The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 26

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 26 Supremo k!lls Joshua, Myka and other vampires, Tristan fights for Toni

In San Isidro, Umang introduced Tristan to his friends. The guys hesitated before they recognised him as the spider boy who was always beaten by Eye. They began to tease Tristan due to the presence of Toni. Umang told them that Toni was not the girlfriend of Tristan but they were going out.

In Manila, Greta asked the family not to open their doors for strangers as she found Baristo suspicious and wondered how Miyo became friends with him while he earlier said he knew no one in Manila, the reason he stayed with them.

Tristan called Betty to inform her that he was in San Isidro and in Umang’s house. He explained that his work sent him there and saw Umang who insisted on him to pass the night there. Umang’s mother also spoke with Betty and said Tristan was looking handsome. Toni took advantage of the disruption to step out to call Dory to inform her that she wouldn’t return home since she was busy at work.

Dory told her that Baristo came to search for her and she said she had already spoken with him and assured Dory that she would reveal who Baristo was once she returned home. After speaking with Betty, Tristan called Miyo to ask him to take care of his family as he was busy at work.

Miyo also said he was at work but Tristan found the place noisy and Miyo said where Tristan was standing was equally noisy. Tristan then stepped out, as Toni saw from the window that Tristan was rushing out, she quickly ended the call and pretended that she was talking to a colleague.

Tristan told Umang that he was going to his old place and Toni said she would go with him. At the old corn fields, Chino told a female vampire a tale about the chosen she wolf, Lia and Mateo who used to live there till they were stricken by Supremo.

At the lair of the vampire, Myka revealed to Joshua that Supremo k!lled Alpha and believed he equally k!lled Diana since she disappeared. Joshua said they had to be vigilant and careful. He recalled putting a speaker on the attire of Therine to hear the name of the next target. He called the mysterious lady to inform her about the mass vampire k!lling at the lair and asked her to lay low together with the Moonchasers.

Joshua later showed the video which was recorded when no one was there. The video captured Nognog presenting food to the prisoners while he gave Jethro paper and pen to write the message he wanted Nognog to deliver to the LLU members.

Jethro wrote the new prophesy in the old alphabet. Although Veruska doubted if they would be able to read but Jethro said Gael and Baristo were smart and they would be able to decode it.

As Tristan was driving, he came across a farmer who was carrying his load to cross the road and he stopped for him to cross. Toni stepped down to help the man and Tristan was impressed so he also joined to help the man. They even wanted to drive him to his destination but the man took a tricycle and thanked Tristan and Toni for their gesture.

Tristan and Toni arrived at where he used to catch spiders and told Toni the good old days story in San Isidro before he was taken away by Samantha after the death of his father at age of seven. He asked of the province of Toni and she told him lies that she was born and raised Manila. Meanwhile, the place reminded her of her dog, Heart when she found it there with Nognog and Ningning.

Supremo summoned Joshua, Myka and two other vampires to a high building to k!ll them there but Joshua cursed him that his evil reign would come to an end. Tristan sent Toni to the corn fields and told her a story about a time he got missing and found a girl who mistook him for a thief and watched over the corns there. He said the girl held hands with him and they felt electricity spark just like he felt with Toni at the club.

“Actually it occured to me that you might be that little girl but it is highly impossible.

You’re not from here right?” Tristan queried.

Malia realised she only felt that spark with Tristan and wondered why Tristan was the one destined for her after she recalled the words of Baristo concerning the spark.

“Yeah! I said I am from Manila right?”

“It was quite disturbing at that time perhaps we stepped on an electric cables that’s why we were electrocuted.”

Since they could not find the target, Chino called Supremo to inform him but Supremo got upset with him. Chino promised to find the target. Tristan received a call from Umang so he rushed home with Toni. The guys had fun together till one’s interest in Toni got the best of him after he got drunk. Tristan almost kicked him for disrespecting Toni even if she wasn’t his girlfriend.

Prof T distributed a new band for the Moonchasers. In their quest to get to the vigilante group which Baristo has named them “vampire haunters”, Lemuel used himself as bait and it trapped Leo, Adee and the black boy. When Lemuel and Gael were about to leave, they bumped into their target. They fought the two vampires and accused them of k!lling their friends.

Lemuel insisted that the bad vampires working for Supremo did that not them and wanted them to side with him and Gael. Leo thought the two vampires wanted to lure them just to suck their blood. Since they were not ready to listen to them, Lemuel took Adee’s band which fell. Tristan couldn’t find Toni and asked a passerby who told him that the lady was standing at the river side.

Lemuel and Gael returned to the LLU with bad news but gave them the band. Jake researched and found the name of the vigilante group as Moonchasers.

Tristan begged Toni for what happened. Toni said she had to say sorry since she was the one who tagged herself with him to come to San Isidro. She told Tristan that he was a good person and all that she has done was to bring him troubles for him to fight. Tristan said it was not her fault also his action was inspired by the act of his father, Tonio who trained him to become a good person.

He said while being a child, Tonio always found fault in his actions and shaped him. Toni knew his father would be proud of him for leading his life with his father’s advice. Tristan was glad that Toni lend her ears to listen to him and was grateful as he asked her to leave with him to the house so the walked back home.


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