Now and Forever Episode 46

Now and Forever Episode 46 Rebecca and Eva trap Stella and Roxanne 

Hernan went to see Oliver and asked that they talk and reconcile but Oliver walked away.
Roxanne texted Rebecca to say that she was on her way home so Rebecca asked Eva to leave since Roxanne could not find out that they already knew the truth.

She asked Eva not to tell anyone but Eva said she wanted to tell her parents. Rebecca agreed for her to tell them. She however said she had to get Eva out of the country since she would be in danger if Stella found out that they knew the truth.

She asked Eva to get her passports and those of her family ready so that they would leave the country. She said she would join her once she made Stella pay for what she had done to them.

Eva asked Rebecca what would happen with Inno and she said it would be better for her to avoid him since he was Stella’s son.

Inno texted Eva later to ask if she got home but she did not answer. He talked to Hernan about Oliver and told him that they had a fight.

Hernan said it was not good for them to be fighting and asked Inno to be patient with Oliver so that he comes back to be with the family.

When Eva got home, she told Rosa and Abel about what she found out. Rosa was sad since she was not ready to let Eva go.

Eva told them that Rebecca wanted all of them to leave the country. Abel and Rosa were surprised but they agreed in order to keep Eva safe. Rosa also thought it would be better for her to avoid Inno.

Inno texted Eva the following day and asked why she did not answer his texts. Eva said she fell asleep when she got home. He asked to take her out for lunch but Eva declined.

He asked if he could call but Eva said she was in a meeting and all her responses left him puzzled.

Oliver went to see Eva at her office and apologised for what happened at San Nicholas. He offered her a bouquet of drawing pencils but Eva asked him to apologise to Inno instead.

Rebecca met with the Cortes for the announcement of the DNA test results and she arrived wearing the Nostalgia which made Carmen mad.

The results turned out to be positive and Alfred said they could now proceed to transfer the Cortes wealth to Roxanne.

Carmen could not accept it and she accused Rebecca of manipulating the results. She tried to insult Rebecca by calling her a whore for dating many men while in Macau and Rebecca did not deny it.

She however said that she did not kill people unlike they did. Rebecca got up to leave and Hernan followed her to apologise for what Carmen said.

Rebecca told Hernan that she loved Rodrigo and touched his arm. Stella interrupted them, took Rebecca’s arm away from Hernan and told her to leave.

Roxanne went to see Inno at his office and told her the good news that she was a Cortes. She added that they could still date since they were not blood related and invited him out to celebrate with her.

Inno told her to leave him alone and texted Hernan to ask him how Carmen and Stella had taken the news.

Stella met with Alfred and asked him to speed up transferring the assets to Roxanne. Alfred said it would be fine since Rebecca now trusted him but Stella told him not to be so confident.

Oliver returned to Eva’s office to check on her designs. He saw that she was applying for a passport. He asked her if she was planning to travel and she said that she needed the documents just in case something came up.

Inno went to see Eva at Saavedra and asked if she was avoiding him since she was different ever since they returned from San Nicholas.

He asked if he had done something wrong but Eva told him that she just needed some space. She got into an elevator and left.


When Eva arrived home, she talked to Rebecca about their plans to leave. Eva also noticed that there was a man lurking at Gintong Pagasa and he was not the same man that Rebecca sent to take care of her. Rebecca told her to be careful.

The next morning, Stella prepared breakfast and made Hernan and Inno believed that she had finally accepted losing their fortune.

She asked Inno about Oliver and Eva, which took everyone by surprise. Stella said she just wanted their family to be together again.

Roxanne tried to call her grandfather but he did not answer her calls. Rebecca went to her room to give her the necklace back but Roxanne told her to keep it.

Rebecca insisted that Roxanne wear it since it was a special memory of Rodrigo.
When Eva arrived at the office, she received endless texts from Inno but she did not answer them.

Mariel came to update her on the plans for her to leave the country. She said that Eva would leave first then her family would follow. Oliver walked in on them and asked where Eva was going to.

Mariel was quick and made up a story that she was planning a trip to London and wanted him and Eva to go with her.

She therefore asked Oliver to prepare his papers as well. Oliver was delighted with the news and left to prepare them immediately. Mariel told Eva not to worry and she would take care of Oliver.


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