A Mother’s Guilt Episode 47

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 47 Marjorie, Katrina brutally murdered

“This is not the end of me.”

“Jean” “Jean” Jean” “Jean” Jacob screamed her name he wished to rescue her but he could not help her and fled with an injured arm.

“I have to see my mom” Anna ran out of the tent after she saw her mother was down. Paco ran after her.

Jacob got to the yacht when he saw Jojo, Rizalina and the NBI agents after him.

“Don’t worry Jean I will come for you” he assured Jean once the yacht sailed off. An ambulance got there to carry Jean away Anna cried.

“No no no mom” Anna cried. Paco and Sonya got there!

“No no no mom please don’t leave me!”

“Mom please don’t leave me,” she got into the ambulance crying as the health workers were attending to her to give her aid.

Flashback: “I came as soon as I heard the news. I am here, it is okay sweetheart I am here.”
“I l^ve you so much” “It will all be over soon!” Anna recalled when she was at the police station after Dindo tried to kill her.

Flashforward: “Stay with me mom stay with me!” Anna cried.

Sonya and Paco joined Jojo in the car, he drove them off to the hospital. In the car Sonya cried and prayed for the safety of Jean.

Jojo asked about Domeng and she said he was in the safe house. She then said She had to call Letty and inform her about what had happened to Jean. Letty asked which hospital was Jean sent to and Sonya said she was sent to St Micheal Medical Centre.

Cora then showed up, she was stopped by the police but eventually Letty spoke to her that Jean was admitted. Domeng stood quietly listening to the conversation.

Domeng tried calming Letty as he ran his hands through the shoulders of Letty.

At the hospital Anna cried, Jean got there to console her as Paco stood there quietly. He was dumbfounded by events.

Letty and Attorney Vega came there and Sonya showed her the room in which Jean was.
Paco then asked whether the agents had been able to see the location of Jacob.

Vega said the guards tried to find the yacht which Jacob fled with unfortunately it was empty.

She said there was traveling ban against Jacob, a warrant of arrest of frustrated murder case on Domeng and Anna against Jacob.

The Search For Jacob Begins

“With all these cases the NBI and the police are doing everything they can to find him,” she added.

“They are searching for him at all the check points and exit points.”

“We also talked with the media,” Vega added.

A news broke about Jacob running away after he embezzled the funds of Educare in 2004 and was charged with frustrated murder of the son of Sonya Alipio. The news further indicated that he fled through Bataan port and anyone who had information about him should inform the near by police.

“Jacob is being hunted like a wild animal,” Attorney Vega added.

Jacob was walking in a certain forest limping and going through pains due to the bullet wound of his arm. He has also walked for long and fell in the bush.

Anna saw a doctor approaching and she rose, Paco also rose to follow her.

“Doc, doc…” Anna said.

The doctor revealed to her that:
“We successfully removed the bullet from her body as at now she is still under observation.”

“Thank you-thank you!” Anna was grateful. She then recalled one of the confrontations with her mother. She cried. She also recalled her conversation with Sonya on how she wished Jean could be like Sonya. She also recalled her earlier conversation with her when she met her in the washroom and revealed all her intentions and why she chose to stay with Jacob.

“I hate myself for being so hush to her while all she wanted to do was to sacrifice to protect me,” She cried while talking to Paco.

Letty got to Jean’s ward and cried, she said Jean was in that condition because of Jacob and asked Jean to recover quickly for the sake of Anna.

Fugitive Life

Jacob slept in the bush and when he woke up it was already morning, his arm was bleeding profusely.

He overheard a dog barking and told himself that Jacob you have to ran so that you would not be caught.

He also heard some footsteps then he quickly took his bag and ran. The police saw his blood on a leaf and hinted that the suspect was around.

As Jacob was busy running they surrounded him, he was asked by the police to surrender and also to put down his gun. When he put down his gun he was spying around on his next move.

He realised that where he was standing was a cliff, thinking of what to do before the police would handcuffed him.

“This is not the end of me,” He threw himself down and later found himself next to a river. He could not find his bag.

