Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 438

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 438 Lucas to storm Sto Niño to present what he terms as ‘The Vendetta Massacre of Santo Niño’ to win the masses, The De Leons holds a funeral for Margie Corona

The Vendetta came together at the mining field after getting rid of their enemies. Cardo announced to his comrades most especially General Borja that he finally gained the justice he has been seeking for his father, Pablo De Leon.

Delfin was shocked to hear that Don Emilio was alive all those while. Cardo said he was surprised to see him too as he thought he has k!lled him not knowing his mortal enemy, who has threatened his life ever since he was serving under the CIDG was still breathing and terrorising people.

Oscar was glad that they were able to reach there on time to save the people before they were massacred. Jerome was impressed by their heroic deeds and they left the site to journey home. Charlene and Denise went to the morgue after Margie’s corpse was deposited there.

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They wept bitterly. Speaking with Teddy over the phone on Margie’s sudden deàth which he suspected some foul play, Guzman advised Teddy not to get out of his hideout, otherwise he would risk his life. As Doray and Alyana sat with Domeng thinking about the Vendetta, Aye alerted them about the return of Cardo.

Alyana and Doray met the group to welcome them home. Cardo told Alyana that Don Emilio was the mastermind behind the mining operation which they illegally recruit and terrorise people working for them. Alyana was very surprised to hear that Don Emilio was alive. Cardo told her not to worry because finally he has seen to his tragic end.

Delfin stated that they have made a significant progress because they know where to start looking for Diana Olegario and Bubbles. Homer joined Hipolito in the living room, boasting that his group did a clean job on Margie’s elimination.

Bubbles also went to Diana’s room to talk to her about her fears concerning Hipolito and Homer. She said Hipolito might not believe that Diana had changed. Diana said she knew Hipolito and she would work her way to win his complete trust.

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Bubbles believed Hipolito could also be playing along that he trusted her but Diana told her to trust her, she would know what to do. Charlene went to the police station to hound Amboy to spill out the truth. She queried him whether Lucas paid him to get her sister k!lled. Pantig and Gapuz came there to irritate Charlene.

Pantig first said sorry for her loss and asked her to leave Amboy alone since he has told the truth that he got drunk and loss control over his wheels which caused the accident which her sister met her untimely deàth. Flora called him a liar and warned him not to call her grandma again, they were not related by blood.

Guzman and his colleagues housed two protestors to keep them safe. He later sent Teddy to see Mrs Maurino who Teddy pleaded with her to hel the case which Margie filed. He said both of them knew the counselor was innocent and was sure he was forced to make such a statement. Guzman spotted a police car and he went to back Teddy up. The woman drove Teddy away and refused to help.

The people of Sto Niño wants to help Cardo once more to deliver Diana and Bubbles from the hands of their abductors. Cardo thanked but he said it was time for them to concentrate on their own life to restart their lives afresh. Cardo said they should rebuild their lives and wouldn’t want them to risk their lives anymore.

The people of Santo Niño said their families lost their lives and it was only the cause of Vendetta that kept them alive therefore they would fight along with them. Delfin told them not to say that because not everyone had that second chance to live. Ramil said they should make full use of the second chance to start again and to make right all things which went wrong.

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Caloy told his family how dreadful it was at the mining site. Ambo said the people were treated like trash and seeing them, one would put his or her life to save them. Doray was happy that Cardo was there on time to save Caloy before her husband ended up there. The Vendetta were also glad that none of their members was injured.

They knew it would be bloody meeting with Homer and his Venom group. Lucas was perplexed with how his action had been traced back to him. Brandon had already anticipated that but all the same, he was glad that the obstacle, Margie has been dealt with. He knew they would survive the rumours. Guzman told his colleagues that they needed to be vigilant especially with what had happened to Margie.

