Now and Forever Episode 53

Now and Forever Episode 53 Inno attempts to kill himself over break up with Eva…Stella found guilty and she is to serve 6years imprisonment

Eva and Abel went home after transferring the Cortes inheritance to charity. When they arrived, Adessa was running and screaming so Rosa was going after her.

Abel took Adessa back to the house and Rosa told Eva that they had to get her treated once they went abroad.

Eva went to see Inno later at their dream workshop. He was excited to see her and gave her a necklace that they had made together.

Eva did not want to accept it but Inno put it in her bag. Eva reminded Inno that she was leaving and Inno said he already knew about it since he was going to follow her.

Eva told him that he would not follow her, saying they had to end their relationship. She felt guilty since they kept hurting their families by choosing each other.

Inno said he had always defended her against his family and asked if he had done wrong to love her. Eva told him that it was better for him to be with someone else stressing the two of them would never be happy.

When she left, Inno tried to go after her and convinced her to stay but Eva still left.
Eva left for the States with her family, Mariel and Rebecca. Stella was found guilty of her crime and sentenced to six years in prison.

Inno wanted to jump over a bridge after Eva left but he ended up getting robbed instead.
A year later, Inno was living in a small house with Carmen. He made a living by making glass accessories with Roxanne and Mr Batong’s help.

Carmen did not like the poor conditions, she complained endlessly about the food, the heat, and said that she felt like a hermit. She wanted Inno to get a better job since they still had connections but Inno preferred glass blowing.

Inno was still bitter about Eva leaving him and did not want to see a plastic bottle in sight. He was grumpy and failed to make sales with his pieces because his selling price was too high. Roxanne negotiated on his behalf instead.

Eva was now active in the jewellery business alongside Mariel. She lived with her family in the states but they were still wary of Stella so they took extra caution while moving around.

Eva and Mariel had a meeting with a big brand jewellery company and Eva wore the necklace that Inno gave her. Betsy, the designer loved the piece and asked Eva if she was the one who made it.

Eva said she did it with the help of her friend Inno. Betsy requested to collaborate with Saavedra to market the pieces and told Eva to talk to his friend so that they could make more pieces.

Mariel agreed but Eva was worried because Inno might not agree. Mariel apologised to Eva but said backing out of the deal was not an option. She promised to get Inno’s consent to sell the jewellery to prevent Eva from having to contact him.

Adessa had still not recovered and after she saw the name “Daniel” on a pizza box, she said she needed to see Daniel and talk to him.
Oliver was working as a marketer and did not have any contact with his family.

Instead, he sent Eva numerous messages that she never replied to. He assured her that they were still friends and Eva finally replied back saying she considered him a friend too. She also asked that he should understand why she never replied to him.

Eva tried looking up Inno online but she could not find his account. She figured that he had blocked her and asked herself why she was still searching for him. She wondered how he was doing and hoped that he was happy.


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