Brothers Episode 1

Brothers Episode 1 Ador fights for humanity

Ador De Leon started as a brave and kindhearted man who put is life in the line to save many others.

He fought some thief, played by Julio Diaz who came into a PNR train to rob the passengers. He fought him and climbed on top of the train to kick him off the PNR train which made him receive applause from the people. They blessed him for his effort in securing their life but least they know that Ador was on his way of becoming a police officer.

Later he was enrolled in the service and received training which he beat the odds. He encouraged his fellows to do their best to complete the four years training.

Along the line some of the trainees could not endure the massive punishment that came out of the training and fell on the way.

Ador cross part with Joaquin Tuazon who was also good but the champion had always been Ador.

Later Ador’s best friend Billy introduced him to his family including his sister, Carmen during vacation, eventually Ador fell in l^ve with Carmen and they dated while in training school.

Meanwhile an accident happened and Ador together with his colleagues saved the people in the bus. As brave as he was he went into the bus which was falling off a cliff to save an old woman while his friends held the bus.

After successfully helping them, he received another accolades for his tremendous work and love for humanity. He was poised to secure the lives of the people as part of his ethics as an officer.

He later graduated as the overall best trainee, he was grateful to God, his grandmother and girlfriend Carmen as well as his parent.

Ador after graduation donated a whopping sum of 100,000 to his grandmother, Flora to help her in her medication and other expenses of the house but she did not accept, saying she could live with her pension money.

She urged her grandson to keep the money, Joaquin on the other hand as always been envious of Ador as he had the name and all the praises.

Celebrating his anniversary with Carmen he gave her flower and showered her with ki$$es😘 and promised to send her to the alter.

This was to enable Carmen to always be by his side especially with the new station he has been posted to.


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