It's utter foolishness for sentencing Poloo over nude pictures--- Leila Djansi
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It’s utter foolishness for sentencing Poloo over nude pictures— Leila Djansi

It’s utter foolishness for sentencing Poloo over nude pictures— Leila Djansi

Ghanaian UK-based movie producer, Leila Djansi has described Ghana as a stupid hypocritical country after social media sensation, Akuapem Poloo slapped with a 90-day imprisonment.

The controversial actress who on Friday received a custodial sentence after pleading guilty for posting obscene pictures together with her son by an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Christiana Cann was said by many to have received a harsh sentence for a first time crime.

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Even though the actress was convicted by her own plea, Ms Djansi opposed the  verdict, saying the laws of the country favoured only the rich and powerful while the poor and the powerless always suffer from the laws.

She said the laws have made women vulnerable and always backed the men even for wrong deeds.

Ghana is a stupid hypocritical country! There was a video of a minister of state in his PJs having lewd conversations with his girlfriend. Y’all jailed him? Called for him to resign for being lewd and a bad example? Let me clarify for those who have no idea how meta text works. Since y’all are so morally upright, why is a whole minister of state, a public figure, a role model still at post after he was leaked cheating on his wife with a girlfriend? Or morality doesn’t extend towards that direction??

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Ms Djansi noted that women in the country over 100 years ago were roaming without dress with some moving around completely naked due to tradition and culture.

“Same Ghana that barely 100 years ago, women walked about with breasts flapping in the wind. Same Ghana that did nothing to protect girls from depraved dipo rites.”

“It took white people for trokosi to be abolished in Ghana. The fiashidi girls and women walked about naked! Sell good half-naked in the markets!

I bought abolo from an old trokosi in Dzodze when I visited Ghana in December! Y’all goin jail her for indecent exposure in a public place????” She queried.

Always existing on some warped moral high ground.

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Ms Djansi however called for review of the laws in order to make men and women suffer the consequences of their actions without merit or favour.

“You hand a 90-day sentence to a lady for a nude shoot with her own son? Same son that came out of her veejay? Would it be ok if she’d been breastfeeding him?

“Whatever happened to community service or some probation? This is utter foolishness. That a woman handed out this sentence infuriates me the more. It’s always women placing gag orders on their kind.

Ghana always has a way of silencing women they consider “loud”.
Had this been a man, it would have been ok. Men have done worse on social media in that country and gotten away with it!,” She added.


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