When Love Burns Finale Episode 42

When Love Burns Finale Episode 42 Peterson d!es after a fall,  Rita and Tupe finally marry

Rita was devastated that Peterson had escaped with her son. Peterson told Andrew that he and his mother were having issues but it would be solved. Tupe and Rita left the house to chase after Peterson. Fortunately, they were able to trace his jeep and Peterson took them in a race.

He almost collided with a truck, sending shock waves through the spine of Rita. Rita was so scared her son might be hurt. Celia was also crying for Peterson’s evil nature of involving a baby. Kyle tried to console her.

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Peterson swerved the truck and told Baby Andrew not to give up. Everything was now like the movie and he would take his mother in a race. He reached a certain bridge and he pulled over. He came out of the car and carried Baby Andrew. Rita and Tupe got there.

Peterson was climbing the bridge with Andrew when Rita pleaded with him not to involve Andrew.  Peterson said he lõved his son and all he wanted to do was to spend time with his son but Rita was always there for Andrew not for him. He asked whether that was so because he messed up.

Rita said it was not the truth, she believed he could change and get better. The police also arrived there but couldn’t do anything other than to stand aloof, pointing their güns. Peterson left Andrew on the floor and told the child to believe him that he løved him.

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He then climbed the bridge and told Tupe that it was what he wanted. Tupe said that was not what he wanted because he was a doctor and his job was to save lives. Rita said he shouldn’t do what he intended doing because that would not give him the opportunity to explain his lōve for Baby Andrew when he grew up.

He recalled all those lovely moments with Rita. He told Rita that he only wanted one lovely family for Andrew but now she could have that with Tupe. Rita urged him not to say that and lean on him. Peterson apologised for his deeds and told Tupe that he would go with the police because he wanted to explain to his son some day that he became a better person.

The police then told him he was under arrest and should surrender peacefully. Peterson was still on top of the bridge with his eyes closed. Tupe stopped the police from shōõting him. He gave his hand to Peterson. When Peterson was about to hold him to get down, he slipped and fell off the bridge.

The police together with Tupe rushed down and Rita cried while recalling everything he said as his last speech. They found his body on a rock, with blood all over him. Tupe said he was a doctor and he checked him up. He tried to revive him but it was too late. Rita got there and could not accept it.

She did everything to revive him but Peterson was already gone. Tupe held Rita aback as he said it was too late. Later, Tupe went to Margaret’s grave and Rita also visited Person’s grave to cry and tell him that she already forgave him.

Two years later, Hannah and Kiko spiced up their løve as they thought Destin would drift them apart. Meme got there to disrupt them. Once she left, Kiko asked Hannah’s hands in marriage and put his ring on her finger.

Rita was getting dressed up when Celia got there to ask her if she was still feeling nervous for her occasion. Rita said she was now more than ready and flipped her finger with her diamond ring. She and her mother together with Kyle had a video chat with Jojo and Andrew.

The friends of Rita danced their way to the marriage reception. Raymund with his gay partner, Simon with Margie, Kyle and his wife, Hannah and Kiko while Celia danced alone to the floor. Rita and Tupe were the last to dance their way there. Tupe reaffirmed his lōve to her, stressing that he would always choose her.

Rita’s pulse beat very fast. A week after their nuptial, they went to the fountain where they first made lõve to make lōve as part of their honeymoon.

The END!


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