Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 19-23

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 19-23 Raven exposes Rica to Balai Arkitektura workers, Archie and Jigs plead not guilty to the charge of antivoyeurism

Raven exposes Rica’s secret for the workers of the Balai Arkitektura to hear of the scandal. In agony, Rica races to escape from the shame while Kyle confronts and sacks Raven for announcing someone’s private life at his office.

Rica breaks down at home and faints in the process. Kakay rushes her to the hospital. After recovering, the doctor proposes a therapy to help her get over her trauma.

Kyle races to the rooftop to check if he could find Rica, once he is about to leave, Rica appears and she comes clean to Kyle. Kyle drives her home and apologised if he earlier acted insensitive.

Elsewhere, Kakay sh00ts down the warnings of Dan to storm the City hall in order to warn the mayor to talk to Raven and Audrey to stay clearly away from Rica and her. Unfortunately, she runs into Audrey and the two f!ght in quest to protect their respective daughters.

Kakay inturn gets arrested for physically assaulting Audrey. Dan rushes to the precinct and he is also locked up for attacking Troy at the place. With the help of Attorney Dizon, the couple get released.

Raven drowns in her misery and begins drinking alcohol to get over her pains. She blames Rica of getting in her way even with Kyle. Jigs helps his cousin out to get over the humiliation she suffered in the hands of Kyle. She later has a problem with her parents and decides not to go home but sleeps in her office.

Rica makes revisions in her presentation and rushes to BA early in the morning to inform Kyle about it. Kyle tells her to show up at the presentation if her hearing is done early. Rica uses that moment to also tell her colleagues about the ràpe case. Her friends are much more understanding and throw their support behind her.

After showing up late at the hearing of the anti-voyeurism case, the accused did not plead guilty to the charge. Rica feels shattered hearing their plea. Audrey, on the other hand, plays the pitiful strategy to gets Kakay on the news for assaulting her.

Rica learns from Rose that the scheduled presentation time is shifted to later that afternoon. With the help of Dan, she arrives at the location but runs into Jigs who accuses her of stalking him. Jigs gets on her way, as she struggles with him, she falls into the pool and Kyle shows up to her rescue much to the surprise Raven.

This makes Mr Perez and his partners get upset for the late presentation since they have another meeting. Finally, Kyle shows up and Rica saves the day for them to gain the deal. The confrontation between him and his wife makes Troy comes to a sad decision of ending his marriage with Audrey.

Trying to be the devil’s advocate, Laura tells Troy to give his decision a second thought since he will be awarded for his mayorship and Alberto will not like it for him to end his marriage.

The next morning, Bea refuses to go to school since her mother is trending on the news for a bad reason. Not having the energy to fight off her friends, Bea chooses not to attend classes. However, Pogs makes her rescind on her decision.

Taking a stroll outside, Dan stumbles on lots posters of the Mayor on the walls within his neighbours. He becomes so upset and tears them apart. The Ramones, on the other hand, have a family dinner to propel Troy for the upcoming award ceremony.

Alberto wants him to talk beyond his role as a mayor and wants him to announce his desire to be the future senator to win mass vote. He also complements Audrey for winning public sympathy with her act she has been pulling off the past days in wearing neck brace.

Meanwhile, The Balai Arkitektura workers go to the club to celebrate their success. Rica, unfortunately, has a reflection of her omen once a particular music is played.

This compels Kyle to take her from such an environment to their regular rooftop to squeeze the entire story of her ràpe out of her mouth. Kyle apologises after Rica came clean to him and promised to be more sensitive next time when it comes to location of their celebration but Rica wants to be treated normal like any other person at work.

Besides she agreed for them to go clubbing just that it backfired. Audrey pulls another strings to get the Sicats trolled but Dan arrives in time to catch one of the teenagers painting their walls with troll inscriptions.

Soon, Rica clashes with Raven at BA again as Raven is the designer Mr Perez is working on the project with so she has to work with BA to make the project be accomplished. Raven wants to use her experience to undermine Rica’s work but Rica puts her into her rightful place with her factual and professionalism.

Raven gets humiliated and quickly reports it to Jigs. Jigs is becomes upset that Kyle is interested in Rica, the woman he is interested in and begins to think about her. Raven gets to her office to find Troy there, quickly she tries to hide her alcoholic drink for her father not to know what she has been up to. He begs her to return home.


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