The Better Half--- Episode 2

The Better Half— Episode 2

The Better Half— Episode 2

Rafael and Camille engaged in a conversation, since Rafael knew Camille is interested in teaching he asks her whether she misses teaching, Camille admitted and he encouraged her to look for a teaching job.

Camille thanked him for all his help. Meanwhile at the private beach, Bianca prevents Marco from digging up a fish pond at their backyard.

Marco complains that he wants to leave the island so he could stand a better chance at recovering his memories.

Bianca comes up with the excuse of not wanting to go back to Manila because she didn’t want to see her mother, and Marco suggests that she should work things up with her.

Camille goes out job hunting and finds a teaching job. She meets a long lost friend there. Camille goes back to the foundation, hugging everyone happily, even Rafael. A worker at the foundation, who goes by the name Karen, teases Rafael when she notices that Rafael is starting to fall for Camille, on account of his reactions. Rafael invites Camille to join him in a hiking trip he is planning and Camille gladly accepts the offer.

Later on, Rafael goes jogging with Camille to prepare for their hiking trip, and Camille takes the opportunity to tell Rafael about Marco. When Rafael questions whether Marco had really loved her as much as she loved him, Camille goes on to tell him about how Marco had saved her and her brother Julio from some men who had been harassing them. Marco had gotten stabbed in the altercation and Camille had taken him home to treat his wound. Camille’s parents, Nadia and Edgar, were amazed at Marco’s bravery and when they asked how they could repay him for his kindess, Marco had asked to date Camille, their daughter.

Camille goes on the hiking trip with Rafael and some other friends. She breaks down since the next day would be the first anniversary of Marco’s death. Rafael consoles her. The next day, Camille flashes back to how her life had been with Marco, the problems they had had and how broken she had been when she heard about Marco’s death. The rescue team had told her that they hadn’t been able to recover any survivors from the accident, and Camille had walked all the way to Manila and had been saved by Rafael when she had tried to put herself out of her misery. Rafael then tells Camille that it is time she let go, and Camille starts screaming to the hills, saying that she is letting go of her past and all her sorrow. Camille feels pretty great now. On their way back from the hiking trip, Camille sprains her ankle and Rafael carries her on his back to the cheers of her friends.

A flashback is shown of how Bianca had gone in search of Marco and how she had payed off a couple who had rescued Marco from the deep waters and taken Marco along with her. Bianca is still acting hysterical, even as Alfredo, her dad comes over to see her and asks about, Juancho, her uncle. Bianca tells him that Juancho had never reached the beach house (even though she knows she had killed him.) Marco shows up and and Alfredo is shocked that he’s still alive. He plays it cool and as soon as Marco leaves he scolds his daughter for keeping Marco to herself when everyone thinks that he’s dead.

Alfredo tries calling Camille to tell her about Marco still being alive and Bianca pleads with him not to.

Bianca grabs a club, tries to hit it on her father’s head but when he turns back to her he asks why she doesn’t want Camille to know the truth.

Bianca then explains her obsession, saying she is in love with Marco.

She remembered how Marco had saved her from her uncle while they were still kids, how he had taken care of her, only for them to part ways and for him to go and marry another woman even after she had pleaded with him to marry her instead.

Bianca tells her father that Marco is hers now, and there’s no way she’ll ever let him go. Alfredo thinks it’s insanity and suggests that she sees a psychiatrist but Bianca threatens to kill herself if her father ever tells Camille or anyone about the existence of Marco.

Alfredo allowed Bianca to be but warns her that she will be hurt if Marco ever recovers his memory.

When the newspaper arrived the next day, Bianca ripped out a page about Juancho, her uncle who had been declared missing for over a year.

Bianca is upset that her uncle had still not been pronounced dead. Marco notices the missing page and tries calling the newspaper but Bianca manages to divert his attention.

Meanwhile, Rafael and Camille friendly relationship were also going on well. Rafael told Camille about an upcoming  birthday party of his mother, Camille agrees to go as Rafael’s date.

Rafael then picks up Camille in her breathtaking rosy dress to the party.


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