The police saw his bag and took it, he was tired and passed out. A certain hunter found him and saved him.

When he woke up, he found himself in a certain hut. He saw that his wound has been treated.

Jacob intends butchering his Saviour

He was wondering where he was. He sat and overheard a news that Jacob Montecillo was a wanted man. The report indicated that he was at Bataan.

Jacob spied around and saw the man sitting next to his radio, listening attentively to the ongoing news. Jacob was scared, he thought of means to protect himself. He then saw a machete hangging on the wall. He silently and slowly draw it from the cover on the wall.

Then he slowly walked towards the man tried to butcher him, the man turned suddenly and Jacob hand got frozen while holding the machete. He realised that the face of the hunter was not familiar then he realised that the man only saved him so he said sorry to him.

The man asked of his name and he said his name was Miguel Flores and engaged in a conversation with him asking what happened to him.

Jean Regains Consciousness

At the hospital Letty and Anna was there with Jean.

“Jean-Jean, Anna see Jean,” Letty saw that Jean was moving and as Anna who was laying on her crying lifted up her head she realised that Jean has opened her eyes.

“Are you okay?” Anna asked.

“Nanny, Nanny,”  Jean called Letty.

“I will call a doctor,” Letty said and took some steps.

“No nanny,” Jean held Letty’s hand to stop her from going.

“Nanny I’m okay,” Anna smiled when she heard her mom saying she was okay. Anna cried.

“I’m so sorry mom, I’m so sorry I regret every hurtful words I said to you” Anna cried.

“I understand, don’t worry,” Jean said.

“It is okay,” Jean added.

“I l^ve you so much mom,” Anna said.

“I l^ve you” Jean replied

“I l^ve you,” Anna added.

She then asked about Jacob. Jacob at his new hideout called someone and said it was Jacob speaking and the person asked as in Jacob Montecillo and he said yes.

Jacob then threatened the person that if he did not help him he would ensure he ruin his political career.

He requested for a number to his parents and the man said after his embezzlement case went viral his father and mother left Philippines. It turned out that the man Jacob was talking with was his politician uncle.

At the hospital, Anna said the police was doing everything to find Jacob “this time you don’t have to fear for your life.”

“Letty is right you have been through so much,” she then assured Jean of her safety and said Jacob would not endure this time as he was a fugitive.

Jacob’s uncle advised him to surrender, he saw that as the best option for him but he disagreed.

“What do you want? to lead a fugitive life?
Is that what you want?” the man asked.

Jacob asked him to stop acting like he cared about his safety. Jacob asked his uncle whether that was part of a
“Free publicity for your campaign.”

“Jacob all your account are frozen,”  his uncle interjected.

“You underestimated me uncle,” Jacob said while he told him about his means of gaining money.

He said he would exposed Sonya and raid their hideout as it was revealed to him by Asuncion. A henchman dropped down from his motorcycle.

“They did this to me, I will make them pay!” Jacob exclaimed.

Sonya off the light as Domeng was sleeping on a double chair. Sonya looked through the window to spy around. She then closed it.

Marjorie & Katrina Brutal death

Marjorie was driving with Katrina in the car wondering what had happened to Jacob at Bataan. As they were going the car broke down, and Marjorie came out to fix the car. Katrina also got down to help her.

They were chatting on how the police could nab Jacob for all the charades to come to an end. The henchman who stood aloof took a video shot of them.

Sonya descended down to speak with the police who was guarding them. She asked him to secure everything and probably give himself a little break by sleeping.

Sonya then went up and watched the laptop which showed footage of the streets outside the house.
She later saw a text and she went to wake Paco to show it to him.

Paco then said it was a video and he accessed it with his phone. When they watched it was Marjorie and Katrina. Sonya became scared she called Katrina and Katrina asked that “any update on Jacob?”

She then informed them that a henchman was spying them so they should run as their life was in danger. At that time Katrina and Marjorie were fixing their car which broke down on the way.

They quickly went inside the car and Marjorie could not spark the car since it was faulty (the henchman could have done that to the car in order for him to trace them, that is why he noticed where they were and shot the video).

