The Better Half— Episode 22 written update

The Better Half— Episode 22 written update

Julia got a phone book that had the contacts of all the teachers. She wanted to call Teacher Camille.

When Julia got through to the school, it was Sheryl who answered the phone. Julia said that she missed them and wanted to speak to teacher Camille but Sheryl told her that Camille was busy.

Bianca found Julia on the phone and asked her to go eat breakfast. She picked up the phone receiver and talked to Sheryl. Sheryl told Bianca that all her lies would finally catch up to her and Bianca told her that she would have to prepare for a funeral if she told Camille the truth. Sheryl told Bianca that she would be the one to prepare a coffin because she was planning on telling Camille everything.
Marco went to see Camille’s parents and apologize to them but Edgar told him to leave after everything that he had done to their family. Marco was heading to his car when Julio saw him. He rushed over to him happily and asked if Marco had already remembered him. Marco told Julio that he still did not remember him and Julio asked Marco to go inside the house so that he could help him remember. Edgar was not able to stop them so Marco went inside and Susan got him some snacks.
Susan told Marco everything about how he courted Camille and that they welcomed him to their home because he was a good person. He became their family and when he finally asked them if he could marry Camille, they whole heartedly agreed to it because they could see he really loved Camille. He then planned to go to Dubai even if Camille did not agree to it. She searched for him when he went missing and almost went crazy in Manila. Susan told Marco about Camille’s suicide attempt and he cried after hearing about all that she had gone through.
Bianca called Marco to ask where he was and he said that he had gone to see Camille’s parents. Bianca said that she would go get him but Marco told her that he was already going home. They argued when Marco got home and he told Bianca to let him look for the truth otherwise he would think that she was hiding something from him.
Camille told Rafael about Julia calling the school but she was deep in thought. He asked her whether it was about Marco and Camille said that it was about Sheryl; she felt as if she was hiding something. Rafael told Camille to give Sheryl time and she would tell her what bothered her in time.
Julia continued to ask why she was not allowed to go to school because she missed Teacher Camille. Bianca told her to get used to it because she would be transferring schools. Julia started to cry but Bianca shouted at her and told her to listen to her because she was her mother. Clarita arrived and asked the help to take Julia away.
She told Bianca to take control of the situation because Marco would find out the truth if she could continue to act crazy. Bianca told Clarita that she must have enjoyed seeing Bianca suffer and Clarita said that she was on her side; otherwise, she would have already told Marco the truth. Bianca asked Clarita what she should do and Clarita asked her to act normal and stop acting crazy, and also to make sure that she had leverage against anyone who knew the truth.
The following day, Bianca took Julia to school and asked to see Camille. Sheryl had decided to tell Camille the truth about Bianca but her phone kept ringing. Camille asked her to take the call but Sheryl said that it could wait. Just before Sheryl talked to Camille, Bianca arrived. Sheryl got a call from her mother again and Camille insisted that she take it.
Sheryl’s mother told her that her husband had been kidnapped and Sheryl panicked. She left without telling Bianca and Camille what was wrong.
Camille told Bianca that it was better not to let Julia go to school and Bianca asked if she was afraid of gossip. Camille said that she was only trying to protect their daughter. Bianca thus told Camille to asked her family to stop entertaining Marco.
Sheryl asked Bianca if she was the one who had kidnapped her husband and begged her to let him go. Bianca mocked her and asked where all her courage had gone. She told Sheryl not tell her Camille anything and then denied having kidnapped her husband.
Camille went to see her parents and asked them not to let Marco visit them because it would not look good to Rafael and his parents.
Bianca had Aris release Sheryl’s husband and when he got home, Sheryl told him all about the deal she had made with Bianca. She told her husband that if anything happened to her, she should give the envelope to Camille.
Marco saw a lawyer and filed a declaration of reappearance so that he could have his marriage to Camille annulled. He then went to see Camille at school to tell her about it. He then asked if he could talk to her so that she could tell him about their life together, how they met, when they got married and how he cheated on her. Camille said that they already told him everything he needed to know and it was not proper for them to be talking of such things alone because they were both married. She tried to leave but Marco caught her arm and begged her to talk to him.

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