Viral Scandal Episode 7

Viral Scandal Episode 7 The Sicats confront Bea for working with Troy at their expense, Rica finds the zeal to fight the world to put her life into normalcy

Rica woke up to find no one in the house. She stumbled on a note left behind by her mother. Kakay said she did not want to spoil her sleep that was why she left to do something in town without informing her.

After recalling what Bea told her concerning pausing her life to stay in the house while she and Nico were the ones facing the awful people, Rica mustered courage to step out of the house without paying attention to gossipmongers who claimed Rica took after her mother.

She crossed path with Kyle who was driving to Evergreen Building where he has established his company, Balai Arkitektura. Chino settled in his office and promised Kyle to help him make his firm work as that was their dream while in school in Manila.

He was glad Kyle has now made up his thoughts to settle in Sidero to work. Kakay slapped Troy for teaching Bea how to lie but Troy said Bea was being realistic since she knew her family needed help to pursue Rica’s case for justice to prevail.

Kakay insisted on changing Attorney Dizon. Troy reminded her that doing so meant that she had to change their strategy, the process had to start over again and would not enjoy the discount that Attorney Dizon through him was given to her.

Troy did not understand Kakay’s problem since he only told Laura about her bitter past to help her so that if Bobby found out they would know how to handle it. Troy now realised Kakay was rather scared that her husband would hear about it.

He encouraged her to tell her husband unless Kakay was admitting that her marriage was not perfect after all. Unknown to them, Dan had seen them together during the discharge of his duty. He was fuming with anger but maintained his composure and left to deliver the items.

Troy told Kakay to cast her pride aside for them to work together to help their daughter, Rica. He once again reminded her that he was not the enemy so they had to be in that together. Kakay rushed home and saw Bea and Pogs at the gate.

While confronting Bea and threatening that she would change Attorney Dizon with Bea trying so hard to explain her side of the story, Nico ran to them, saying that Rica could not be seen. Kakay ran inside in search of Rica but did not find her.

In the midst of their frustration, Bea saw the note that Rica left, saying she was going to buy something. Kakay was worried since she had kept long. Meanwhile, Rica got to the market to buy something but the seller identified her as the lady in the viral video so Rica took to her heels and went to the abandoned building.

She recalled when she tried to throw herself down from the tall building but a samaritan came to her aid to save her. She now chanced on what the Samaritan drew and wrote on a structure on the building. The write up asked if she was okay and advised her to fight no matter what she would sail through all her problems.

Elsewhere, Raven stumbled on Kyle and was glad to learn that Kyle had settled in Sidero and was not going to Manila any sooner after they last time ty met at Luna Dela Cuesta’s birthday party in Manila when they completed school. Kyle had a message and excused Raven, saying he had to leave.

At the Ramones mansion, Audrey was eating fruits when Troy who just finished watching Raven’s video reply to the scandalous video made of Bea that branded the counselor as rap!st. Troy asked his wife if she was the one who encouraged Raven to stand up against her own sister.

Audrey found no wrong in Raven’s act since she only protected her family and Jigs was her family not Rica. Troy wondered his wife was just doing that to get back at Kakay but Audrey screamed that she did not want to hear the mistress name in her house.

Bea burnt the dinner she prepared due to her pending issue with her mom and was sad for telling her family lies. Pogs who was there was praising her for the burnt food since he did not want Bea to feel sad.

However, Nico knew she did that since she would be scolded. He asked Bea whether it occured to her that the mayor was using Attorney Dizon to spy on them and to make them lose the court case. Bea reminded him that Rica was Mayor Troy’s daughter and he would never do that but Nico said the rap!st was equally his nephew.

While wondering where Rica could be, Dan asked where Kakay went that she came to meet the note of Rica. Kakay then revealed that Bea had lied to them when she said Attorney Dizon was recommended to her by her friend. Attorney Dizon was rather Mayor Troy’s friend, reason they were enjoying huge discount.

Dan said that explained a lot as he saw his wife with the mayor. Kakay asked for his forgiveness for not informing him first before going to confront her old flame. She was so upset after learning the truth so she just acted on impulse.

Rica showed up and wondered why Rica had to go out for long. Rica sobbed, saying Bea was right for saying she did not only have to fight at the court but had to battle the world as well.

In so doing, she would go to the firm she worked for the next day for her complete certificate of apprenticeship and also partake in the board examination. She pleaded with her mother not to scold Bea any more, she would accept Attorney Dizon as the least thing she was depending her father for after abandoning her.

Kakay insisted on changing the attorney but Rica protested. She knew the fee for a different lawyer would be expensive, also she was not ready to tell another lawyer everything again.

Bea then explained that she accepted the mayor’s help after she overheard the conversation of Kakay and Dan on means to pay for a lawyer. In their room, Bea was asking Nico for her pillow but Nico said she did not want to talk to a traitor.

Rica who was passing by heard her siblings arguing and intervened to ask them to stop arguing. She then slept next to Nico and called Bea to sleep along with them. The three siblings stayed together as Nico k!$$ed Rica, saying they had missed her so much.

Elsewhere, Raven was served with a coffee from Jigs. He thanked Raven for her dedication to him and for clearing his name. He was also grateful to Audrey and joked that cousins till they grew grey and old.

Raven lamented that sometimes she felt that her mother liked Jigs more than her since everything she does attract a negative comments from her mother while her father barely sets eyes on her. Jigs told her that they should exchange parents then. He would take Audrey while she takes his father, Bobby.

Raven refused, explaining that she preferred her mother to Bobby. In the house of the Sicats, Dan saw Rica still not asleep and she came to serve her father with coffee. Rica talked with her dad to say sorry to him for accepting the mayor’s help, realising her father was affected by her decision.

She told Dan that accepting her biological father’s help did not mean she was accepting him. Dan was the father she knew and accepting Attorney Dizon could not make up for all the l0ve and support Dan has showed her and her siblings as he would be the only father she knew. She gave Dan hi-five while Kakay watched both and was happy.

The next day, Rica dressed up to go to the firm and told her mom that she would go to the place with Ali. Kakay was still worried about her daughter and she asked Rica if she had to do everything that she said she would do just now.

She said Rica could write the board exams next year but Rica reminded her that she told her to fight and that was what she was doing, fighting. She assured her mother that she could do it and would not tarry. Kakay hugged her for her zeal to bring her life to normalcy.


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