The Better Half— Episode 1

The Better Half— Episode 1

Bianca hides Marco and makes him her husband

The story focuses around two women, Camille and Bianca. Bianca is Marco’s childhood friend, and she is secretly in love with him.

Bianca who is in love with Marco begs him to marry her but Marco’s heart is only for Camille. After Marco marries Camille, he flies to Dubai as an overseas worker. Unfortunately, his fortune was turned around, the plane crashed with no survivors.

Bianca’s obsession for Marco made her act in a manner which is unpredictable although many people who heard the news believed there was no survivors but Bianca cling to her faith that Marco was still alive.

She searched diligently for Marco  and she eventually finds him stranded in an island. Marco suffers from amnesia but he remembers Bianca from his childhood. Bianca decides to use his amnesia and builds an intricate lie to him about his life: she tells him that she is his wife and they live together as husband and wife.

But for Camille her life had come to an end since the love of her life has been crashed through an accident. She becomes so depressed and inconsolable about her husband’s supposed death.

Marco had been Camille’s perfect man. Camille and Marco had lived a simple, peaceful life before the accident torn their love apart.

The love birds have something makes them enjoy life together, Marco’s passion was to fish and Camile was to teach a nd preschool teacher. In her depression, Camille tries to commit suicide but she is saved by Rafael, an onlooker.

Rafael owns a foundation and even though his first encounter with Camille was disturbing, he helps Camille by taking her to a hospital for treatment. Rafael and Camille fight a lot from the beginning, but they seem to grow into each other and end up getting along very well. Rafael had also lost his girl Veronica who had committed suicide thus his obsession to help Camille.

Bianca comes from a very rich family. She is a woman with a tragic past of sexual abuse at the hands of her uncle, who had taken advantage of her repeatedly. As a result, Bianca suffers from many mental disorders like Bipolar and Schizophrenia among others. Now, she lives a simple yet very extravagant life in a private beach she owns with Marco.

Bianca doesn’t allow anyone to take pictures in her private beach. She imitates Camille’s lifestyle, even to the extent of teaching kids like Camille used to just to get Marco to forget about his wife. Despite Bianca’s efforts to keep Marco to herself, Marco’s memories are slowly coming back.

Bianca’s uncle pays her a visit and catches her hiding Marco away from the rest of the world. He makes advances and tries to take advantage of her sexually. In an attempt to save herself from her uncle and to prevent him from exposing her, Bianca bats him on the head, killing him.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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