Viral Scandal: Why Archie leaks Rica and Jigs’ int!mate video

Viral Scandal: Why Archie leaks Rica and Jigs’ int!mate video

Archie Soliman is a role played by Vance Larena, a friend of Counselor Jigs Ramones. He is a guy who Jigs in latter time introduced him to his boys-boys platform to discuss about women.

His character begins to develop after a video of Rica Sicat, a cousin of Jigs goes viral. Archie is revealed to be the culprit when Jigs came clean to his father on the scandalous video which puts his reputation on the line.

Jigs is forced to dissolve the group to get rid of all evidences that could incriminate him. Not ready for Jigs to obtain victory, Archie cooks up devious plans to hit his friend.

Believing he has been betrayed, Jigs rely on close pals to get hold on Archie but his friend tops up his game when he goes into hiding after the viral video.

While he is declared as a wanted man for the anti-voyeurism case hanging around the neck of Jigs, Archie resolves into blackmail to keep the evidence he has against Jigs under wraps. He goes further to compel Jigs to acknowledge his crime.

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This makes Jigs get more furious to do everything to get hold on Archie. After all is said and done, Archie’s awful action is disclosed to be an act of l0ve and sacrifice to make his girlfriend, Ella gains justice for being victimised by Jigs in another ràpe incident.

Archie’s zeal receives some hit backs when his father’s shoddy business is brought to light. Through threats, Mrs Soliman is compelled to bring Archie out from his hideout. He then succumbs to the pressures around him to give in to Alberto’s threats.

Archie tearfully surrenders to the police to clear off Jigs’ name to keep the reputation of the Ramones as well as his. Being vindicated, Jigs compel Archie to face him using Ella as a scape goat.

Archie then confronts Jigs with the truth for sleeping with his girlfriend. He even ràped the girl for Ella to walk out of the relationship but Jigs shows no sign of regret and lych Archie with his other three friends.

Battling cancer, Ella looks frail in the first scene but Archie breathes more strength and life into her. In turn, Ella appreciates everything about Archie. She is thankful for his l0ve that sees past her scars. She said he neither hurts nor insulted her.

Archie vows to fight on her behalf after learning that she is one of the poor victims of Jigs s£xuàl assault. Despite the sickness that wanes her beauty, Archie never makes her feel too small. He never stops l0ving her. In return, Archie also feels lucky to have Ella accepting his flaws and dark past.

Since he is kicked from his initial game, Archie joins Jigs in the anti-voyeurism case to make the case get junked with lies. He is trained to appear as a victim whose phone is intercepted after it got spoilt and left it in the hands of a phone technician or repairer. He held on to his lies even when Attorney Laura Dizon was blowing his cover.

The movie saw a new twist when the lady Archie has vowed to f!ght for shows up behind the doors of the court room. He is then compelled to brace himself up after Ella calls it a quit.

At first, he takes on a different route toward justice, not wanting Ella to get dragged into the chaos. He drives Kakay away when the latter asks for help in Rica’s case. Archie later takes a new walk way when he accepts his girlfriend’s plea to support Rica in her case.

At some point, however, l0ve appeared broken when Ella discovered Archie’s involvement in the leakage of Rica’s scandalous video. She despised him. She never thought he could be so evil. Ella ended their relationship.

Then again, Archie never stopped until he got her forgiveness. In the succeeding scenes, he goes to Ella’s house and begs to talk with her. Ella’s mom said Archie showed no signs of giving up.

He may gets tired today but he would surely come back the next morning. Although hurt, Ella is satisfied knowing Archie is still chasing her. She didn’t want to let go, either. But at that moment, she wants Archie to realise his lessons.

Archie, abandoned by the woman he dearly l0ves, decides to correct his mistakes. He hands Rica’s camp the evidences against Jigs despite the threats.

Thanks to his brave act, Archie finally wins Ella’s forgiveness. The lOvers are reunited. Relieved, Archie says nothing else matters than being by Ella’s side, as if she completes his soul. So, he plans to leave the country right after meeting with Attorney Laura Dizon the next day.

However, Archie’s courage that is born out of l0ve will cost his own life. And for the last time, he proves the magnitude of sacrifices he is willing to make to prove his l0ve for Ella.


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