Swallow your pride to discover the secret of Nigerian artistes— Wendy Shay to colleagues

Swallow your pride to discover the secret of Nigerian artistes— Wendy Shay to colleagues

Afrobeats singer, Wendy Shay has charged Ghanaian musicians to swallow their pride and learn from their Nigerian counterparts to discover their secret in boosting the Ghanaian industry.

This comes after her earlier tweet urging colleagues to thank Nigerians for bringing Afrobeat received criticism from several members of the public and some key industrial players notably Ghanaian rapper TIC, who came at her for devaluing Ghanaian musicians.

In a swift response to Wendy Shay’s earlier post, TIC, said “who should thank who. I think it should’ve been the other way rather. If not for our bad Ghanaian PHD syndrome, things could’ve been different. Enjoy your music and keep working hard for yourself and country don’t get in the mix of things you don’t know.”

Wendy Shay in a new tweet said Nigerian artistes have succeeded in establishing a niche for themselves, which has elevated them to a position of prominence and insisted on colleagues to draw closer to Nigerians to unravel their secret only if they wanted to excel.

“Give Nigerian Artistes their flowers for bringing the world’s Attention to Africa through Afrobeats and you people vex? I will say it again let’s swallow our pride, go to them and ask them how they did it, they might show us the road. God is using me to speak to you. You People no wan listen. Ghana wake up,” she tweeted.

The “heat” hitmaker further stated that Nigerians have had a significant influence while leading the development of Africa’s music scene, thus if Ghanaian musicians wanted to gain international recognition, they had to redefine their art to learn from their Nigerian counterparts.


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