Viral Scandal Episode 9

Viral Scandal Episode 9 Jigs surrenders to the police as means to junk the charge of anti-voyeurism against him, Archie threatens Jigs while Raven uncovers the truth behind the ràpe case 

Rica sat on the stairs crying over the dismissed case. She reflected on the motivational words which were written on the structure of the abandoned building so she decided to go in.

The invigilator went into the examination hall to distribute the question papers. Rica opened the hall door to find the invigilator already inside sharing the papers. She was given hers and she got seated.

As everyone was writing, she was still freeing herself from her thoughts and her problems. In the house of the Sicats, Nico and Bea were worried about their sister. Nico suggested they gave her a call to check on how she was doing after the bitter news.

Bea suggested they stopped bothering her as she might be writing her examination. Nico took consolation in the anti-voyeurism charge which was still pending but Bea explained that he could be posted bail and walk freely that nothing ever happened.

But with ràpe charge he could not be granted bail and might spend the rest of his life in prison. While when found guilty of anti-voyeurism, he would only spend maximum of six years in jail. Nico saw that as unfair.

Elsewhere, Troy stopped his family from celebrating along with Jigs and Bobby. Raven also disagreed on the celebration since it was only the ràpe case which had been junked but the charge of anti-voyeurism was still pending.

Congressman Alberto had a private chat with Troy. He wanted Troy not to do anything to help the enemy’s camp just like how he would not help Jigs. To him not doing anything meant doing a lot. He had hopes in Troy ever since he adopted him and knew he would keep his legacy alive unlike Bobby.

He charged Troy to maintain his objective grounds to ensure the family’s political reputation was not ruined. Least they knew that Bobby was eavesdropping so he sent his son to the police station to surrender just to play mind games with the people.

They had media taking coverage of his act of surrendering himself to the law enforcers on the second charge. He told the press that the court did not find him guilty: he had always been telling the truth. Jigs passed through all the necessary process and took his sh0ts.

He was asked if he would file charges against Rica for defamation but he said the alternative, stressing that Rica had passed through a lot. He indicated that women’s right had to be protected and advised the gossips who were spreading rumours that he was set free from the rap£ charge due to the influence he wielded.

He hoped the other charge would be junked, explaining that he was not the one who circulated the video using digital means but was his friend Archie who did that.

However, his happiness was short lived after mentioning the culprit’s name, Archie called him to threaten him that he would release the screenshots of all their group chat that would incriminate him.

Jigs gave his father who was answering questions of the media to come. His father came and he told him about the presence of Archie at the facility. After a search in the area , Bobby came to inform him that Archie was not there.

Audrey could find her husband, she called Zhenny his secretary to discover that Troy cancelled all his meetings and has failed to receive his calls too. After finishing her exams, Rica realised someone was following her so she took to her heels.

The person followed and she realised it was her biological father. She asked of his mission and he told her that he was there to check on her especially after her case was junked. Rica said if he cared about her, then he should reveal to the world that his nephew actually ràped her. She knew Troy would not be able to do that due to his family’s reputation.

So all that he could do was to provide them with lawyer. Rica told him that her father was the man who was waiting for her outside. He was the one who fought for her and supported her. Troy said it was not easy like that. Rica walked out and went to meet Dan.

As she hugged Dan, Troy stood aloof to watch them. Elsewhere, Jigs was impatient and was sure Archie was at the police station. Bobby believed Archie was playing mind games with Jig. Jigs insisted that his was around so his father should have caught him.

This got on the nerve of Bobby and he strangled him, asking the exact thing he did for his friend to betray him. Raven who was coming with a gift witnessed what the two was doing. As Bobby exited,Raven appeared with her gift. Jigs went for a drink for them.

An unknown number called Jigs so Raven picked. Realising it was a woman, Archie warned her against Jigs. He asked her whether she knew about Rica and advised her to stay away from Jigs, otherwise she might end up like Rica.

He then forwarded a picture of Rica in bed with Jigs and told her that Rica did not know she was filmed, much to the surprise of Raven. Jigs appeared and got upset that Raven was using his phone. Raven queried him on the matter but he lied.

