Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 10-14

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 10-14 Archie reveals why he leaks Rica and Jigs video, Destiny returns Rica to Kyle at Balai Arkitektura

While the Sicats celebrate Rica in a surprise party for successfully completing her examination, Mayor Troy also explores all possible means that could lead him to Archie.

A visit to Mr Soliman makes him find out how his brother, Bobby is using threats and cunning means to get hold on Archie.

Bea and Nico also use the digital alternative to solicit help from the public to find the guy responsible for leaking the scandalous video without Rica’s consent.

Jigs wails in agony when Archie resolves to blackmail to survive in his hideout. Archie demands 5million from him and to cover his tracks, Jigs sends him that amount. Soon, the result of the certificate examination which Rica wrote is released online.

The Sicats beam with joy finding Rica’s name on the lists of those who passed. Now a certified architect, Rica braces her fate as she maneuver her way onto the job market. Various obstacles block her chances of being employed due to her past tape.

As Rica is fighting scumbàgs who see her as a whore during her job search, Kakay also faces Audrey at a charity project in a market for using her influence to get her daughter’s case dismissed.

Kakay during her routine stumbles on a billboard indicating the mayor’s wife as friends with the Prosecutor’s sister, Luisa Marco. She has no doubt that Audrey is behind the injustice and storms the location without heeding to Dan’s warnings.

Feeling disgraced by how her husband supported Kakay in their clash, Audrey has an outburst. Jigs on the other hand, embarks on a medical mission but his smiles get wiped out when Archie calls to demand him to admit to the rape charge levelled against him.

Raven is pushed to the core to enlists Jigs help to calm the nerves of her mother. As Audrey composes herself, she laments how her second born d!ed but still couldn’t make up for Troy to l0ve her like he did with Kakay.

Archie also shed tears to reveal how he sees her as a mother since she has always been by his side ever since his biological mother painfully exited the world. The Sicats couple have a misunderstanding due to the earlier incident with Audrey.

Elsewhere, Nicole and his two friends hide behind bushes to tail Archie, unfortunately he nabs a wrong person and he is sent to the local barangay office for punishment. Hearing the mess their son has created, Kakay and Dan rush to the local office to salvage the situation.

Soon, the couple make up after Kakay apologises for her earlier action and fine tune the minds of Dan not to feel jealous of Troy. Troy faces the wrath of Raven for consistently siding with Kakay and Rica at the expense of her mother and her.

Archie’s reason behind the leak video unfolds when he visits Ella, an ailing girlfriend of his who is suffering from cancer. He promises to help her recover and gives huge sums to help in her chemotherapy. Visit He assures her of justice, as he swears to make Jigs pay for all his actions that has resulted Ella in that condition.

Still hunting for a job, Rica lands in Balai Arkitektura (BA) but takes to her heels hearing the interviewer is a man. In the midst of her run, she slips and her documents fell. Kyle couldn’t wait for the applicant any further and left for a meeting.

He sees one of Rica’s works on the floor and is impressed by the design. He gives it to his secretary, Vivian. However, Vivian is only staying for a short while and got herself a replacement, who happens to be Rica’s colleague in her former firm, Rose.

Troy’s search for Archie begins to pay off, when David, his spy finds a rotten skeletons when he dug into the lives of the Solimans. Before Troy could accomplish his mission, Alberto has already double crossed him with a dubious antics to get Archie into his grasp.

Archie succumbs to threats so he finally turns himself into the hands of the police in an attempt to rubbish the case against Jigs. Rica together with Attorney Dizon and her family storm the precinct to voice out how Archie has ruined Rica’s life. Attorney Dizon is alarmed with Rica’s outburst and has to step in to control her client.

Rica then discloses to her family all the punches she has silently been enduring ever since she hunts for job. The family decide to make her travel to a far off place to rebuild her life away from all those gossips breaking her life into pieces.

Meanwhile, a nightmare of Kyle sets his mind back to Rica. Rose musters courage to send Rica a message after contemplating on how to approach her to tell her about the job waiting for her at Balai Arkitektura. She meets Rica to first apologise and blames herself for Rica’s predicament.

After coming from the abandoned building, Kyle finds a woman who is almost run over by a car. The woman talks to him about her mysterious daughter. Kyle then gains a prize for helping her out.

Elsewhere, Rose recounts how the ràpe incident has shaped the manner she dress and dance. Rica advises her not to blame herself for the incident and makes them swear to fight the violent people who trample on the right of women. Rose then tells Rica about the job after convincing her to reject the job Rica gained at Eulo-Eulo.

Rica returns to the abandoned structure to find the message Kyle left for them to meet, before she will complete her answer, Bea calls her for a family meeting. At Balai Arkitektura, Kyle is tired of waiting for that unknown applicant whose works impressed him.

He orders for her application to be cancelled as he wants more devoted and dedicated person who is convicted to his course. As his assistant, Chino disposes the résumé of Rica, Kyle finally gets to know the mystery girl and gives her another chance to schedule an interview with her.

Meanwhile, Troy stumbles on his nephew and friends lynching Archie. After gaining enough evidence against the Counselor, Troy finally reveals himself to them and saves Archie from their hands.

Due to the separation rumours, the Ramones rely on the 1.5million followers of Raven to shoot down the claims in a new viral video showing the happy family. Audrey decides to get back at Kakay so her friend initiates a dubious action that will make the Sicats become a subject of troll.

Kyle prepares himself to interview Rica but to his dismay, Raven rather shows up for the collaboration Chino told him about. Rica is consumed with fear after how her last job interview turns gay with a male interviewer and refuses to attend.

Kyle feeling so disappointed by the turn of event. He had a urge to go to the embassy to stop Rica from travelling to Eulo-Eulo but on second thought, he brushes it off and goes to the abandoned building. There, destiny brings him back to Rica in an unfortunate event that almost put an end to his life.

After Rica saves him, he reveals himself to him as the CEO of the firm she applied and offered him the job. The two parted ways with an agreement to meet Rica the next day at Balai Arkitektura.


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