Betrayal (Halik) Episode 2

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 2 Lino and Jacky cross part at the Furniture Expo. Will their l^ve rekindle? 

“I don’t know you Miss but I know those tears! You are crying out from broken heart.”

It turned out that the lady who Ace was lasting over was Jade, Lino’s wife. She arrived home to meet Lino sleeping on the bed. After she changed to her nightwear, Lino made advances towards her but she turned him down.

She lied to him that she went to meet some business partners and was tired. She also told him that her boss wanted her to travel to Singapore. Lino asked whether it was a new contract and she said she did not know much but she told her boss that she was thinking about it.  Lino told her about him supporting his mother and uncle to pay some bills hence did not have much.

Jade said it was not the fact that she did not want him not to help his people but he had to an urgent needs first. She then took a towel to go and wash down.

At the office, Jacky was busy putting things in order but Ace asked her to calm down as she was sounding like her father, Montefalco.

Lino also at his furniture shop was busy and tirelessly working to gain name in the industry.

Ivy, the secretary of Jacky, knowing Ace’s weakness acts seductively towards him. As she gives Jacky documents to sign she also used the opportunity to tease Ace seductively.

Jacky gain a contract and she told her father about it but Mauro asked: “Where are we supposed to get the money from?”

Jacky pleaded with Mr Montefalco to consider the opportunity they have gained and invest into it.

“Ace I am expecting you to be a man enough to alert your wife when she is making a mistake,” Mr Montefalco added.

Loida warned Jacky against Ivy as she realised the game she was playing with Ace. Jacky said sorry to her mother, saying it was not that she did not believe her but she trusted Ace.

She descended down to do a registration. She came to meet a cue and as destiny would have it Lino was in the same cue. Her documents fell and when she was picking them she saw Lino but was not sure whether it was him.

After she was attended to she was asked to sit and wait. She heard a voice which sounded like Lino so she looked on.

Lino was speaking with his mother and asked her to give the phone to magi, his kid sister.
As Jacky joined her mother in the car she saw Lino having a conversation with someone and watched him without stopping.

Loida realised that something has captured the attention of Jacky so she asked her what was wrong and she said it was nothing.

Ace kept on with his infidelity act, he was seriously exploiting the body of Ivy. She complemented his performance and was hard for them to say goodbye to eachother.

Ace said he would have to go away for four days and said he was going to miss her.
Jacky discovered something in Ace’s drawer. It was telephone and got upset when she saw a brand-new phone box which there was charger and earpiece inside.

She heard the horn of Ace’s car and descended down the steps to meet him. Ace opened the main gate as he was approaching, Jacky turned still holding the box, looking for the right moment to confront Ace.

When Ace arrived home and saw Jacky not welcoming him. He got closer to her asked Jacky what was wrong Jacky hid the spare phone.

He said sorry to her for being late since he was attending to business matters. He told Jacky that he was going to prepare her favourite sandwich for her.

Ace noticed Jacky’s change in attitude and tried to fish out what she was holding against him.

After enjoying the moment with his friend and talking about how famous he had now become, Lino saw Jade going. He called her and Jade who has always not be satisfied with her husband told him that she was going to Singapore.

He asked why she took that decision, she said it was better that way since she needed space and privacy.

Jade advised Inno to get a new place for them. She admitted that Lino was good at what he does especially with his furniture designs.

Lino felt shattered and he hit his hands on the walls and got his hand injured as he did not want to get separated from his family.

As Lino was in the hospital with his friend the doctor told them that Bartolome had a fracture and expressed the need for them to do an x-ray to find out if there was broken bone. The doctor suggested that they had to cut his ring off.

Ace served Jacky with juice and kept asking her if there was a problem but she said there was no problem and she was okay.

In the hospital, Lino and his friends were talking and Lino could not stop himself from talking about Jade and the problems he was facing with her.

The doctor walked in with a scissors to cut off the ring to facilitate the process for his treatment.

Ace tried to make up with Jacky and ki$$ed her, Jacky still showed him an attitude. He told Jacky that he was going to have his bath. He then had a call, he quickly removed the phone from his pocket in order not for Jacky to realise but Jacky heard his phone ringing.

She doubted Ace as she had thought Ace was using just a phone. One of Ace’s phone was on the table so Jacky went for it. Ace told Ivory that he was busy in the house and he would talk to her later. He then received some bedroom pictures from another girl.

Jacky saw that the phone of Ace which was close to her was not the phone which rang so her suspicion about her husband grew wild.

She tried to eavesdrop but Ace had already finished talking with his concubine and was watching the pictures he received.

Lino reached home, when his mother saw his wound she got worried and asked him what had happened to him but he insisted that it was a minor injury so she should not think much about it.

Suspecting that her husband was up to no good, Jacky stood up from bed leaving Ace who was sleeping on the bed. She decided to check Ace trousers and bag, she found the spare phone.

She switched the phone on since the phone was locked, she held Ace finger to tap the phone to unlock it and she was able to access it.

After seeing the pictures she screamed: “How dare you?” she hit Ace quite number of times and Ace who was sleeping woke up.

Ace asked what was wrong with her and she showed her the pictures but Ace denied owning the phone. Jacky did not believe him. Jacky slapped Ace for telling her lies and denying his extra affair.

“I am not buying this, you are a liar,” she took her luggage and left the house. Ace did not know what to do, the player’s game was backfiring on him.

Lino tried reaching Jade during the night but could not reach her so he slept alone.
Jacky was disturbed when she went to the office the next day. Two of her assistants advised her not to give up on his marriage.

They asked her how they might help her she later informed them that she was taking a business trip to Bali to participate in the furniture expo.

She went at the station and Lino also talked with his friend that he was going to Bali. He went to sit at the back of Jacky but none saw the other. As she inserted her earpiece, Jacky remembered the good times she had with Lino during childhood days.

They took the flight and reached Bali, Jacky spectacles fell and Lino took it trying to give to her but her car left.

Lino joined different car and showed the driver where he was going. They both arrived and checked in their respective hotel rooms.

As Jacky saw the bed she began thinking because the bed was reserved for Mr and Mrs Corpus (she and her husband). She then saw the card which welcomed her and her husband.

She torn it apart and scattered things. The sound she was making got Lino’s attention. Lino was in the next room and was closer to Jacky’s room.

She cried uncontrollably and Lino also felt sad wishing things would be right for the person and also him and his spouse.

“I don’t know you Miss but I know those tears! You are crying out from broken heart,” Lino stated while leaning on the wall, listening to a neighbour’s cry.


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