Viral Scandal Episode 63

Viral Scandal Episode 63 Romeo fatally wounded Dan in an attempt to escape with Kakay, Bobby confesses his involvement in Philip Constantino’s deàth

At the club, Axel asked Raven why she came there once again while she was supposed not to be there. Raven said she feels good when she comes there and Axel asked once again if she was talking about Jigs the previous night they met. Chino assumed that they were couple but Axel told him not to conclude things.

Karla went to be with Dan who was sitting in isolation at the middle of the night to ask him why he was sitting there while he had earlier told her that he was going to see Realyn. Dan said he couldn’t go and Kakay said she came there so that they could go together. Dan smiled and asked if she was jealous of Realyn but Kakay’s said she was not insecure.

Dan quickly added that unlike him. Karla then told him that he was wrong to think she did not l0ve him. She said the moment she realised he was the one who she wanted to be with was the days he has been babysitting Rica and the gossips around them branded her as mistress and a person with a baggage, yet Dan held her close to him and was not ready to let go.

That was the moment Kakay told herself that it was Dan who she wanted to be with. That, no matter what happened he would be by her side and would not be ashamed of her. It was true that Troy would have a special place in her heart, not because she lõved him but because he was the reason she finally realised the kind of lõve she wanted for herself.

She realised she made a mistake with Troy and it was Dan that she truly lõved. Nico called Bea who was about to sleep to compel her to come out for a second. Bea said he should come inside the room and called her brother annoying but Nico kept calling her and out of anger, she stormed out to find out that Nico had changed the room set up.

She was surprised to see Leopardo when she went inside the curtains and came out. Pogs told her that he never lõved Stella it was all a joke because Brax noticed that Bea liked him and was afraid to admit so he told Stella to make Bea jealous. Stella had no problem with it since she was crushing on him so that news that they were engaged on social media was all a lie.

He gave her a bouquet but Bea failed to take it she said it was an inexpensive brand so Nico told her not to be so picky. Since he wanted Bea to accept it already, he acted like their mom was coming and the two lõvers were being so dramatic. They were surprised to see their door being forced to be unlocked. The mayor, on the other hand, was escorted by his two bodyguards to his office.

He gave them money to go get something to eat while he would be at his office a while to wait for them. As he was looking at a picture of Rica and Raven, an unknown person knocked his neck up and he fell unconscious on the floor. Dan said sorry to Kakay for making her cry with all his assumptions. Karla said she had to say sorry since he made him hurt by his assumptions.

Dan believed they would have a happy ending together and when their knees grow weak, Karla said Nico would drive them around and if he was equally busy Rica would drive them. They believed their favourite daughter Bea would nag them. They went home and did not see their guard. Karla assumed that the guard went on a dinner break and told Dan not to worry, Nico and his sister were inside with Pogs.

But before they would go inside, Karla gave Dan heads up that Pogs was in there and he was making his feelings clear to Bea. Bea had already confessed to lõve Pogs. Dan got upset and was about to storm inside in fury but Karla held him back. She said they should be supportive to Bea and Pogs relationship since they already knew Pogs and were aware that his mother raised him well.

She told Dan to wear a smile and when they go inside they should allow them to express their feelings to each other. They went in only to discover that their children were held at a guπpoint by Romeo. Rica was at Balai Arkitektura and had a dream that she has seen Kyle and he was caressing her. She woke up and saw that it was getting late.

Troy woke up to find himself at the rooftop, as he was walking in dizziness, he stumbled on a guπ. Kyle equally regained consciousness and found himself at the same Constantino building. Once he got on his feet, he saw Troy approaching with a guπ and confronted him, asking him what he was doing there and whether he planned to k!ll him just like how he did with Philip.

Troy said he equally had no idea on how he ended up on the rooftop and pleaded with Kyle to believe him. Kyle said he was sure Rica had told him about the letter Joseph Laurena wrote, pointing him as the murderer of his father and he brought him there to do same to him. Troy threw the guπ to Kyle to surrender to him that he was equally innocent and had no idea how he also got there.

