The Better Half— Episode 19

The Better Half— Episode 19 Marco Mistakes Camille for Bianca

The family if Julio; Camille, Susan and Edgar as part of lessons to make Julio realised that it was wrong for him to to walk out on them when he was told it was not an appropriate time to return to Manila ignored him.

They cracked jokes, played around and dined together that evening while they left Julio all by himself. This saddened Julio’s heart and got more upset.

He asked why they were all ignoring him and Camille told him that they were trying to show him how they felt when he earlier ignored them.

Julio realised that they also felt hurt so he apologised to Camille and Rafael.

Camille clarified that he would still not let him return to Manila and he had to understand that. Julio agreed to wait until the problem was solved.

Edgar had a drinking spree with his friends and they tried to make Rafael join them but Rafael did not drink.

Camille said that she would drink instead if Rafael gave her the go ahead to let her drink.

Camille got drunk and Rafael took care of her when she puked. She insisted that she was not drunk and wanted to go back to the table but Rafael asked her to rest for a while. She was feeling tipsy.

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She almost fell asleep so Rafael tried to carry her back to the house but Camille opened her eyes and looked at Rafael.

She uttered Marco’s name and Rafael froze. Camille continued on to say that she had mourned for Marco long enough and she now loved Rafael.

The Better Half--- Episode 19
Camille calls Rafael Marco

Camille calls Rafael Marco

She told him that she loved him over and over again and Rafael hugged her.

The following day, Bianca, Marco and julia were at the mall when they saw Camille and Rafael.

Camille had a new hair do and Julia said that it was really pretty. She asked Marco what he thought about it and he agreed that she looked pretty.

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Rafael and Camille were joined by Julio, Edgar and Susan, Julia said that she wanted to go and greet Camille but Bianca stopped her and said it was not good to interrupt Camille’s family time.

When Camille and Rafael got home, they found a gift from Bianca. Camille was not happy with it but she still called Bianca to ask her why she sent it. Bianca said that she wanted to establish a friendship with her but Camille did not believe it.

Julia picked out some flowers with Marco’s help and gave them to Camille when she went to school.

Julia could not stop talking about how pretty Camille’s hair looked so Bianca got jealous and decided to style her hair in similar fashion as Camille.

Bianca was late picking up Julia and Camille was surprised to see her new hair.

Bianca said that Camille had inspired her to change her hair and Julia could not stop talking about it too.

She dared to say that hers looked better but Camille said that the original was always the best.

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Bianca continued to impose her friendship by asking Camille and Sheryl to lunch but they both refused. Camille and Sheryl already had a plan to go shopping at the mall to buy some school supplies.

Bianca followed them to the mall and helped them shop but soon left since both Camille and Sheryl did not want her help.

Bianca met Romina and was upset that Camille did not want to be her friend.

Camille says she can’t be the friend of Bianca

She said that she wanted to befriend them so that she would know if they tried to learn the truth about Marco.

Romina asked her to stop being paranoid and said that she no longer wanted anything to do with Bianca.

Bianca was late in picking up Julia from school and she heard Camille and Sheryl planning on making some new recipes the following day.

Julia asked if she and Bianca could join them and Bianca arrived in time to hear it.

Julia told her the plan and Bianca invited herself, bragging about her impeccable cooking skills.

Bianca did not go with Julia to Camille’s house. She pretended to get along with both Camille and Sheryl and said that Julia could not come because she was sick.

Camille asked if she could let Julia go on vacation with her grandparents during the school break so that they could tell Marco the truth.

Bianca smiled and said that she would think about it.

Marco was about to deliver his furniture pieces when his worker told him that the place was near Rafael’s house.

They passed by there and Marco saw Bianca with Rafael. They were waiting for Camille to bring some food that Bianca had packed for her family.

Marco got out of his car, took Bianca’s hand and told her to get into the car then left.

When they got home, Marco asked Bianca if she was having an affair with Rafael and she explained that she had been cooking with Camille. She even called her so that Marco could understand her.

Marco was embarrassed by his behaviour and called Rafael over to his furniture shop to apologise for the misunderstanding.

There was a student-parent day at Julia’s school so Bianca went with Marco and Julia to buy a dress.

Bianca took long to choose one so Marco offered to choose it for her.

Bianca saw the mayor’s secretary and she told him that her husband was choosing a dress for her.

Camille received an anonymous gift with the same dress as the one Bianca bought.

The note thanked her for taking care of their children and asked her to wear the dress on the student-parent day.

The following day at school, Bianca went inside with Julia and left Marco behind to answer a call.

When Marco went inside, he approached Camille and hugged her, thinking that it was Bianca.

Camille jumped and Marco was startled to see that it was Camille.

Marco Mistakes Camille for Bianca

He apologised to her and said it was a mistake because she looked like Bianca. Julia also said that they looked like twins.

Camille had another dress and went to change. Bianca followed to accuse her of trying to steal Marco by dressing up like her and even pushed her.

Bianca accuses Camille

Camille told her that she was the one who had been trying to copy her. Camille told Bianca to stop trying to be friends with her because she was only trying to stop her from telling Marco the truth but she would do it irregardless so that they could put an end to what was happening.

Marco apologised to Rafael for his mistake and tried to joke about it by saying that it was good he did not think of kissing her.

Rafael took offense, got serious and told him not to talk abut things like that.


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