When Love Burns Episode 39

When Love Burns Episode 39 Peterson orders for Tupe to be k!lled, Police arrest Peterson for frustrated murder and for k!lling Miguel Salcedo

Celia thanked Tupe for restoring the strength of Rita to fight for her dignity. She also apologised for all the awful things she said to him in the past. Tupe said she did what she thought was best for her daughter at that time. Celia was grateful to him for bringing back her old Rita.

She also gave him the go ahead to court Rita. In the court room, Peterson warned Rita to peacefully give him his son. Rita objected to his stance and said he was not a good person for her to leave Andrew with him.

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She accused him of almost k!lling her and the baby so he had no right. Peterson claimed she was only doing that because she wanted to give his son to Tupe. He said no matter his crime, she was not supposed to leave him because she was his wife. Rita corrected him that she was his ex and she did not own her.

The judge told both attorneys to control their clients. When Rita came home, she told Tupe about what Peterson said since he was doing everything for them to return to him. Tupe stated that he would not sit arm folded and swore to expose Peterson. Rita also vowed to fight back for her son.

Peterson paid Joel to eliminate Tupe. However, Joel told Lab about being remorseful and wanted to confess. Lab warned him not to do that since Peterson would take his revenge on them. He said he did not want them to drag his family into it. Joel reminded him that he only did that since he needed the money badly to treat a cancer patient.

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Lab did not want Kiko’s future to be ruined so he told him to just carry out the orders of Peterson to save both of them. Later, Peterson came to the house to discover that Andrew was taken away by Tupe and he accused Tupe of being a kidnapper. Rita said she gave him Andrew because she trusted him.

Peterson did not care and started venting his anger on things. He was ready to turn Tupe in but Raymund said it has not been 24 hours so he could not arrest Tupe. Hannah got upset about Peterson’s accusations and came to find Kiko out.

As she was talking against Peterson, Kiko thought she was referring to him and she said it was Peterson. Kiko wanted to tell her something about Peterson but he could not since the truth would implicate his father. He then told Hannah to be careful when she was closer to Peterson as she sometime ago suspected him to be the attempted k!ller of her brother.

Peterson ran to his Attorney and told Eli to file charges against Tupe for kidnapping his son but the Attorney said Tupe did not kidnap Andrew. As it stood, he did not force and left with the child and it had not been 24 hours since the incident happened. Peterson insisted on Eli to do something to frame Tupe up.

Eli and Peterson received a medicine bottle from a person who Peterson paid to do a secret investigation on Tupe. He said Tupe had chronic hand pains so he had been taking those drugs as prescribed by his friend doctor. Peterson was grateful since he now had something to also use against Tupe to win the sole custody of his son.

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Tupe was with baby Andrew at Margaret’s grave when he received a message from Rita to return home with Andrew. Unfortunately, when he was about to wheel his son, Joel cornered him with a gün and he pleaded with Joel not to shōõt his son. Before he cornered Tupe, he called Peterson that he had found Tupe at a grave and he was with Andrew.

Peterson decided to go there and he found a sack cloth of Andrew in the pool of blood and he was hurt that his son was gone. He then went home to call Rita that it was up to 24 hours and he would get Tupe behind bars. Rita was still calm since she knew her son was in safe hands.

Peterson wondered why she trusted Tupe. Meanwhile, Tupe was with Joel when the goon confessed of being the one who k!lled Miguel Salcedo and was paid by Peterson to do so. He made it clear that he and his goons needed the money. He failed to expose his lackeys since they were unwilling to testify.

He promised to testify in court for them to put Peterson behind bars. Tupe strangled him as he wanted to know all those involved. Joel pleaded with him to understand that his lackeys were not ready, he was willing to do so and could not expose them. He emphasised that they only acted based on orders by Peterson and would confess that he k!lled Miguel and also was paid to k!ll Tupe.

As Rita was frustrated, Tupe showed up with baby Andrew and told her the actual incident that happened that night in the club when they parted ways. He said Peterson witnessed their argument and was interested in Rita so he paid henchmen to k!ll him. Eventually, he survived for his father to d!e during the attack.

He believed that if Peterson had not done that,they might have been together. Rita could not believe her ears that Peterson could go to such an extent to come between him and Tupe. She knew Tupe was right because that night that they ended their relationship, the one thing she had in mind was him.

Tupe went further to say that Peterson sent someone after him to k!ll him when he was with Andrew but the goon ended up confessing his deeds. As Peterson was feeling happy about what he was doing to cover his tracks, some officers came to the house.

He thought they were there to follow his complaint about Tupe kidnapping his son only for them to show a warrant of arrest for k!lling Miguel Salcedo and frustrated murder of Tupe. He told them to act easy on him as he would follow them.

He was put behind bars and the first person to visit him was Hannah and Kiko. He was marveled but warned Hannah that she should not be happy because he would be vindicated and his brother would suffer the most. Celia and the family could not believe that Peterson could do all that to ruin Rita and Tupe’s relationship.

They wished he got rotten there. Tupe said they needed evidence to back their claims but Raymund believed all that Peterson did to Tupe, it was evident enough to give him the necessary justice. Rita recalled how Peterson saw her in the club and helped her throughout not knowing he was her enemy.

She still took a trip down the memory lane about the promises of Peterson and the lōve they shared. Celia wished the goons would testify to give Tupe and Rita the justice they deserved.


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