Viral Scandal Episode 8

Viral Scandal Episode 8 Rica clashes with Raven, Dan learns about Kakay’s awful past while the prosecutor dismissed the rape case levelled against Counselor Jigs

Attorney Dizon came to the house of the Sicats. While knocking at the gate, Nico got there and instead of opening her, he called her a spy. Fortunately, Bea came to meet them and she opened the gate for Attorney Dizon.

Elsewhere, Troy told Raven that she was being biased since Jigs was her cousin. Raven believed the bias one was him as he was supporting a daughter he barely knew and walked out.

As Dona was worrying Leo and the boy was not paying attention to her, Rica and Ali appeared there. Dona started provoking Rica as she expressed her disappointment in Rica for claiming she was raped by the counselor. Rica asked her whether she knew Jigs well and she said no.

Rica then queried her on the reason she would believe Jigs over her who she had worked with two years. She made it clear that she was raped and did not give her consent to everything that was done against her. A voice came from behind that Jigs did not rape her.

For her she knew Jigs so well and was not capable of what Rica was accusing him of. She asked Rica why she was doing that: whether she wanted money, to ruin the reputation of her family or was jealous that Troy did not give her their last name so she was just getting back at them.

Rica hissed and made it clear that she did not care about their last name and Raven was mistake, actually Troy gave her his last name but she refused to use it. She did not want to have anything to do with the Ramones. Rica then walked out and Ali followed her.

Meanwhile, Attorney Dizon assured Kakay that her secret was safe with her but it would be better if she revealed it to her husband. She also promised to ensure the prosecutor prioritise Rica’s case. Elsewhere, Dan followed the mayor to the City Hall to warn him to stay clear off his family.

They have accepted his lawyer but they would not take any favour from him again. Moreover, he would not allow him to poison Rica’s life like how he ruined Kakay’s life.

Troy got upset , saying he would cut of his help if he knew Dan could cater for his daughter, Rica’s needs and he was not the one who poisoned Kakay’s life. He actually saved her and if it wasn’t for him, Kakay would still be selling her body on the street.

Once she was left alone, Kakay became devastated recalling how she was abused by a regular client who only wanted her. She cried and washed her hands, wondering how she would reveal the truth to her husband.

Raven had a meeting with the WMA Designs and the boss of Rica was glad that through the collaboration with Raven’s out, his firm had gained the De Villa’s project. He said Cindy De Villa herself was enthused by Raven’s designs.

Seeing how Raven was quiet, the boss begged her for what earlier happened and said he never knew the two would clash. Raven asked of her leave.

Ali escorted Rica to the abandoned building. Rica lamented that she has now lost her job. Ali believed she would sail through it. Setting her eyes on the write up on the structure, Rica became hopeful and assured that she would keep fighting.

Dan got home to query Kakay whether it was true that she used to be an escort. Kakay admitted and narrated that her mother was suffering from cancer and also, she wanted to further her education but she was financially constrained.

She had no option than to indulge herself in prostitution to raise money to help in the treatment of her mother’s ailment. As an escort, she one day met Troy after their break up due to the family of Troy.

There was a regular client who abused and misused her, something that she did not want and Troy saved her that day and sent her to hospital for medical examination. After there, she and Troy reunited as l0vers and she gave birth to Rica. Dan could not believe his ears that he had been married to Kakay for years but she failed to reveal her past to him.

The worse part was that he only learnt that awful truth from Troy. He went out for a breather to think about the whole thing while Kakay wept in the house. Raven got home to inform Audrey that she accidentally came across Rica for the first time and they exchanged unpleasant words.

She did not believe that she shamed her own sister in front of everyone. Audrey reminded her that Rica was not her sister, she has no sister. After serving her children, Rica noticed that her mother was not feeling fine so she asked her. Nico and Bea also asked but Kakay insisted on her point that she was okay.

She stepped out to find Dan sitting outside. She was surprised that he had returned and she told him that she was scared he would not come home. Dan patched things up with her and told her not to keep any secret from him again.

Kakay cried that she thought it would be hard for him to handle since she was a mistress with illegitimate child. She thought it would be difficult for him to handle when she told him about it, reason she kept the truth. Dan lamented that he felt that she did not trust him enough to make him know everything about her.

Rica gained her certificate from the firm she used to work and had two days to prepare for her board exams. She applied the CPR online registration forms to partake in the examination. As attorney Dizon worked tirelessly at her law firm, Kakay also did her online business while Dan kept on with his delivery job.

The two days finally approached and Rica with the support from her family, prepared to go and write her exams. She decided to hail a tricycle outside and when she was escorted out by her family, she spotted attorney Dizon’s car approaching.

Laura came to break the sad news to the Sicats. The family were so sad about the turn out of events so Kakay believed Nico’s words against Dizon of being a fraud and spy was true. She believed Troy only sent her to make them lose the case as she did not understand why the prosecutor dismissed their case.

She cried that the prosecutor saw her daughter as a liar for claiming she was raped and lost trust in Attorney Dizon. Elsewhere, the Ramones celebrated Jigs for being vindicated. Attorney Dizon refuted the claims of Kakay.

She got emotional as she disclosed her sad past when she married at early age to the man that she believed she l0ved and he also l0ved her. The man abused her so she was familiar with the nightmares and pains Rica was suffering and could not possibly do what they were accusing her of.

She said her past with Troy might be complicated, however, Troy was also not happy with the decision and would not stop till Rica got the justice she deserved. Rica got to the examination hall to find the others gossipping about her sister her case was junked and did not get to court.

She checked her phone and saw the trending news about Jigs being acquitted as finally the truth had been prevailed, justice was also served. She quickly ran out from the examination hall but recalling all the motivational words from her family and how they believed in her strength, she hesitated and sat on the stairs to let her pains out.


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