Wash your brains and don’t let free movement fool you—Nikki Samonas alerts Ghanaians

Wash your brains and don't let free movement fool you---Nikki Samonas alerts Ghanaians

Wash your brains and don’t let free movement fool you—Nikki Samonas alerts Ghanaians.


Ghana’s screen goddess, Nikoletta Samonas known in Showbiz circles as Nikki Samonas has reiterated the need for the citizenry to be self disciplined especially after the government lifted the restrictions on movements.

According to her, everyone is a captain of his or her life and have the obligations to take good and extra care of his or herself during the free movement saga in the country.

Expressing her opinion on her social media page, the actress emphasised that self discipline and vigilance were hallmark in difficult times like the current situation in the country.

“I will say this again…. self discipline and vigilance. Everyone is not as sensible as you so protect yourself,” she emphasised.

She further indicated that freedom did not mean people should live a care free life, saying “do not let the Freedom fool you.”

Nikki Samonas advised the people to be cautious and adopt the use of nose mask wherever they find themselves.

She said they should wear nose mask to everywhere they go and keep washing their hands with soap under running water while rubbing the hands with alcohol based sanitisers.

” Still wash your hands and wash your brains too,” Nikki Samonas added.

Her advice came after the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s ban on movements was lifted to enhance movement to reshape the economy of the country.

The lift of the ban sparked lots of controversies among some Ghanaians and other foreigners.

However, the government has explained that his action was mainly based on data analysis and science, hence urged the people to continue observing social distancing protocol.

The President cautioned Ghanaians not to lose guard and beef up their protection plans to support him in the battle against COVID-19.

Schools, clubs, churches among other forms of  social gathering, he said should remain closed and commercial drivers should reduce the intake of passengers, while promising to ease these measures when situation calls for it.


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