When Love Burns Episode 40

When Love Burns Episode 40 Murder case against Peterson is dismissed, Kiko fights with Lab 

Mimi ran to inform Tupe that Hannah in the company of Kiko went to the precinct to confront Peterson. Knowing repulsive how Hannah was, Tupe ran to the precinct and Rita followed him, leaving Andrew in the care of her family.

Hannah hit Peterson for what he did to his family. He wondered how he was able to sleep at night. Peterson told her to thank God that he did not hurt women. Hannah indicated that Olivia even left him on purpose. He got upset when Hannah was dragging his late mother into the issue.

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Kiko stopped Hannah and sent her away. Hannah cried on their way and bumped into her brother. Tupe calmed her and Hannah apologised for venting her anger and frustrations on him without thinking about what he was going through. She also apologised to Rita.

Rita decided to go and see Peterson to confront him for what he did. Peterson denied and promised to prove his innocence but Rita doubted. Rita cried that he was not the old Peterson she got to lōve and there was no trace of that Peterson. She lamented that she did everything for him to make him happy.

She accepted him for who he was even when he made her lose herself respect. Peterson claimed he lõved her and they could go back to how there were. Rita objected that he only løved himself but Peterson said he would prove her wrong. Tupe showed up and Peterson urged him to speak up. He could yell at him and do everything but Tupe said he wouldn’t.

He said he would not give Peterson that satisfaction. Peterson swore that he would get out of there and would ensure that. As he was taken out, he swore to himself to get out of there for his son. Elsewhere, Lab was told by one of his lackeys that one of them was k!lled and was sure Peterson was behind that. His lackey asked about Joel.

Lab believed Kiko was in trouble. He turned and saw his son. Kiko asked what was going on. Eli went to see Peterson and the latter told Eli to get him out of there as soon as possible. He urged Eli to use the professional tricks his father taught him. Lab packed his things and encouraged Kiko to pack and follow him.

Kiko refused to leave. Lab made it clear that he and Hannah could not be, besides their lives were in danger. He said he was doing all that to protect Kiko but his son did not care. Rita and Tupe were going out with Andrew. Surprisingly, a car pulled over and they wondered who the person was only to discover that it was Peterson.

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He was granted bail and told Tupe that he was an Alverez and nothing could bring him down. He said they could not go out because it was his scheduled day for him to see his son. Rita and Tupe didn’t let him. Peterson said Andrew would grow to learn that his mother chose her lōver over his dad.

Soon, Rita packed out and the family said bye to Hannah. Hannah was sad that they were leaving with her nephew. She would miss the heavy appetite of Kyle. Celia advised her to take care of herself. Elsewhere, Rita bid an emotional goodbye to Tupe. Tupe was sad that she was leaving but he lõved her so much to be too selfish.

He promised to wait for her and Andrew till everything got settled. They then shared a hug. The court heard the case and Joel testified in favour of Tupe. He told the court that he was paid to k!ll Tupe and his father came in between which k!lled him. He pointed at Peterson as the one who paid him to do the dirty job.

Attorney Eli asked for a receipt or anything that could confirm that Peterson did that. Joel said in that line of work they only accepted cash and not cheque. Eli destroyed the credibility of Joel and claimed he was doing a dirty and illegal job because any legal job had a backing. He said another henchman mentioned his name during a murder incident.

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The court dismissed the case since there was no substantial evidence and adjourned the case. He was cornered by journalists for an interview when he was stepping out. He claimed he was innocent.

His ex-wife did that to him on purpose. She did not want him to be closer to his own son, the reason she and Tupe schemed against him. He claimed Rita wanted to deny him his right over his own son.

After watching video of the proceedings, Rita got agitated that Peterson would manipulate his way to get the custody of her son just like how he was getting away with murder. Peterson praised his attorney and for the longest time, that was the moment he addressed Eli by his Attorney title.

Eli congratulated him for going away with murder but hoped the other lackeys of Joel would not testify against him. Peterson doubted, he knew the henchmen were scared to go against him and was sure Joel lost the case before the hearing began.

To him, if his lackeys supported him, they would have been with him in the court. He was glad to have outsmarted Tupe. He was now convinced that he would win the custody case. He swore not to make them find happiness.

Kiko received a text from Hannah that Peterson’s Attorney ruined the credibility of their witness and now he had gotten away. He asked Kiko where he was.

Kiko was sad about the development and when Lab saw him taking his things, he asked if he had changed his mind but Kiko said he had not. He could not keep pretending that everything was okay. His conscience could not bear that his father had k!lled someone and left.

Tupe got upset with Joel and thought he connived with Peterson. He wanted Joel to name his friends for them to testify but Joel reminded him that right from the onset, he only had him to testify because his friends felt threatened and wanted to remain quiet due to the families.

Rita called Tupe to talk about her fears but Tupe assured not to allow Peterson to have his way with his son. He allowed him to k!ll his father but this time he would not allow him to take away his son. Lab had a sober reflection of what his son said, describing him as selfish and doing everything to protect himself and not him (Kiko).

He shed tears that his son could not bear with him since he could not keep the criminal activities in his mind and pretended that nothing happened.


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