They planned to watch out for Lucas’ next action. Chikoy said Flora could be Lucas’ next target. Wally was sad that Lucas could go an extent to stage an accident just to save the skin of Brandon. Flora said they should not be afraid and stand on their grounds to face the Cabreras. Denise and Charlene were no longer scared of the Cabreras.

Flora was impressed and urged them to eschew fears but they have to be careful in what they do. Elmo said there was a possibility that they were the Cabreras next target. Delfin told Cardo that he has accomplished a lot for k!lling Don Emilio to put an end to his wicked atrocities. Delfin said there was much war ahead. Cardo had no doubt that the biggest battle was the one they were going to face with Homer.

Teddy began to cook violence by writing articles to bring the unheard stories connecting to Margie’s deàth amidst protests while the former CIDGs also made their armours ready for battle. The Vendetta joined their Samaritans to eat.

While Mark was worried that helping Teddy might put them in trouble, JP enthusiastically told his father that the article would propel his followers to stand again to fight against the president. He knew they had been waiting for his next articles.

Virgie was against it since that would turn the Cabreras attention to them to track them. Teddy said that was the only way to help Margie and even if he had to sacrifice his life, he knew there was someone who would take over his mantle.

Damien brought a bad news to Lucas. They have k!lled Margie but they have attracted another enemy, Teddy Arevalo. He read the article and made Brandon to track Teddy from his hideout. Wally asked about the case Margie, whether it would be dismissed. Flora said according to the attorney, they could carry on with the case.

Elmo asked how it would be possible since they did not have evidence. He suggested they speak to the Counselor who had claimed to be the reason for the deàth of Dimaguiba. Yolly said Counselor Maurino might not retract his statement  and the crime was only witnessed by Margie. Flora was sure that someone else might have seen it so she would pursue the case.

The Vendetta also saw that as a perfect time to save Diana Olegario and Bubbles because their days were numbered. Lucas was also planning to go to Santo Niño to turn the news there to his favour. He planned to go with the media so he ordered Damien to prepare the media for him to pin the deaths of the cruel mining bodyguards and their employer Señor Gustavo and called the act as “The Vendetta Massacre of Santo Niño.”

Brandon hooked Damien when the latter refused to tell him about his father’s plan but Damien is compelled to say that Lucas did not want Brandon to be involved in the issues in Santo Niño. After receiving a call from Lucas, Hipolito announced to Homer and their two ladies when they were dinning that Lucas was leaving for Santo Niño to check on what was happening.

Diana said the Vendetta might not be there because they did not stay in one particular place for long.

“I know you’re protecting the Vendetta but I will play along,” Hipolito hissed in his head.

Homer then asked Diana where the Vendetta could settle. Cardo, on the other hand, believed Homer has already head the massacre in Santo Niño and said the group had to leave the place right away because the group and their leaders might be planning an attack.

Delfin said they have to be careful because there was a bounty on the head of each one of them. Ramil said he believed Lucas would use all of his resources to hunt them down. The De Leons held a wake for Margie. Flora knew the best wish of Margie was to keep her sister and niece safe and she promised to take care of them.

Elsewhere, Pantig and Gapuz were also plotting against Charlene and Denise as well as Flora and were seeking means to do it. They were contemplating on how they would Flora’s deàth look like whether a staged accident like Margie’s own. Watching the news on Margie’s wake, Teddy was sad hearing that the key witness to Adonis’ deàth was going to be cremated.

He showed Virgie the protestors who were supporting Margie during her funeral. Brandon questioned his father why he did not want him to know what he was doing. Lucas ordered him to concentrate on his Foundation on Vendetta to use it to clear his name while he also takes care of other things to ensure the case against him was junked.

He told him not to concentrate on proving himself to him, all that he wanted was for him to listen to him and to obey what he says.

Cardo told his group that where they have reached, they would not back out, though the task ahead was big but he wanted his people to renew their strength and to be extremely careful while they embarked on their new mission to set Bubbles and Diana free.

He said the mission was to also overthrow Lucas Cabrera’s administration to install their president Oscar.


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