Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 5-9

Viral Scandal Highlights Episode 5-9 Rica’s case against Jigs is dismissed, Archie wipes out the victory smiles from the face of Jigs in a new threat to expose his lies 

The Ramones turn tables against Rica during the hearing with half truth statements from witnesses. The framed up stories make Kakay have a second thought of not knowing her daughter well.

She believes her eight years of being away from her family has made her lose that connection with her daughter but Dan believes Rica is speaking the truth and did not give her consent.

Heating up by the lies of Jigs, in fury Rica confronts him and even throws up at the Ramones for them to leave the prosecutor’s office.

Elsewhere, Pogs celebrates Bea for knowing an affluent lawyer like Laura Dizon. This makes Bea recalls how she meets Mayor Troy to secretly work with him to get Rica Attorney Dizon. She however fails to tell Pogs the truth.

Fear grips Kakay as she is confronted by the belief that the charges against Jigs might be junked but Attorney Dizon makes her have a glimmer of hope by revealing that the person who leaked the tape is identified as Archie, the friend of Jigs.

Unbeknownst, Bobby and his son are working behind the scene to ensure the issue does not end up in court. Audrey works at the back of her husband to ensure Rica is left at disadvantage by tying her clothes with Bobby to make the case d!e out.

Little did Audrey know that her husband has discovered her involvement in his illegitimate daughter’s case and confronts her for her action of bribing the prosecutor to dismiss the case.

The Sicats are alarmed by the condition of Rica, believing she might be pregnant. With the help of Bea, Rica makes an attempt to have pregnancy test, fortunately her menses shows up. This brings relief to the family.

After Bea and Nico try hard to control themselves with the presence of an unusual visitor at their school, Bea begins to burn up after receiving Jigs video spilling out his lies against Rica. Bea comes out of her shell to confront Jigs before the entire school and accuse him of rape.

Aggrieved friends of Bea who took shots of the confrontation leak the video for it to go viral. Rica gets upset and faces Bea for her inactions but Bea explains the reason she confronted Jigs before the entire students to defend her.

A past dirty secret of Kakay unravels which makes her aware of Attorney Dizon’s connection with her former flame, Mayor Troy. Soon, Rica gets missing but find a hope when her saviour leaves a message on a structure at the abandoned building which she has made it a refuge to end her life.

Finding the heartbreaking secret of his wife through a dirty confrontation between him and Troy, Dan becomes devastated and scolds Kakay for keeping that from him after so many years of marriage.

The two settle their differences for the sake of their kids. Realising her father is secretly supporting the Sicats, Raven succumbs to the pressures of Audrey and Jigs to use her over 1.5million followers as a pillar to discredit her half sister in a counter video to Bea’s viral tape against her cousin.

Joining the pieces of her life together, Rica decides to go back to work to face her colleagues uproar in order to start her life away from shying from the public. Shortly after her return, Raven shows up to scold Rica for spreading false rumours against Jigs.

Rica faces her half-sister in their first ever encounter as siblings. Rica puts Raven in her place, making Raven uncomfortable for defending Jigs. The boss of Rica tries to make his meeting with the designer a comfortable one after the banter but Raven searches for an opportunity to run from the firm.

Meanwhile, Kyle visits his dad’s grave to announce his return to the Philippines to pursue the dreams of his father as an architect. As Rica pledges to secure her future by writing her exams, she meets another trial again at the examination hall.

Another news against her has gone viral, her case against Jigs is junked, leading Kakay to accuse Attorney Dizon of being a spy and is conspiring with Troy to make them lose the case before it could be forwarded to court.

Attorney Dizon who is affected by the pains of the Sicats discloses how Rica’s situation is personal to her. This makes her reveal her awful past experience with her husband to the Sicats and also tells them that Mayor Troy is equally affected by the issue.

Able to stand the punches life is hitting her chest with, Rica meets her biological father after her exams who offers a shoulder for her to lean on. Rica puts her father in a dilemma state to either choose her or his family at the expense of the man who adopted Troy to give him his name and make him who he is.

Finding himself between the hard rocks and the sea, Troy remains calm but works behind the scenes to ensure his daughter’s name get cleared with the falsehood that the counselor keeps spreading to clean his mess.

When all seems to be going on well for Jigs, Archie begins to torment his life. Archie threatens to reveal everything to counter all his lies in order to prove that Rica is indeed raped. Devastated by the complicated situation, Jigs reveals to Bobby the threats made by Archie.

To make matters worse, Archie’s whereabouts cannot be traced. He is in the hideout but keeping tabs on Jigs every movement in order for him not to go down alone since the police is hunting for him for leaking the scandalous tape.

Jigs now seeks the help of the rest of his friends in finding the hideout of Archie as he has brought the group into disrepute. His friends turn their backs against him since they don’t want to attract the anger of Archie for their top secret to be blown as well.

Raven slowly unravels the lies of Jigs through a mysterious call she received on Jigs phone. She also receives a threat message and picture of Jigs and Rica warning her that she could be the next victim of Jigs in his play boy game.

Realising his cousin is a step close to the truth, Jigs gets upset with her and their relationship almost ends up on a sad note. Jigs tries to make up for his action against Raven.

Meanwhile, Nico, Bea and Pogs erect a banner to congratulate Rica for having the courage to complete her examination but they contemplate on the celebration due to doubts Nico was casting on the ability of their sister finishing the examination.

Attorney Dizon plans to appeal the decision of the prosecutor to counter in it in order to get the case forwarded to court if only Kakay will give her the chance. Kakay accepts her help to reopen Rica’s case.

Elsewhere, Rica goes to the abandoned building to celebrate for overcoming her fears to complete her examination. She then answer the questions Kyle left on the structure.

Kyle arrives there to discover that Rica is still around but are unable to meet Rica since they passed through different doors. However, Raven who completed school with Kyle after encountering him earlier has him in mind as she develops feelings for the young architect.

She is equally enthused that the young architect owns Balai Arkitektura.


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