The Better Half— Episode 12

The Better Half— Episode 12 Camille confronted Bianca for snatching her husband while Rafael demonstrates his love for Camille

Marco was unhappy about Bianca’s behaviour after seeing him and Julia. He thought surprising Bianca at the contract signing ceremony would gladdened her heart  but “No” his thought was wrong! He questioned Bianca whether she was not glad to meet them.

Bianca was demanding for an immediate departure to US so Marco was trying to figure out the reasons to her behaviour.

“Why are we leaving in a hurry,” he asks.

He took offence in Bianca’s reaction to his surprise and refused to return to the USA. Bianca tried to make him see the need for them to leave Philippines.

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“I will tell you about it once we leave for the state,” she voiced out.

Marco then told Bianca that he had to go get the luggage and went back into the hotel.

Camille stunned by what she saw she cried uncontrollably, Rafael comforted her and pampered her just to console her to overcome her pain but she kept crying.

In a quest to entertain her to forget her sorrows, he sent Camille to a photo session together with the family for a Photoshoot yet Camille could not hold back her tears.

Surprised to see her cry, the photographer asked if she was okay. Camille ran off from there. Rafael went after her to stop but Camille told him that she had to find Marco and started to ask the guards if they had seen him.

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She saw Marco with the luggage and ran after him but when she got outside, Marco was already in his car and drove off.

Camille asked Rafael to call Bianca but she refused to answer and rejected the call.

Luicito and Helen rushed outside to see what was happening but Rafael told them that everything was fine.

Rafael sent Camille home and pleaded with her to wait until the following day so that they could look for Marco and Bianca.

When  they got home, Camille could not help but talk about Marco the entire evening this triggered a bad emotional response from Rafael, he became so upset to him Camille behaved as if he was not man enough for her. He got jealous.

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Suddenly, he stood off from the bed and said he was going to look for Bianca and Marco since Camille was impatient to see Marco could not wait until the next day.

On the road, Rafael could not concentrate, Camille action strikes him he was afraid to lose Camille now that Marco has appeared from nowhere.

He lost control and the car almost got into an accident but he was able to stop the gears in time.

At home, Camille had a second thought over her actions and finally realised that she was being unfair to Rafael. She called Rafael as she sensed danger approaching and asked him to go home.

When he arrived, Camille apologised! She said she was sorry for failing to consider his feelings.

Nerves got calmed, Rafael  also said sorry. He told Camille that he was just confused since he did not know where he stood with her.

Camille encouraged him to stand by her side, considering the fact that they were couple and should deal with the issue together.

Bianca called the doctor who had erased Marco’s memory and asked if he could remember his memories.

The doctor said it was possible for Marco to regain his memories but she no longer wanted to be involved with them. Bianca however swore that she would never let Marco get back together with Camille.

Time runs quickly and it was already morning, Marco wanted Julia to meet her grandparents so she told Bianca to make them meet her family but Bianca said  her parents would visit themselves.

They met at a cafe and had a meal as  Julia regaled everyone with her knowledge of Filipino. Clarita asked Bianca not to go back to the States before her father’s birthday and Bianca could not refuse because Marco would get suspicious.

Rafael managed to get to Bianca’s hotel from her office since she refused to answer his calls and went to see her. The receptionist at the hotel told him that Bianca was at the cafe with her guests and Rafael went to see her.

Bianca saw him before anyone did and went to talk to him.

Bianca ushered Rafael away and said that he did not want him to disturb her family. Rafael asked her about Marco and she told him that she only realised that Camille and Marco were connected the previous evening after she saw Camille’s reaction.

She said that Marco had a mistress before but he could not remember anything because he had amnesia.

Rafael was still confused so he said that the four of them should meet to clarify the situation.

Rafael went to see his friend, a priest to tell him what was going on and he advised Rafael to seek legal council as early as possible to save his marriage with Camille.

When Rafael got home, he told Camille about his encounter with Bianca and they agreed to meet the following day.

Bianca told Marco that they needed to go back to the US. She explained that their life was there but Marco disagreed, he said he wanted to stay in Philippines permanently to practice engineering.

The next day, Bianca organised an outing with her parent, Marco and Julia. She said that she would join them later since she had a meeting with the Cabreras.

Marco offered to go with her but she refused, saying it would not take long.

Camille and Rafael waited for Bianca and Marco patiently at a restaurant. Rafael went to the bathroom, immediately he went Bianca arrived.

The Better Half--- Episode 12

She told Camille that Marco would not join them because he was with their daughter. She explained to Camille that she was Marco’s wife and they had been together ever since they were children.

She added that Marco got amnesia after getting into a car accident after they fought because of his mistress.

Camille said that she was not Marco’s mistress Rafael came back to find tension around the table built up.

He asked Camille why Marco did not come and Bianca said that Marco would not help because he had amnesia so she would answer all their questions.

Bianca continued to spin the tale about how Marco had been her boyfriend even during the time he was courting Camille in college and that she had constantly gone to visit him during the weekends.

She added that he proposed to her but he started to grow distant after sometime because of another woman.

He went to see her in Cebu and the two of them had a fight, which was when he got into a car accident.

Camille did not believe her so Bianca resulted to insulting her for being a mistress and wanting to have another man with her even when she was already married.

Camille said that she only wanted to know the truth and Rafael asked Bianca to stop insulting his wife as her intention was not to get back with Marco.

He turned to Camille to ask if he was right that she just wanted to find the truth that surrounds Marco’s sudden demise and not to cling to him.


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