We will not vote if you don't rollout incentives to employ short people in the country---Don Little to govt

We will not vote if you don’t rollout incentives to employ short people in the country—Don Little to govt

We will not vote if you don’t rollout incentives to employ short people in the country—Don Little to govt

A comic actor Steven Atanga, known in the showbiz circles as Don Little has threatened to stage a demonstration against government if he fails to roll out an incentive for people who are short.

According to him short people including midgets have been sidelined in the country and needed government’s assistance to get them back to their feet.

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Speaking in a media interview, Don Little indicated that employers fail to employ people of his calibre and were treated with disdain in the society even their luck with women is affected by their height.

He cried that they were being disregarded and sometimes their abilities get stuck in them since platforms have not been exposed to them to exhibit their God given talents.

In getting them involved in the developmental agenda of the country,  Don Little encouraged government to set up an association for midgets and all short people.

That he noted would challenge them to do more for themselves and the society.

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Don Little noted that President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo was a president who listens and would urge him to involve the short people and recruit them to work at various toll boots and other sectors.

“Our type of people really need help from the government. I have realised  that government does not show concern about us. At least we need an association that can help us if we are in need.

The government cam employ us in places like the Toll Booth, Flagstaff house, Airport and other places, we will prove to him and the people that we can do better job than those who look down on us. People like us can’t do construction works,” he added.

Don Little said if he does not see government addressing the challenge faced by short people in the country he would mobilise his fellows in some part of the country to vote against or not partake in the upcoming elections.

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“Am fighting for myself and my brethren because I am a public figure. If we don’t see any action from the government, i will set up a protest team in Kumasi and Accra to demonstrate against this year’s election,” Don Little added.


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