Trump sells television, other campaign equipments to make up for his loss in the US elections

Trump sells television, other campaign equipments to make up for his loss in the US elections

Trump sells television, other campaign equipments to make up for his loss in the US elections

The campaign team of President Donald  Trump has begun selling off televisions and other items, as they claimed the United States of America (USA) Supreme Court has “chickened out” the demands of the president to overturn Joe Biden’s victory.

Although Biden was declared the winner of the presidential election which was held last month in USA, president Trump has since not conceded defeat, with explanation that there were widespread voter fraud and would not accept the verdict.

President Trump and his Republican allies have had more than 50 legal challenges dismissed over the last month, while the US Supreme Court rejected an effort from his team in several states on Friday, which attempted to set aside 62 electoral votes in four battleground states.

Despite the campaign’s so far fruitless efforts to overturn the election results, The Daily Beast reported on Sunday that its headquarters in Virginia is virtually empty.

A majority of the campaign’s signs, desks and memorabilia had been thrown out, while television sets that were mounted on the walls have started being sold off for extra funds.

The belongings of staff members were also being cleared out, amount of people in the office was emptying.

A source within the campaign said “it’s a ghost town now, with people waiting for the end.”

The downsizing of the campaign’s offices began last month, when the voter fraud “hotline” was shut down after it mainly received prank calls and violent threats.

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Jason Miller, a senior Trump adviser on the campaign, told The Daily Beast that the descriptions of the headquarters were nothing more than a “stupid observation.”

“Election Day was November 3, 2020 we are now in mid-December. The campaigns are winding down. For example, Joe Biden’s headquarters is no longer packed with ballot harvesters,” Mr Miller added in reference to claims of voter fraud.

Mr Trump and his campaign are still continuing to contest the election, and on Sunday the president tweeted: “We will never give up!” after the Supreme Court declined to hear a Texas lawsuit that was attempting to overturn the election results.

Last week, the Supreme Court, which has a Conservative 6-3 majority, declined to hear the lawsuit that was led by Texas attorney general Ken Paxton.

The lawsuit attempted to get the lawmakers in the Republican-led states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to decide their own electors, instead of submitting the Democratic wins that were voted on by their residents.

Tweeting about the decision, Mr Trump claimed: “The fact that the Supreme Court wouldn’t find standing in an original jurisdiction matter between multiple states, and including the President of the States, is absurd.”

“It is enumerated in the Constitution. They just ‘chickened out’ and didn’t want to rule on the merits of the case. So bad for our Country!” he added.

The Trump campaign is running out of options to contest the election, as the Electoral College electors were meeting on Monday to submit their ballots and confirm Mr Biden as the next president of the United States.


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