He said random people had been calling issuing threats and harassing him after the scandal broke out. Raven was not convinced.

“You know what?” Jigs muttered.

“It is getting late!”

“Your mom is probably looking for you.”

“But Jigs,” Raven acted up.

“Can you just leave?” Jigs interjected.

Raven in anguish left, realising he has provoked her, Jigs called out her name. Rica could not concentrate while studying so she went to open the prosecutor’s envelope to read the resolution on her case. She realised that she could not prove her charge of rape, hence the dismissal of the charge.

She shed tears but realising her mom was approaching, she quickly wiped off her tears. Her daughter’s action got her perplexed and she asked Dan whether Rica was acting normal after she cried when he went for her after examination and also failing to read the prosecutor’s verdict. Acting unconcerned.

Dan deemed that as a good sign since that might be a way she was using to get over her pains. At the Ramones mansion, Audrey queried her husband where he went the previous day. Troy said he was at the office but Audrey said Zhenny told her he cancelled all of his appointments.

Later, Kakay visited the prosecutor’s office and her secretary, Terry acted up. Since the prosecutor was not there, Kakay went and returned later. Terry said Leticia Marco was still not around, a lady came around to search for the prosecutor but Terry acted all sober and submissive.

Kakay asked her why the other woman has no appointment but was ready to deliver her message. Terry said the woman needed no appointment since she was the sister of the prosecutor. Nico, Bea and Pogs erected a banner to congratulate Rica.

However, Nico had a second thought that Rica would be able to finish her examination due to all the negative things that kept mountain on her. Bea was positive that her sister would complete it. Pogs who was waiting for their signal to erect the banner hanged in the middle due to his friends indecisive acts.

Meanwhile, Jigs informed his three other friends on the group about how Archie as threatening to expose him. He told them that they were all in it since he would not go down alone it would be a party. One blamed Jigs since he was the one who introduced Archie to the group.

The boy also fought Jigs since he brought that upon the group when he set his eyes of Rica who only viewed the counselor as garbage. Jigs who got upset that the guy called him a garbage gave the first punch. The rest of the friends separated the fight, they advised themselves to work together since they were all in it.

Jigs did not want Bobby to know what they had been doing to other girls on the group so he could not count on his father to clean the mess. His friends decided to help in search of Archie before their cover got blown for their family to know what they had been doing to women.

Kakay visited the Laura Dizon Law Office to seek for means to get their case going. Attorney Dizon proposed to appeal the prosecutor’s decision. She knew the Sicats family were not happy with just the anti-voyeurism charge against Jigs Ramones.

She offered to do anything for Rica to gain the justice she deserved if they only wanted her to keep leading the case. Kakay accepted since the attorney had passed through what Rica had been through. She asked Attorney Dizon if Rica would get through it.

Attorney Dizon said it would take time and urged her to keep supporting Rica since everything she was doing now are things she deemed it was necessary. She had been stepped on and had been denied the opportunity to uphold her integrity, her right was taken from her and she was now fight to regain all those.

She added that justice sometimes may take a long while but they would not keep fighting. Rica successfully finished her exams irrespective of the situation. She went on top of the abandoned building, stood on the chair to scream to the world that she did it.

She was so happy that she did not pause a vital aspect of her life to become a successful career woman. She later went to the building again with Ali to answer all the questions Kyle wrote on the the structure.

Meanwhile, At Maitt Mason Design, Raven watched the pictures of Kyle Constantino who was the proud Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Balai Arkitektura. Jigs called her several times but she failed to pick it up. He sent messages as well but she did not reply.

Kyle arrived at the gate of the abandoned building and he parked his motorcycle. He climbed the stairs to go on top to discover that Rica had replied his questions and even seeking to meet him again to thank him.

He smiled, he also realised that Rica was still around since the paint was not dry so he ran down the stairs in search of her. Rica also kept looking up since she heard some sounds but were unable to meet since they passed through different doors.


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