Williams Uchemba urges women to flee from jobless men

Williams Uchemba urges women to flee from jobless men

Nollywood actor Williams Uchemba has warned women to desist from marrying men who are jobless.

According to him, such men are lazy and leave their wives no choice than to be breadwinners.

In a viral video, the actor who is a father of one said men were naturally created with an instinct of being a provider and having more spending ability than women.

“There is something in a man, some call it ego. There is something that God has put in a man to provide. A man is built to not just protect but provide,” he said.

Williams advised ladies to flee for their lives if the men they were dating were jobless.

“Ladies, if you are dating someone that is comfortable with being jobless because you have a good job, run. It is a red flag because when God created Adam, the first thing God gave him was a job and when the job was too much, God said it is not good for this man to be alone. Let us give him a helper,” he added.

The actor noted that one of the primary purposes of a wife “is to help, to support what the man is doing, not to be a breadwinner or a provider.”

While he believed that it was understandable for women to support their men in terms of needs and in unique situations, he warned women not to stay and accept men who were jobless and were comfortable in that situation.

Source: www.spotonnews.net

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