They saw an henchman approaching and could not do anything. Katrina got out of the car and run while Marjorie faced the henchman she and the henchman trade shots.

The henchman got away, Katrina went to hide next to a caterpillar car, she realised her phone was not with her Marjorie grabbed Katrina from the back and asked her to keep quiet.

Katrina said Jacob did that, they saw a certain boy and Marjorie pointed her gun at him but Katrina advised her against it. Katrina introduced herself as Vickey and Marjorie introduced herself as Alice.

As the boy left the henchman revealed himself, pointing his gun at them as they crossed fire eachother, Katrina to the liberty to run again.

Sonya tried reaching Katrina but no one was picking. Katrina heard a sound of shot and screamed Marjorie. The boy saw the phone ringing and he took it from the car, Katrina tried stopping him to take her phone but the boy fled with it.

As scared as she was, she stopped following the boy and tried sparking the car so that she could run, unfortunately the henchman got there and shot her as well. He then sent the images of Marjorie and Katrina corpse to Sonya.

Jacob in his new hideout turned on the radio to listen to the news and it was reported that Marjorie and Katrina were shot.

He recalled what the guard told him about Katrina being in the area and the hidden camera in his house.

Jacob was then glad that he was able to kill two birds with one stone.

At Attorney Vega’s office, Paco pasted pictures of Marjorie and Katrina on their board. Attorney Vega wondered how the henchman was able to notice that Sonya had secret alliance with Marjorie and Katrina for them to send everything to Sonya.

Paco believed that Jacob was behind everything.

“That is why we need to act fast , it shouldn’t take long,” Attorney Vega interjected.

“As we speak the NBI are hunting Jacob like animal at Bataan and the nearest environment.  Attorney Vega assured that they would not allow Jacob to escape this time and would caged him once found.

“That’s why we need witnesses,” Paco added.

“For case number one,” Paco pasted Letty’s picture as the witness of Edward Lamoste’s case.

“For case number two attempted homicide,” Domeng’s picture was pasted.

“For case number three” Attorney Otelessa interjected and pasted some pictures.

“He surely made friends with his money,” Attorney Vega was amazed.

“Attorney why don’t we search for his enemies,” Paco suggested.

“Good job everyone, Let’s not reduce the momentum to find evidence against Jacob” Attorney Vega charged her team.

At the hospital Jean told Sonya that she was worried with Marjorie and Katrina brutal murder.

Sonya was wondering how Jacob could do that and she said she did everything she could to help save their life.

“How do we deal with a person like Jacob,” Jean wondered.

“Sonya I feel so tired,” suddenly Jean condition changed.

Jean’s condition was deteriorated, Sonya called out nurse name.

At his hideout, the helper brought Jacob some herbs and once he left Jacob heard the news about Jean being admitted at St Michel Medical Centre. Jacob made call to get the hospital contact.

Jacob disguised himself and went to call the hospital and the receptionist received the call. Jacob asked of Mrs Montecillo and the receptionist asked who he was and he said he was Jean’s father.

He said he was worried about his daughter and wanted to know how he was faring. As Sonya, Paco, Attorney Vega and Anna were leaving the receptionist called Anna’s name that the father of Jean has called.

Anna said there was no one like that but she knew the person. She took the phone and mentioned Jacob’s name. Jacob did not respond, Anna told him that he would be caught soon wherever he was hiding then she cut the call.

Jacob got upset and kicked a certain chair close to him.

“Well I will bet my life on it that it’s him,” Attorney Vega interjected when Sonya asked whether she was sure it was Jacob.

A doctor came and said:

“the other day she told us she was having difficulty in breathing. We noticed some blood, we need to know where the blood is coming from. Your mom needs to undergo a surgery.

Sonya and Letty was asked to identify if the corpses were that of Marjorie and Katrina. They went to confirm.

After Jean’s operation the doctor came from the operation room Anna after seeing her rushed to see. They both looked at eachother mysteriously, Anna then hugged Paco.

Later a funeral was held for Jean and they buried her close to Edward.


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