When Love Burns Highlights Finale Episode 38-42

When Love Burns Highlights Finale Episode 38-42 Lab exposes the evil deeds of Peterson, Rita and Tupe marry after the deàth of Peterson 

Peterson files for sole custody of Andrew after hearing that Rita wants to flee with the child and go to Ireland. The news about the sole custody did not go down well with the biological parents of the child. The actions of Peterson makes Rita unfold the truth that Peterson has been monitoring her life.

Following advice from his lawyer, Eli,  Peterson sends a group who pose off as a maintenance team to uninstall all CCTV cameras he planted in Rita’s house. Unfortunately, Rita finds out that Peterson has been spying her movement through a hidden camera in her bathroom which the maintenance team were unable to uninstall.

Armed with evidence, Rita decides to deal with Peterson but Peterson releases another ace under his sleeves. He accuses Rita of adultery and during the Andrew custody hearing, he turns everything against Rita. This leads to a huge scandal in the court room.

Not ready to make Tupe reclaim his wife, Peterson resolves to another absurd scheme against Tupe. However, his scheme backfires as the assassins couldn’t assassinate Tupe. An unfortunate incident leads them to confess the one who sent them to k!ll Tupe. The assassin also reveals the real k!ller of Miguel Salcedo and the person responsible for Tupe’s arm injury.

Immediately, Tupe files charges against his mortal rival. Peterson is arrested but he manages to escape the clutches of Tupe. None of the witnesses is willing to testify against Peterson due to a threat, leading Peterson to go scot free.

Kiko who apologises to Hannah about his father’s misdeeds is unhappy about his father’s decision not to have testified against Peterson. Realising the freedom of Peterson poses dire repercussions on her life and that of Andrew, Rita decides to escape.

In a twist of events, Lab, storms the hearing of the case with a new evidence against Peterson. He confesses to be one of the henchmen who k!lled Miguel Salcedo. Eli makes a passionate plea to the court to review the new evidence, compelling the court to adjourn the hearing.

Peterson schemes up with his lawyer to stain the credibility of Lab. Seeing the video of Peterson paying the henchmen to get rid of him due to his løve for Rita, Tupe informed Rita. Lab apologizes to Hannah and this ignites Hannah’s feelings for Kiko.

Rita and Tupe forge ahead as Peterson secures a new means to ease his depression. He steals Baby Andrew. Hearing about the news, Rita and Tupe chase him with cops. They cornered him at a certain bridge and they had to convince him to return the child.

Peterson, eventually asks Rita and Tupe for forgiveness for his deeds but fails to adopt the reason to live again. He throws himself off the bridge and d!es instantly.

Two years later, Rita and Tupe have their dream wedding while Hannah and Kiko become a couple. Simon and Margie steal the moment as they also fall in lōve.

The End!



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