Viral Scandal Episode 62

Viral Scandal Episode 62 Kyle discovers Mayor Troy k!lled his father, Kyle faints after he went to a bar with his friends

In the house of the Sicats, Dan was washing his hands when Kakay came with a towel to wipe his hands. She informed Dan that Troy has heeded to their advice and has reduced the guards watching over the place. That, Dan said was good since those who pass around get scared.

Kakay asked how he was feeling about Rica’s decision of getting to know Raven better. Dan approved it and said he would eventually get over with it. Karla was glad for him to do that sacrifice. Dan told her not to worry about his feelings now he was okay.

Kyle drove his motor to the Constantino building and recalled the friend of Joseph Laurena’s revelation in his encounter with him. He said Architect Philip was searching for Joseph and Philip eventually found him. But before then, Joseph had been having nightmares about the collapsed building and felt guilty for his action.

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So when Philip found him, he agreed to meet him at the roof of the Constantino building to tell him about everything he knew. Once Joseph reached there, the car of Mayor Troy arrived so Joseph run away because he knew something bad would happen to him if the Ramones see him. Later that night, he heard the news that Philip had d!ed and he fell off the rooftop.

However, Joseph believed in his heart that Philip did not jump off from the building because that moment only the mayor and his lackeys were there. Architect Philip was pushed and did not d!e by suicide. Kyle wept and thought of Rica. Bea kept thinking about Pogs and how Stella was snatching him from her hands. She received an Instapost that Stella and Pogs were official.

Bea found Pogs and Stella snapping pictures and she could no longer hide her feelings. She went to confess to Pogs that she has also lõved him back.

She thought he would wait for her but he did not. She queried him how well did he lõve her because if he really did lõve her he would not have gotten tired of following her around. He would not be in haste to be with another woman, he would have waited because the woman might have lõved him back.

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At Balai Arkitektura, Rica went to Kyle’s office to discover the letter. Rica said it was not evidence enough because someone else could have written  that letter. Kyle said that could be a possibility and there was another possibility that Joseph wrote it so he would give it over to the police for them to carry on with the investigation.

Rica was alarmed and asked him not to at that moment because if Troy was innocent, he would be ruined. The public would be quick to judge him just like how they did with her. She pleaded with Kyle to allow her to talk to the mayor first but Kyle asked if she wanted the mayor to know so that he would cover up again.

Kyle got upset and reminded Rica of her promise to help in the investigation and everything that would come out, she would accept it. Rica was well aware of her promise but told Kyle to give Troy a chance to redeem himself, the chance she was not giving. Rica cried and walked out. She went for her bag and left the workplace without minding her colleagues.

Bobby heard the trolling media programme about his son in his car. He was at the Sidero City Hall and when he spotted the mayor was talking to a certain woman who was there to seek his brother’s help. He reached out to his guπ. Rica reached there to request to talk to the mayor and Bobby hid guπ and followed them secretly.

Bea went home looking so down, shedding tears and told Karla that she had fallen for Pogs but did not realise it so early. Now Pogs has a new girlfriend and her mother comforted her. Rica showed the letter which Joseph Laurena wrote and told him that Joseph said he pushed Philip and he said he did not.

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He remembered when Alberto ordered him to shut the mouth of Philip to stop his investigation. Troy did not want to do it but his father insisted on him to do it since he was the one who had been covering the Sidero collapsed building to protect him. He went to the Constantino building but decided not to. He called his father to set his rules straight. He left the place without seeing or talking to Philip.

Rica said even if he did not k!ll him, he was partly to be blamed for his deàth because she was standing at the point that Philip was standing and his son saved her from k!lling herself. How would she be able to tell Kyle that the one he saved father was unable to save his dad from the mess he was in. Rica got upset and left without noticing Bobby who was hiding at the gate to listen to their conversation.

Bobby equally left and the mayor later went to ask Alberto whether he was the one who had Constantino k!lled. Alberto denied it, saying Philip committed suicide and implied that he better be thankful as it also lessened the things they had to worry about.

Alberto asked whether he was asking that to free his conscience about him being a less sinner. Alberto told him not to think that he has not committed a grievous sin so he was exempted, he was a Ramones.

Irrespective of the magnitude of the sin, he was also a sinner just like him and told him to consider that as his last advice. Troy told Alberto that the latter did everything for his family but he would end up alone and all by himself. At the end, he would leave behind a family with broken men.

When Troy left him, Alberto reflected on that and called Romeo to give him the chance to do whatever he wanted. Bea on the other hand, told her mother that she has always believed that she was interested in Brax and not Pogs but now she felt that she did not know herself anymore. Lõve was complicated.

Karla said if lõve was not complicated it would not be l0ve. She was was sure Pogs would return for her, Bea doubted since Pogs and Stella were official on social media and she believed Pogs would make fun of her instead but Karla doubted.

Karla explained to Bea that sometimes what the heart wanted was different from what the mind wanted. And the one they believed they lõve, they would rather end up with someone else. Unknown to Karla, Dan was listening to her conversation and when she realised it, Dan left saying he was going to give something to Realyn.

Bea told her it was obvious she was talking about her own experience with the mayor and she apologised for centering the issue with herself. Bea said, that was what she (Bea) has always been doing and apologised to Karla for not understanding her from the beginning.

She knew her mother was passing through a lot which required her to be supportive but she rather got upset with her mother and scolded her for the humiliation she was also passing through due to Karla. Troy got there to demand to speak with Rica but she was not home yet. He left a message with Karla that when she returns she should see her for them to talk.

He revealed to Karla that someone has told Rica and Kyle that he k!lled Philip, a crime he did not commit. Kyle and his friends went to the bar to think and Rica called him to say sorry and to also know if they were okay and he said yes they should talk the next day so she should have a rest.

Raven appeared in the bar and Kyle thanked her for helping Rica. Once the mayor left, Karla spotted her husband sitting solitude outside and she told the guard to look after Bea, she was alone inside. Nico and Pogs arrived and Pogs saw how Karla was being so lõvely to him.

He went inside with his bouquet and wondered how to go about with his proposal to Bea. Kyle decided to leave once Chino showed up and he felt sudden dizziness once he stepped out of the club and fainted.


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