When Love Burns Episode 41

When Love Burns Episode 41 Lab provides evidence against Peterson, Peterson kidnaps Andrew 

The court was in session when Lab arrived to show his hand tattoo to Tupe and confessed that he was one of Joel’s accomplices. He told the court that he has solid evidence to prove that Peterson Alverez was the one who contracted them to k!ll Tupe.

Peterson and Eli were stunned. The Attorney of Tupe called for a recess due to the new evidence but Eli raised an objection since the evidence was not discussed during the pre trial. Tupe’s attorney said it was a new development aside that it was a final hearing for the verdict so it was important for the court to have a recess.

The judge accepted the new evidence and the defense lawyer called for a review of the new evidence. The case was adjourned when Peterson called his goon to find a proof against Lab to destroy his credibility.

Eli questioned Peterson since he warned him to ensure no one came to testify. He told Peterson to pray that the evidence did not have his face or voice otherwise he would be done for. Tupe, his attorney and Hannah watched the video which showed Peterson paying and giving an order to get Tupe k!lled and even did not care that Miguel Salcedo lost his life.

Tupe hugged his attorney and was happy that finally justice would be served. He stepped out with his attorney leaving Hannah and Lab to talk. Mimi called Kiko to inform him that his father appeared in court to testify. He quickly left work.

Tupe called Rita to inform him about the new evidence. Rita celebrated with Raymund that finally justice would be served and was happy that Andrew would remain with her. Lab apologised to Hannah for everything he did against her father. He told her not to blame his son because he did not know and found out recently.

At that time he had already developed feelings for her. Hannah was hurt that the man who murdered her father was Kiko’s dad and she viewed him in Kiko. After Lab talked with her, she got everything and when she saw Kiko, she ran to k!ss him and told him that he knew the whole truth and now understood why he acted that way with her.

Tupe also went to see Rita to celebrate with her and urged her to eschew all her fears because Peterson wouldn’t be able to take their son from them. He would be thrown in jail. Kiko went to see Lab and his father was happy to see his son since he had thought he wouldn’t set eyes on him again.

He reminded him that he promised to do everything for him and he has done it. Lab advised him to take good care of himself since they would be a part for long. However, he knew his son was better than him. Practically, he raised himself and had principles. He wished Kiko well in life and his son cried, though he was proud of his father for taking that bold step to confess.

Rita and Tupe were admiring Andrew and talked about how each had been caring and good to those around them. Peterson recalled his good times with Rita and the days he abused her. He also thought about the time he shõt Tupe. He began seeing fleeting images of his mother and he cried that he missed her so much.

Ever since she left, he had been alone but Rita who he thought would be with him also left him. His mother was leaving when he called her not to leave him again because he was lonely. He said his mother did everything for him, she understood him and couldn’t wait to reunite with her again.

She realised he was alone and his mother was no longer with him and he cried bitterly. Tupe went to the grave of his father to present the wreath and frame of him and his wife. Peterson was driving when Eli sent him a message that due to how delicate his issue was, his chance to win the custody of his son might slip. He asked of his whereabouts but Peterson failed to reply.

The hospital was constructed and he surprised Rita with it as he reminded her of their dream of naming it as Salcedo family hospital. Rita saw that the new name he chose, Esperanza Charity Hospital was better and could relate to people because to her, sometimes it was better to make others dream come true.

Tupe received a call from the Attorney and he told Rita about the good news that the court was issuing a protection and restraining order against Peterson. Peterson stormed the house of Rita when Celia was with Andrew. Celia wondered how he managed to locate them and asked what he was doing there.

Peterson said he was there to see his son. Celia did not want to allow him to see him and screamed Kyle’s name. Kyle came to the defense of his mother when Peterson hit his head with a pan for him to collapse. Celia went to her son’s defense and called Peterson a bad person.

Peterson insisted on spending time with his son but there was no way Celia was going to allow him so he pushed Celia for her to hit her head on the wall. She collapsed as well, giving Person a chance to escape with Andrew.

Soon after, Tupe and Rita got home to find Kyle and Celia lying helplessly on the ground and were able to revive them only to discover that baby Andrew was taken away.Celia mentioned that Peterson was responsible for that.

As Rita was trying to get in touch with Peterson to know where he had sent her son, Tupe also called Hannah to ask her to call the police since Peterson had kidnapped his son. Peterson was still on the road driving and telling baby Andrew that he had to see his grandmother since she had missed them.

He believed his son would take his side as he called Rita selfish for always trying to take Andrew from him. Rita’s call came through and he told Rita that he was going out with his son. Rita pleaded with him and told him to tell her where he was. Tupe snatched the phone to tell him that his problem was with him and he should not include Andrew in it.

Peterson thought as much that Tupe was with Rita. He was not happy that Rita kept choosing Tupe over him. All the same, he was taking Andrew out and reminded Rita that Andrew was his son as well and had the right to him.

He mentioned the location he was heading but it was sad that Rita was not with him to the place, only Andrew. Rita told Tupe about the location of Peterson.


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