The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 83

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 83 Tristan and Prof T work behind the scenes to foil Supremo’s mass conversion, Lemuel’s formula to turn vampires into humans fail

In the lair, Supremo cast the mystic spell in an attempt to summon the owner of the Ancient Book of Cursed Spells. Lucho realised the book was calling him and the book closed by itself. Sandrino made an attempt to open it but Tristan got there to ask what he was holding.

“It’s nothing Tristan it is one of the things Barang left me,” Supremo lied.

Elsewhere, Jake journeyed back home with the werewolves he went for but they met the rebel vampires which were all over in hunt of werewolves to devour them upon Sandrino’s orders. It rained heavily and the werewolves’ scents were washed away so the vampires engaged them in a fight.

Jake made the rest of the werewolves secure the k!ds while he and some fought the vampires. They managed to k!ll quite number of vampires but Jake was the only werewolf who was left standing. The cry of kids lured Tristan to the place in order to aid the kid. However, one of the rebel vampires kill the werewolf kid who was crying while mourning the lost his parents in the battle.

Jake held the child and cried as Tristan glided Jake mistook him to be the k!ller of the child and went home with the survivors and the dead k!d to inform Malia.

“Tell me who did this?” Malia queried when Jake cried that the rebel vampires were heartless and even k!lled an innocent child.

“It was Tristan, Malia,” Jake cried.

Lucho followed his sight to where his book was and he opened it to realise someone had been able to read it. Meanwhile, there was a spell protecting it. Supremo appeared to tell him that he had been waiting for him and strangled Lucho while he told him that he had the ability to read mystics and also had the power to render the powers protecting the book powerless.

He told Lucho that he would not k!ll him but asked how he would be able to obtain the other unparalleled power of the cursed ink. Lucho told him that the power he was seeking was already imprinted on another person and Supremo realised Tristan had that power. Lucho told him that he could cast all the spells which he believed he already did it but it would not work untill he k!lled Tristan.

Supremo thought k!lling him would still be useless since he bore the powers already but Lucho said the power worked only when the person was alive but while the person was dead the power would not manifest and only then that Supremo would gain it. As Supremo was confused and was thinking his next line of action, Lucho thought in his head:

“Go ahead and k!ll the man destined to k!ll the new chosen one so that nothing can hinder her.”

“And if you do that, Malia can easily end your existence.”

He realised Supremo l0ved his brother so much to k!ll him and when he said it out loud, Supremo hit him and Lucho hit his head and fell unconscious. Meanwhile, Malia went to Lucho’s place and could not find him. She tried calling him but couldn’t reach him so the LLU began a search for him. Malia asked the she wolf about what Lia did to overcome the challenge she faced to finally be with Mateo.

The she wolf said Lia did a sacrifice that finally brought she and Mateo together, reason she did not want Malia to give up on her l0ve for Tristan. Tristan met the vampire which k!lled the boy and also k!lled him. Supremo thought of a plan that he would trap both Tristan and Malia.

Osmundo would organise Heroes Ball and he told his minions to spread the information for Malia to hear. Greta came up with a perfect plan to reach the LLU with the message. Elsewhere, Tristan visited his family and his family were happy to see him. They wanted Tristan to stay irrespective of who he had become. Pina wanted to serve him with a food but Apple reminded her grandmother that Tristan eats a different kind of food now.

Tristan hugged his family and when they insisted on him to stay, he glowed his eyes to reveal to them that he was no longer the Tristan that they used to know but Gabriel said he was still a Toralba and knew he would not be at the evil side since deep inside he knew he was a good person. Tristan decided to leave and Apple asked him if he would return.

Soraya also never backed down as she held a meeting with the black werewolves after discovering that Tristan and Supremo had no weaknesses. She decided to form an alliance with Supremo to be a step ahead of Malia as the Lord Sentinel was getting in her way with her obsession to protect the human race.

Tristan met his ally to tell him about the reason he revealed himself to the Toralbas. His ally asked whether his heart was beating again since he still doing what he did as a mortal. Greta made a male vampire appear to Tilda and James to inform them about the Heroes Ball. Tilda k!lled the Vampire, unknown to her, Greta and the rest of the rebel vampires witnessed it.

Since their plans worked, the evil vampires went to inform Supremo and the latter asked if Tilda and James had a plan to return to him but Greta called them traitors, adding that she even k!lled one of their fellows. She asked Supremo what they could do to that traitor. Supremo asked them to leave them as he knew one of those days they would bump into eachother and he would punish them for being traitors.

As they were talking, Tristan appeared to ask Supremo what was going on and the vampire king told him about the mass conversion at the heroes ball. Tristan quickly hit the laboratory to ask Prof T to make a serum as soon as possible to foil Supremo’s plans but Prof wanted a serum that could last in the body of humans and had so many errors in his experiment.

After the LLU heard the information, Malia planned to even k!ll Tristan if they need arose to make their aims actualised.

Tristan then proceeded to see President Osmundo to reveal Supremo’s mass conversion agenda to the president and asked Osmundo to call off the heroes ball Programme. Osmundo said it was too late to call it off as the foreign dignitaries were informed and he told Tristan that he was the only person who could help him by stopping his brother.

Tristan now asked him the names of the dignitaries. Prof T and the new lady he was working with finally made progress with their work in the laboratory as the right formulas were used and were successful in creating the serum that he wanted. Malia also visited Prof T to ask of a serum to foil Supremo’s plans and the headmaster said she has made him remember someone.

The LLU then trained for the forthcoming battle. Meanwhile, one guy who earlier shot video of the humans turning into wolves tried hard to chat on social media with Osmundo but his plans were not working. He saw the heroes ball that the President was hosting and without invite he and his lackeys decided to attend some.

The Moonchasers injected the serums on the guests they had their names and went ahead with the second phase. Tristan appeared to Prof T and the latter told the former that Malia and him might not be working together but both of them think alike as she also came to him to request for a serum to protect the mortals.

Lemuel carried out his research findings by using James, he injected him but the experiment did not work as James could not transform from a vampire to his human state. Malia urged him to continue doing the research she was positive that something good might come out of it.

The much anticipated night was here, the guys who had been trying to go viral on social media with their werewolves story appeared at the function and since their names did not make it on the guest lists, they were not allowed to enter the premise. They thought of a new way to push through with their plans.

Elsewhere, the LLU prepared for the night. Being led by their Lord Sentinel, Malia led them in prayers at the half glare of the moon to seek protection and guidance in their mission to destroy evil that night.


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