The Better Half—Episode 28 written update

The Better Half—Episode 28 written update Marco and Bianca clash at Camille’s family house

Alfredo and Bianca met to deliberate on   how they could revive their company  should the Cabreras dissolve their partnership with them.

Bianca was lost in her thoughts, she was busy thinking about her issue with Marco. Clarita walked in with Julia Bianca.

Bianca was delighted to see Julia and she decided to spend some time with her along with Clarita.

When they went outside, Bianca asked Clarita why she took Julia away without Marco’s consent. Bianca did not want to have any problems with Marco so she said she would return Julia to Marco.

She believed doing that would make Marco rescind on his decision and reconcile with her.

Clarita became astonished by Bianca’s decision. She realised Bianca was getting sick through her obsession for Marco.

Rafael told Luicito about Marco’s sudden change of decision to annul his marriage with Camille.

Luicito told him to stay strong and fight for his love for Camille.
Marco went to get Julia at Clarita’s house and she refused to let him enter their house.

She called the guards and stopped Bianca from going to see Marco, she knew Marco was only there to take Julia away.

The guards arrived and ushered Marco to leave the place with a reason that he was causing disturbances and becoming nuisance to the neighbourhood.

Camille visited her parents and told them about Marco’s unwillingness to get the annulment.

Edgar said that it was understandable since his feelings for Camille must have returned after he regained his memories.

He was also distraught because of how he had treated Marco before when they thought that Marco had cheated on Camille and he said that he would apologise to Marco once he saw him again.

Bianca went to look for Marco at his house and insisted to wait for him even when she met his absence.

Esther tried to get her to leave but Bianca insisted on staying.

Marco went to Edgar’s house and Julio saw him when he went outside. Marco wanted to leave but Julio stopped him and asked him to get into the house.

He said Edgar was searching for him to apologise to him. Julio ushered Marco inside and they went to see Edgar and Susan.

Edgar and Susan tells Marco to leave

He was surprised to see Camille there. Susan asked him why he had gone to their house so late in the night.

Marco said that he wanted to think and he found their way to their house; just like he did when they were in Dumaguete.

Marco follows Camille

Camille told Marco that things could never go back to how they were before. He had a family with Bianca while she was with Rafael. Camille went to her room and Edgar was left speaking with Marco.

When Camille was away, Bianca called her and Camille said that she did not ask Marco to go to their house.

Bianca did not know that Marco was with Camille and Camille told her to go get him.

Susan told Marco that he had to leave since it would not look good with him going to see them especially when the house belonged to Rafael’s parents.

Marco said that he wanted to speak to Camille before she left and she told him to speak in front of everyone.

Marco told Camille that he would not sign the annulment because he still loved her but Camille told her that she loved Rafael and would do everything possible to get the annulment.

Bianca arrived and started to insult Camille for seeing Marco behind Rafael’s back but Marco told her not to cause a scene at Camille’s house and went into his car.

Bianca goes to Camille’s house

Bianca followed him to his house and tried to talk to him when he got out of his car.

She told Marco that they should be together in order to give Julia a complete family but Marco told her not to use Julia as an excuse to tie him to her.

Marco’s action irritated Bianca she could not convince him to stay with her. Bianca threatened not to allow things to be how Marco wanted it. She said that no one else would be happy if she was not happy.

She texted Rafael and told him to keep an eye on his wife so that she would stop seeing Marco.

Rafael and Marco’s confrontation

Camille went home in the morning and Rafael was not in a good mood. He asked her whether she had met Marco and Camille said that Marco and Bianca went to her parent’s house but she asked them to leave right away.

Rafael asked Camille whether her parents had been entertaining Marco at their house and Camille asked him whether he thought they would do that to him.

The Better Half--- Episode 28

Rafael said that he was only worried that people would talk if they constantly saw Camille with Marco while he was doing everything to get the annulment.

Rafael expresses fear of losing Camille

Camille asked him whether he thought it was easy for her to act as if she was okay when the situation was hard for her as well.

She told Rafael that it was not easy to choose him and fight for their relationship even with everything against them but she was doing it because she loved him.

She shed tears while voicing out her grievances. Rafael saw he was being irrational so he apologised for what he had said earlier and explained that he was afraid of losing her.

Rafael wanted to get Marco’s address so that he could talk to him to stay clear off Camille so he asked Bianca for it but she did not tell him.

Rafael received news that they had found the man who had claimed to have forged documents for Marco and he went to find him.

The man got arrested but could not be questioned because he hired a lawyer.
Camille went on a leave of absence from the school and she received a letter with medical documents proving that Marco’s psychiatrist had falsified his diagnosis.

Bianca decided to slit her wrists in an effort to make Marco empathise with her. Marco wanted to leave his new apartment because Bianca would not stop hounding him but Alfredo arrived to tell him that Bianca was in the hospital after she attempted to commit suicide.

When Rafael got home, Camille showed him Marco’s medical documents; the ones that she had received and they came to the conclusion that Bianca was behind it.

They speculated that she might have brainwashed Sheryl to help her with her scheme just to lure Marco to her forever.

They wondered how a person could be obsessed  with someone for her to forge a fake life for the person.


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