, already they involved his wife in it but warned them not to involve his daughter, Raven in it.

Raven pulled Jigs out to query him if he raped her. Jigs also returned the question to her, asking whether she would expose her, should he have done that. Before he could complete his statement, Raven slapped him. Jigs then answered that he did not and raven said she believed him. They hugged eachother.

At the office, Raven called her secretary to go for a brown envelope which she left in her car. She recalled her mother advising her to help Jigs, he was their family and could not possibly do what he was accused of.

She gave Raven the files of Jigs case to study it and address the public to save Jigs name from being ruined. Bea came across Brags in school but the boy was upset with her and passed q different lane.

Bea’s colleagues who shared her video came around to make fun of her for trending but for negative reason as Raven has exposed her lies. Quickly, she went to social media to watch the video which Raven released on the trending scandalous issue.

Raven said she grew up with Jigs and knew him better than anyone else. She could put her hand in fire to prove that Jigs was no rap!st. After studying the files, CCTV footage and witnesses account, Rica consented to the $ex and there was nothing wrong with her when Jig sent her to a hotel.

Though, what happened to Rica was unfortunate, she did not want her to dwell on it to destroy the good name of Jigs and ruin their family’s reputation. As Kakay was doing her live online commercial to sell off her bags and shoes someone attacked her with various messages concerning her daughter’s viral issue.

Kakay tried hard to ignore but when the person was dragging her daughter’s name, her motherly instinct made her put the person in her rightful place. She then recalled Attorney Dizon’s advice to let her know all the skeletons in her closet so that she would know their next movement.

Kakay started recalling a man hitting her. She then went to Attorney Dizon to reveal her secret which she realised Laura already knew and was sure Troy told her. She got upset that Troy used Bea to get them an attorney and walked out.


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