He said he just woke up there at the rooftop. Kyle took the guπ and pointed it at Troy. Troy asked Kyle to listen to him because he was at his office and someone hit him on the head and when he woke up he was at the rooftop. He also believed  Kyle experienced same thing.

Kyle told Troy that he was at the club and he believed his drink was spike and that would be the mayor’s doings. Troy said it was a set up, he was sure someone wanted them to do that to each other so they should think about Rica. He lõved Rica and believed Kyle also lõved Rica too.

Rica wouldn’t want them to do that to each other so they should stop since the person wanted them to k!ll each other. Kyle threw the guπ away. Meanwhile, Dan fought with Romeo for the guπ and the trigger accidentally pulled which landed in the abdomen of Dan. As Karla laid her husband’s head on her lap to demand him to hang in there, Romeo pointed the guπ at the children.

Karla was urging them to call an ambulance but Romeo ordered Karla to leave with him, if she did not want any tragedy. Karla was compelled to leave with him and told the kids to take care of their Dad. Dan told the children to save themselves as the kids were crying not ready to let go.

As they hit the road, Karla told Romeo to learn to let go since it had been years but Romeo ushered her with guπ pointed at her side of the rib. Fortunately, Realyn and their other neighbours saw them and Karla’s actions made Realyn realised the person was up to no good.

She was able to stop Romeo by shouting for help, this forced Romeo to take Kakay back to her house. On the other hand, Bobby suddenly appeared to tell Troy and Kyle that he was actually anticipating some action between the two, but that didn’t happen.

He finally confessed that it was him who saw Philip and tried to stop him from his investigation but since Philip was a coward, he fell off from the roof when he just pointed a gùn at him and he did that as a way of winning the favour of his dad, Alberto Ramones.

It ensued to a heated argument between Bobby and Troy as Troy tried to play with Bobby’s mind. Bobby turned to see Rica coming towards his direction holding a wood in her hand.

Rica froze when he pointed the gün at her and prompted Troy and Kyle to react with immediate effect. Bobby turned back as Troy and Kyle pounced on him and the guπ went off accidentally.

Rica looked on with horror. The dawn broke into another morning when some of the indigenes watched the gossip media programme about the “Sidero Tragedy.” Rica sat on the bench at the renovated rooftop and reflected on the year ago encounter at that night which was termed as “Sidero Tragedy.”

Raven got dressed up and turned down a friend’s offer to have a brunch together since she has to attend someone’s deàth anniversary. Bea and Nico walked together to school. Nico was playing his video game and Bea suddenly hugged him. He teased her, asking whether she was possessed by a good spirit. Bea got emotional and merely said that she lõved him.

At the Sicats house, Karla served the boys with some snacks and when Realyn brought up what had happened a year ago, she thanked her for everything she did for her family.

“If it wasn’t for you, I’m sure Romeo would have taken me away for good.”

“Whenever I remember that creēp, I get the urge to punch someone.”

“That jërk!” Realyn interjected.

“That guy was a total lùnātic,” Junior added.

“I can’t believe what he did to boss Dan.”

A flashback revealed that when Karla was struggling with Romeo for his gùn, the kids also went to help her in the fight against Romeo. As Nico failed to topple the goon down from the back, Kakay tried with all her might to snatch the guπ from Romeo, which almost shõt Bea if not for the agility of Dan, who was able to knock Romeo off his feet by kicking him while he was then lying blõody on the floor.

Kakay and Nico were able to serve the scùmbàg with some pünches to save themselves. Presently, Dan showed up and reminded his wife that that had all survived that night. Karla gladly hugged him, saying that it has been a year since she almost lost him.

“I’m not going anywhere lõve,” Dan said with a smile “I am here with you.”


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