The Love of Mikoy and How It changed Marga's Character in The Heiress

The Love of Mikoy and How It changes Marga’s Character in The Heiress

The Love of Mikoy and How It changes Marga’s Character in The Heiress

A new face,  Mikoy was introduced in the Season two of The Heiress with its native name Kadenang Ginto. Mikoy made a debut appearance in the Episode 83 of The Heiress.

Mikoy is a character portrayed by Seth Fidelin, a Filipino teen star. He is one of the supporting characters of The Heiress and was seen in that Episode acting mischievously.

He went into a particular house once he saw the occupant going out and went under a car to sleep.

Mikoy is portrayed by PBB Otso Batch One Finalist turned actor and he was introduced in the movie as a street kid.


He started offering his services to the Bartolome family. He later made friends with Marga in which they first met each other in the middle of traffic when he was helping Marga’s driver fix their car which broke down.

Mikoy is an open minded lad and his interaction between other people demonstrated his nature. He was a friend of Kristoff and in love with Marga.

Mikoy as a character was seen everywhere Marga goes and Marga began to lean on him. He did not only become a friend, he became a shelter of joy, companion, suitor who finally turned Marga’s heart away from Kristof for Cassie and Kristof to enjoy their relationship.

At the middle of the season two of the Heiress Marga tried to elope with Mikoy to escape from her problems and the issues confronting her family.

The love story of Marga and Mikoy began once she saw him as reliable and a source of hope who always give ears to her problems.

She fell in love with him and did not want to be away from him. As her mother and Romina’s fight reached its peak she even made Mikoy go over his principles to act in a negative way which landed Mikoy behind bars.

It is worth noted that Kristof would not sit idle to see his friend Mikoy doing something to jeopardise his relationship with Cassie so he acted fast to get him behind bars to make him learn a lesson.

Mikoy and Marga relationship became the bundle of joy for Marga and his love changed Marga’s character.

In subsequent episodes Marga with the love of Mikoy resolved her differences with Cassie and they lived happily as she turned away from her mother after the death of Carlos.

What she boasted of was the love of Mikoy and they became “Makoy” (Maga plus Mikoy).


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